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Travel the USA (Visit Rhode Island)

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Rhode Island

It is the unique goal of travel adventurers to visit all fifty states in America. To boost this objective, each week we shall explore one state. Alphabetically, the 39th to visit is none other than Rhode Island, abbreviated RI. Regardless of the order in which you explore them, the Ocean State is absolute paradise!

Visit state # 39 – RI

State Motto Hope
State Flower Common blue violet
State Bird Rhode Island red
State Gem Bowenite
State Capital Providence
Famous Foods Rhode Island style calamari, clam cakes, “Stuffies,” Rhode Island clam chowder, hot wieners, coffee milk, pizza strips, Johnny cakes and more!

Wow, wow, wow! The U.S. New England state of Rhode Island is packed with surprises. It is beloved for its sandy shores, seaside colonial towns, landscaped waterfronts, gilded mansions, vibrant art scene and more. Many folks are surprised to learn that Rhode Island is the smallest state, with an area of 1,214 square miles. However, it is the second most densely populated after New Jersey. This fascinating state is surrounded by Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south via Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound and shares a small maritime border with New York.

The state features a rich Native American history. It stands out amongst the thirteen British colonies for being founded by Roger Williams who fled from the Massachusetts Bay colony to escape religious persecution. In 1636, he founded Providence on land purchased from local tribes. The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations also attracted those seeking free thought and favoring religious, political, and social freedom. It was the first colony to call for a Continental Congress in 1774, the first to renounce allegiance to the British Crown in 1776, and one of the first to abolish slavery. RI became the fourth state to ratify the Articles of Confederation in 1778.

Rhode Island contains distinctive features, including Narragansett Bay, a northern extension of the Atlantic Ocean and containing more than 30 islands. The Aquidneck Island is the largest and contains Portsmouth, Middletown, and Newport. Explore the latter via a trolley tour for an overview of the area. See the stunning grand mansions along Belleview Avenue to Cliff Walk and Ocean Drive. There you’ll see sweeping views across the Narragansett Bay. The trolley tour includes area history and a tour of The Breakers, a Vanderbilt mansion that’s considered among the most spectacular of Newport’s historic homes. Newport is home to America’s turn-of-the-century wealthy summer cottages and Gilded-Age mansions featuring an array of styles to include a 70-room Italian-style renaissance palazzo and High Victorian architecture. Ocean Drive is a must-see Newport attraction featuring ten miles of historic landmarks and coastal views. It is an ideal spot to explore by foot, ride bikes, picnic, fish, take photos and appreciate stunning views of the Atlantic.

For a unique perspective, partake in a relaxing and narrated cruise tour of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. As you take in the beautiful scenery, enjoy light refreshments and a complimentary Mimosa or beverage. For a romantic getaway, delight in an unforgettable sunset cruise. Be sure to spend time exploring Block Island, just 12 miles off the Rhode Island coast. This vacation destination contains gorgeous beaches, lighthouses, specialty shops and galleries, and diverse activities to include water sports, boating,  horseback or bike riding, bird watching and more. The island maintains pristine conservation land and features some upscale accommodations with five-star dining and spa experiences, making RI the ideal spot for folks who like to indulge themselves in beautiful surroundings and fun.

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