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I was always told to Count the Seconds between the Thunder and the Lightning and that is how many miles it was to me.


Isn’t the final question ambiguous. In order to ask the question correctly, shouldn’t the units for measuring distance be included in the question. (I think that the correct units are miles.) If this is true, then I think that the question should be worded as follows: “Dividing the number of seconds between lighting and thunder by which number indicates the distance (in miles) from the storm.”


The reason you divide by 5 is because you are calculating how far the sound has traveled (speed of sound). 1125 ft/sec–5 sec would be a little over a mile.


9/10 missed the last question


There is no *-city-* (or town, etc.) in Florida named Tampa Bay . . .


The last question, timing a lightening strike, doesn’t make sense to me! I just say, ‘10001, 1002, etc.’

Helen Corey

Learned something—Florida has most lightning strikes. I thought places with high mountains would have more. Wonder why flat Florida attracts lightning. If anyone knows, please reply. Thanks.

Frank E Baines

Sounds travels 768 miles per hour, divide that by 3600 seconds/hour, you get .21333333333333 miles/second, multiply that by 5280 feet/mile, you get 1127 feet/second. Divide 5280 by 1127, you get 4.68 seconds when the lightening is one mile away.


9 out 10 getting better!