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Travel the USA (Visit Montana)

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

It is the unique goal of travel adventurers to visit all fifty states in America. To boost this objective, each week we shall explore one state. Alphabetically, the 26th to visit is none other than Montana, abbreviated M. Regardless of the order in which you explore them, MT, the Big Sky Country, is breathtakingly beautiful.


Visit state # 26 – Montana

State Motto Oro y plata (Gold and silver)
State Flower The bitterroot
State Bird The western meadowlark
State Rock Montana agate
State Capital Helena
Famous Foods Wheat Montana cinnamon rolls, pickle barrel sandwiches, Huckleberry pie, flathead cherries, steak, Huckleberry bear paws, elk and bison burgers, pasties, beans & sheepherders, fry bread, Hutterite chicken and more.

Many wonderful things can be said of Montana, a state in the Mountain West sub-region of the Western United States. It is bordered by Idaho to the west, North and South Dakota to the east, Wyoming to the south, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to the north. It is the fourth largest state by area and the eighth least populous. The western half is mountainous, and the eastern half features prairie, terrain, and badlands while smaller mountain ranges are scattered throughout the state.

Montana has several nicknames, including Big Sky Country and the Treasure State. Montana features many great natural attractions, including Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Beartooth Highway, Flathead Lake, Big Sky Resort, and other must-visit destinations. Because of this, nearly 13 million tourists visit annually, and tourism is a staple of the economy. Other substantial industries include ranching, agriculture, cereal grain farming, and more. Plenty of natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, and lumber contribute to the state’s economy. In addition, healthcare and government sectors are vital.

Indigenous people inhabited the land prior to European settlers. Historic tribes include the Crow, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Assiniboine, Gros Ventres, Kootenai, Salish, Pend d’Oreille, and Kalispel. All the land in Montana east of the Continental Divide was part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The first permanent settlement by Euro-Americans in present-day Montana was in St. Mary’s in 1841, though trading posts were already established in Crow Indian country. Gold rushes to the region strongly began in 1862 upon the discovery of major minerals in the region to attract miners. Grazing of cattle and sheep would follow. Montana became one of the territories of the U.S. in 1864 and was admitted to the union in 1889 as the 41st state.

This state is truly recommended for those who love nature, for its wealth of parks, wildlife, rivers and lakes, mountains, and more. It is an utter playground of adventure, great for hiking, fishing, swimming, tubing, camping, sleeping under the stars, and more. It is epic for solo trips, romantic vacations, and family adventures. Take an exciting trip from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone along the Ghost Town Route, with Garnet Ghost Town as your first stop. Along the way, go mining for Montana sapphires and travel down the Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway to Coolidge Ghost Town. Stop at restaurants, shops, and attractions, or attend concerts, art and theatre shows, and more! Be sure to rent bikes, canoes, and kayaks to add to the adventure. En route, don’t miss time at Bannack State Park, which features over 60 preserved structures.

Of course, the highlight of your trip is likely Yellowstone, the world’s first National Park and featuring 2.2 million acres with unparalleled views of wildlife, undisturbed ecosystems, geothermal areas, active geysers, the Yellowstone River and more. The park contains more than 10,000 hydrothermal features including geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles. Yellowstone boasts more than half of the world’s geysers with more than 500 active ones. There are also archaeological sites, hundreds of species of birds, and the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states. Quick tip: Because it’s such a large natural area, and fires and flooding may pose risks, be sure to sign up for travel alerts before you go.

Montana is also known for its ranching experiences. In fact, there is an abundance of ranch-style vacations that folks can embark upon. A dude ranch vacation offers a great vacation at rustic resorts nestled between pine covered ridges and offering breathtaking sunsets. Adventures await, such as horseback riding, fly fishing, roping, cattle drives, line dancing, wagon rides, cookouts, campfires and more. This experience combines a bit of rustic cowboy living with all the conveniences one needs while being immersed in nature.

Up next: Nebraska

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1 year ago

Excellent site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays.

1 year ago

Every one is sharing information, that’s truly good, keep up writing.

1 year ago

Montana is truly one of the most beautiful destinations we have ever visited! Also, the people of Montana are truly the epitome of what made America great!
Don’t miss visiting Montana!!

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