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RV Travel Tips for Seniors Who Visit National Parks

Posted on Friday, June 16, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Senior RVers seek travel adventures in style.
RVing is the general term for taking a recreational vehicle out on the road for a weekend or summer vacation. Though full-time RVing is a way of life for some, others strictly use their recreational vehicles for leisure vacations, such as visiting National Parks. Senior citizens often prefer the RV experience to tent camping. Here are some reasons why:
– RVs are sturdier and offer more protection from outdoor elements than camping.
– RVs are more comfortable (bed vs. sleeping bag).
– RVs offer more modern-day conveniences such as heat and air conditioning, electric hookup, bathrooms, and more.

It’s about the fun journey

Many senior RVers enjoy the incredible experiences RVing affords them, allowing the highway to take them to new and exciting places in comfort and style. The above features are particularly important to seniors who delight in traveling to natural and historic locations yet find “roughing it” or staying at hotels undesirable or unsuitable. Though RV set-up and take-down may take a little bit longer than some tenting, the benefits of RVing generally outweigh the drawbacks. RVing provides a great way for older people to explore National Parks.

Senior RVers love exploring National Parks

Among the favorite destinations of older people who RV are America’s National Parks. These special lands are protected by the National Park Service, or NPS. The NPS is tasked with supervising public access of lands, managing wilderness areas, and enforcing federal wildlife laws. The NPS system encompasses 424 national park sites in the United States which spans across more than 84 million acres. Within that system, the United States has 63 official National Historical Parks in 30 states and 2 territories. Visitors can also explore:
– National Battlefields (11)
– National Battlefield Parks (4)
– A National Battlefield Site (1)
– National Military Parks (9)
– National Historic Sites (74)
– An International Historic Site (1)
– National Lakeshores (3)
– National Memorials (31)
– National Monuments (83)
– National Parks (63)
– National Parkways (4)
– National Preserves (19)
– National Reserves (2)
– National Recreation Areas (18)
– National Rivers (4)
– National Scenic Trails (3)
– Nationals Seashores (10)
– National Wild & Scenic Rivers & Riverways (10)
– The White House (1)
– Other designations (10)

Visiting these types of locations often fulfills the bucket list of many senior citizens. Visiting National Parks is a great way to explore the country. Enjoy these travel tips:

Senior RVers can save money to visit National Parks with this pass.
The Lifetime Senior Pass, also called the America the Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Land Pass, is great value for older people who regularly visit or RV to National Parks. Per National Park Service, an America the Beautiful pass is a ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Each pass covers entrance fees for your vehicle (RV) and passengers to these national parks or wildlife refuges. It also covers standard amenity fees at national forests and grasslands, and at lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation. The America the Beautiful Pass is well worth the cost for seniors who RV or travel and visit enough sites to cover the $80 lifetime pass. However, note that the pass does not cover amenities such as actual camping or RVing.

Tips to benefit seniors who RV to National Parks:
– Understand when it is best to visit designated National Park locations. Consider climate and weather conditions, activities, and more.
– RVers should research campsites and amenities before booking reservations. Be sure to understand site accommodation requirements.
– Book dates well in advance to ensure site availability.
– If it’s quiet time one seeks, seniors should avoid peak season with crowds.
– RVers should carefully research routes and avoid those with steep grades.

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