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Woman Prevents Assault With Fast, Discreet Emergency Dispatch

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2023
by Outside Contributor
crime on vehicles

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According to the Council on Criminal Justice, violent crimes “remain elevated” compared to pre-pandemic levels, with 24% more homicides reported in the first half of 2023 than that of 2019. On top of that, violent crimes such as assault or robbery occur every 26 seconds, and property crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft occur every 4 seconds.

Are you prepared to protect yourself from crime? 

As we go about our daily lives, it’s hard to imagine these things happening to us. Most people don’t even consider it as a possibility. 

Nothing reflects this more than the terrifying experience Sarah C. had one night while picking up food with her husband.


“How the Rescu App Saved My Life”

The following is a true story and testimonial from Sarah C., a Rescu user, told from her perspective:

Hi, my name is Sarah and this is my story of how the Rescu mobile app saved my life. I never thought I would have to use this app, but I’m so glad I had it on this particular day. 

One night, when my husband and I were traveling back home from the holidays, we got hungry and decided to pull over for some fast food. We went through the drive-thru and parked in the parking lot of the restaurant to eat our dinner. Suddenly, while we were eating, an unknown man, we think he was homeless, approached our vehicle, became hostile and started trying to get inside our car.

Our doors were locked so he couldn’t access the car, but he continued to aggressively scream and throw items at our vehicle while trying to get in. I had no clue if he was trying to steal our car or hurt us or what. I was so shaken up, but I’m glad I remembered that I had Rescu. 

I opened up the app and dispatched police to my current location immediately, and within seconds I had confirmation that help was on the way. I also received a chat message from the dispatcher that help was on the way to my location, and a seconds later, the operator sent me a chat to check on how I was doing. Jordan, was very calming, caring, and helpful. It was convenient and discreet sending for help through Rescu and being able to instantly chat with a dispatcher. I’m extremely grateful for the entire Rescu emergency response team and for this app. 


Get Help First, Answer Questions Later

In an emergency like Sarah’s, where you have no idea what the criminal is capable of or intends to do, a traditional 911 call can waste valuable time. Not to mention, if they see you on your phone talking with the police, it could set them off even further, escalating an already dangerous situation.

Thanks to Rescu, Sarah didn’t have to spend any time on the phone sharing personal information or explaining where she was, what was happening, and what service she needed. She skipped right to the part where help was on its way, quickly and discreetly dispatching the police to her location with just two taps. Rescu achieves this through cutting-edge GPS location technology, and by allowing you to pre-register your personal and medical information in the app. When you send an alert, it automatically delivers this information to your dispatcher and first responders, saving you the time and hassle of communicating it verbally in a potentially life-threatening situation.

In a time when violent crime and car theft are such a glaring concern, a lifeline like Rescu is like having the police on speed dial—minus the phone call. One tap for the service you need—fire, police, or ambulance—and one tap to send the alert. That’s all it takes to dispatch responders to your exact location.

This streamlined system is designed with your safety as the top priority, and it’s what makes Rescu the fastest way to get help in an emergency—twenty times faster than 911, in fact.


Get a Free AMAC Membership When You Sign Up for Rescu

With Rescu, we guarantee you’ll always be prepared to respond to criminal activity in a matter of seconds, empowering you to protect what matters most. That’s our mission: 

To allow you to enjoy peace of mind wherever life takes you. 

That’s why we’re partnering with AMAC to give you: 

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Click here or call 855-446-8790 to learn more and join the thousands of happy Rescu users who are taking control of their safety and security.


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Sarah S.
Sarah S.
7 months ago

Why didn’t they just drive away??

7 months ago

I guess Rescu would work if you live in city, close to police or sheriff locations. It takes about 25 minutes for the sheriff to get to where I live in the country.

Robert Zuccaro
Robert Zuccaro
7 months ago

In an emergency, why not just call 911 and eliminate the middle man?

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