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How Biden’s Sanctions on Russian Energy Are Playing Right into Putin’s Hands

AMAC Exclusive – By Daniel Berman


As Russian forces continue to advance in Eastern Ukraine, Joe Biden gathered this week with the rest of the G7 leaders in Bavaria, where he advocated more sanctions on Russian energy. On the agenda was a new effort to limit Russia’s energy exports, this time by imposing a price cap on Russian gas. These sanctions are not only likely to be ineffective, but may even help the Russian economy. In fact, the proposal would unintentionally play right into Putin’s hands.

Over the past several months, it has become obvious that energy sanctions on Russia have been a disaster –a disaster for Europe, America, and Ukraine, as well as for American relations with India, Latin America, and Africa. As for Russia, rather than crushing the Ruble, Moscow now has too much cash, and a currency whose value is suffocating the rest of the economy. All as a direct result of U.S. sanctions.

Western governments have utterly failed to cut-off Russia’s cash flow from energy sales. On the contrary, because of higher prices, Russia is actually making more money than before the war. While Russia is selling less for more, it is Europeans and Americans who are paying more for less.

Biden suggests this is a cost of resisting Putin’s aggression. While this might be a cost worth paying if Biden’s strategy would be effective, it has been just the opposite.

To understand why, it helps to appreciate that there are three major types of sanctions that tend to be imposed on states. The first are efforts to limit the resources of a regime by curtailing their exports. In the case of Iran or Russia, this would be blocking the sale of oil. The idea is that this starves the state of revenue with which to import foreign goods. But there are also embargos which function as sanctions on imports. Countries can be banned from importing weapons or components which can be used in the development of weapons systems, such as how Iran is prohibited from importing goods which can be used in the development of missile and nuclear technology. Finally, there are embargos which attempt to isolate a country’s population by preventing them from accessing basic goods which have no military value, but which may cause them to revolt. The closest example of this is how McDonalds and many other major Western corporations have pulled out of Russia in the hopes of turning the population against Putin.

It is this last kind of sanctions that have caused an unintentional problem when combined with the Biden administration’s energy sanctions. While the decision of McDonalds and other Western companies to pull out of Russia might have been a propaganda win, it actually undermined the effectiveness of other sanctions. Why? Well, the purpose behind sanctioning Russia’s oil exports was to try to cut off Russia’s source of foreign capital. Oil is sold for dollars and euros, and if Russia cannot replenish its supply, then the Ruble will lose value (in other words, Russia would experience crushing inflation). Yet what does Russia need foreign currency for? Buying foreign goods. And the major source of foreign capital leaving Russia was not from the Russian government purchasing weapons abroad, but rather, things like Russians eating at McDonalds, buying Apple phones, and paying for Netflix subscriptions. By removing all Western products from sale, there was no longer any way for foreign currency to leave the country. And because Russians could no longer buy Western products, but countries were still buying Russian oil with western currencies, Russia’s “income” in terms of euros and dollars actually increased, not decreased.

What was the result? Rather than crushing the Ruble, the opposite happened. The Ruble actually rose in value. It is now higher than before the war and approaching levels seen before the invasion of Crimea in 2014 and subsequent sanctions.

This creates a different sort of problem for the Russian government. Rather than worrying about a worthless currency and inflation caused by western sanctions, the high value of the Ruble is pushing salaries and wages within Russia higher as well. Just as a relatively strong U.S. Dollar causes American-made products to be expensive in the rest of the world, the newly strong Ruble is threatening to reduce the profit margins of exports, including Russian oil, which risks being less competitive on the world market. While Russian energy is cheap to produce, the margins for everything else are much closer, and the Russian government now faces the risk that mass unemployment and unrest will be caused not because Russia is earning too little money from energy exports, but too much.

It is highly ironic that Western sanctions have had exactly the opposite of the anticipated effect on the Russian economy. The major debate in Russia now is not over fears of inflation as in the West. Rather, it is over whether the Central Bank is doing enough to fight the risk of deflation because the currency is now so strong.

This is probably why Russia itself has begun using restrictions on energy supplies as a weapon. Russia is not actually trying to sell more energy, but rather it needs to sell less. If it can do so while also hurting its enemies in Europe and America, and in the process of forcing them to pay more keep up prices for what it exports in Asia, all the better. Russia already cut off gas to Poland and Bulgaria, and is threatening to cut off the E.U. as a whole this winter. This may be as much for domestic economic reasons as foreign policy ones.

All of this means that the plan concocted by Biden and other G7 leaders is not only futile – threatening secondary sanctions against states like India for buying Russian oil will only enrage public opinion there – but it will actually help Putin with his goal of selling less oil. It allows Putin to reduce his own energy revenues and stabilize the Russian economy without taking the blame from Russia’s customers such as Hungary and India. If, rather than Putin cutting off their oil for his own selfish reasons, Biden forces those countries still buying Russian oil to cease buying it, Putin gets what he needs and can make Biden appear to be the bad guy.

It is now obvious that any effort to cut off Russia’s energy exports was futile from the start. Alternative sources of energy did not exist for the European and American markets, much less to replace Russian supplies in India. Russia was always going to have a steady income.

But what if this entire situation were avoidable? What if there were a form of sanctions which, if imposed in February, would have degraded Russia’s war effort, inflicted much more extensive damage on the Russian economy, yet actually lowered energy prices in the U.S. and Europe rather than raised them?

Biden and NATO leaders should have recognized the position their lack of alternative sources of energy left them in and made the best of it. They should have avoided any efforts to limit Russian energy exports whatsoever. On the contrary, they should have bought as much as possible, while embargoing Russia’s ability to import, exacerbating the Ruble’s appreciation until inflation crushed the entire Russian economy. Perhaps Putin would have had to try and limit his energy sales, but if so, he would actually be responsible for high energy prices, and Biden’s allegations would have a basis in truth. The sanctions would have inflicted the same damage on Russia’s economy and war-fighting ability much more rapidly, while keeping energy prices lower in Europe and the United States.

This would have required the Biden administration and the U.S. foreign policy establishment to abandon its typical approach about sanctions. But what initially sounds like “cowardice” – continuing to buy Russian oil – actually would have been more effective at achieving the original goal.

That is the sort of creative thinking missing from the current national security establishment, which approaches sanctions as a substitute for a policy rather than as a component of one.

Daniel Berman is a frequent commentator and lecturer on foreign policy and political affairs, both nationally and internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He also writes as Daniel Roman.

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8 months ago

Price of oil over $100 bbl has actually been a large plus to Russia . The price of oil is worldwide & is based on supply & demand. Biden should share part of this blame as he campaigned on war on fossil fuels. I thought Alaska used the West Texas Crude price for oil , but media always talks about the OPEC price. Where is money going that Biden gets for oil out of Strategic Oil Reserve ?

Michael Lewis
8 months ago

 Try this bit of creative thinking:

We all know the Democrats control both the Senate and the House, but they are and should be running scared over “we the people’s” anger at the pump. The Republicans should attempt to pass legislation that would encourage gasoline and oil production. Can the Democrats running for re-election afford to vote against such proposed legislation? Let’s encourage our Republican office holders to find out!

Likewise, let’s encourage Republican office holders to attempt to pass legislation to stop the travesty at the border!

8 months ago

It has always amazed me how America continues to exist under corrupt and incompetent leaders as we have in Washington! Biden wants Putin to win in Ukraine so his sob son and his corrupt actions will be covered up!

We could have taken Putin out of the picture when he invaded theUkraine in February! Maybe we should just have the Ukranian known as “charcoal “ visit Washington and clean up our corrupt leaders!

8 months ago

I believe Biden is with pudding and would help him anyway he could. Biden is a trader to America and the people and in old times he would have been hung.Biden would kill all the people in America and sale it to Russia if he could. I will pray for him because God is his judge.

Wes Pecsok
8 months ago

Will Americans allow this Administration to continue until Citizens are too broke to resist ?

8 months ago

So you think communist Pedo Joe and the Rats helping Putin is “unintentional”?!? I beg to differ.

8 months ago

All that is happening is due to the fact that our Government has been infiltrated with people that do not Love Freedom ( except their own ). We need to pull together and get rid of this threat, Term Limits for Congress and the Senate, House too. We have given our trust to easily, Biden is a traitor, so is Harris. Palosie and shit show Shiff are the wost, this has acured because We The People have forgotten that Freedom is not FREE.

8 months ago

This article kind of shows which country has the most intelligent “president”.

8 months ago

I wish Biden would stay in his basement. He is embarrassing us all when he travels the world exhibiting his ignorance. I am ashamed that we have such a dumb “leader”.

Patriot Bill
8 months ago

Maybe you missed Biden’s memo. The plan is to destroy America. It is apparently going very well

8 months ago

Biden and Putin are nothing more than the Commies working together. Obama ruin our FBI, DOJ etc and set up the plan for the pervert Biden and this is what we have now. Too bad US citizens are awake. Pray for our police officers who are dealing with this scum on a daily basis.

Barrett Smith
8 months ago

Pretty convenient that Putin invades Ukraine so biden has an excuse for the massive inflation that his policies caused.

8 months ago
Reply to  Barrett Smith

Actually for Biden it is to hide any proof of his bribery & payments received by he and his son from the corrupt Ukraine government.. using Putin’s invasion to cover his actions.

8 months ago
Reply to  mjl

And since Biden doesn’t have any financial knowledge he can cover up his overspending & having new money printed which devaluates our dollar…by blaming Putin (and continuing lack of taking responsibility…blaming the oil companies…next will be us for wanting too much (or even believing his promises.)

8 months ago
Reply to  mjl

Why cannot the Fed Reserve limit the money supply?? And I thank Democrat Joe Manchin for not voting for another huge recovery package that Biden proposed and most of Senate Democrats voted for last year. That would have really fueled more inflation than we are seeing today..

8 months ago

WORLD SECURITY depends on US energy independence not some stupid green new deal.

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Oil funds Putins war on Ukraine

8 months ago

Putin has the right idea, why can’t Biden and his Admin get the right idea? Oil is the answer to a wealthy nation. Oil is used in much of manufacturing. Did somebody forget to tell Biden this?

Susan Bannon
8 months ago

And Joe always claimed Trump was intertwind w/ Putin

8 months ago
Reply to  Susan Bannon

Don’t Democrats always accuse their opponents of what they themselves are doing?

8 months ago

I don’t think it’s to hard to hoodwink Uncle Joe . The nutjobs will come out with a book in a couple of years and will find out Uncle Joe’s kid was running the Commie energy department .

8 months ago

I have an equation that is always true. Whatever the treason party does or is behind will weaken this country, by design.

8 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

Yep! You need to give Biden and his DemocRats a dose of your “Id”!!!!

8 months ago

Poor leadership brings poor results. The US and the world are in trouble.

anna hubert
8 months ago
Reply to  TPS

It’s been in making for long time .

Jeff Noncent
8 months ago

Excuse for my language we are screwed big time as long we have the Democratic party in charge of the government

8 months ago

no accident Biden Russia Collusion.

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