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White House Trivia

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
The White House

Test your knowledge on some interesting facts related to the U.S. White House

In honor of this year’s President’s Day, occurring on Monday, February 19, 2024, we offer you this quiz entitled White House Trivia. Test your knowledge:

  1. Which U.S. President oversaw the construction of the White House but never lived in it?                               A.) George Washington B) Thomas Jefferson C) John Adams D) John Quincy Adams
  2. Which President held the first inaugural open house?                                                                                            A.) George Washington B) Thomas Jefferson C) John Adams D) John Quincy Adams
  3. Which President covered the indoor pool for press room use?                                                                             A.) Franklin D. Roosevelt B) Theodore Roosevelt C) Richard Nixon D) Gerald Ford
  4. Which President installed an outdoor pool at the White House?                                                                              A.)Franklin D. Roosevelt B) Richard Nixon C) Gerald Ford D) Jimmy Carter
  5. For what main purpose did President Lincoln use the room known as the Lincoln bedroom?                          A.)For sleeping as he snored B) As an office and Cabinet room C) As a wood crafting room for his favorite hobby D) He didn’t use it at all due to the presence of a ghost
  6. What is the name for the garden bordering the Oval Office and the West Wing of the White House?          A.)The Petunia Garden B) The Waterlily Garden C) The Rose Garden D) The Daffodil Garden
  7. Per, what is the average salary for paid staff members of the White House as of July 1, 2023?                                                                                                                                                                  A.)$72,505 B) $85, 505 C) $95,505 D) $105,505
  8. What style architecture is the White House                                                                                               A.)Classical B) Neoclassical C) Federal D) Victorian
  9. Which U.S. President created the West Wing?                                                                                            A.)Franklin D. Roosevelt B) Theodore Roosevelt C) George W. Bush D) Herbert Hoover
  10. What was the likely cause of the White House fire during Hoover’s Administration?                                          A.) A holiday candle B) A kitchen fire C) A blocked fireplace flue D) Arson

Answer key:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • C
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • B
  • B
  • C

Scoring key:

Score: All Correct = 100% Perfect score!

9 Correct = 90% Near Perfect!

8 Correct = 80% Above average!

7 Correct = 70% About average!

6 Correct = 60% Not bad!

5 Correct = 50% So-so score but good try!

4 correct = 40% Time to brush up on Presidential knowledge!

3 correct = 30% Uh-oh!

2 correct = 20% Darn!

1 correct = 10% Yikes!

0 correct = 0 % Ouch! Better luck next quiz!

If you enjoyed the above quiz, please take our Presidential Quiz.  Also, stay tuned for our First Lady trivia coming soon! If you’d like to learn more about the White House Rose Garden, click here.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
24 days ago

Excellent article.
Trivia question, why isn’t Dictator Beijing biden being transparent on his WHO Pandemic Treaty to the public? Answer: The U.N. won’t call it a Treaty though it’s a legal binding agreement which Dictator Beijing biden wants to sign bypassing Senate Ratification giving the WHO (who takes Communist China at its word over the China Virus) total CONTROL over our medical care, medical records, forced lockdowns and mandates violating our U.S. Constitutional Rights and Sovereignty when vast majority of Federal agencies have NO AUTHORITY to implement but violated the law anyway. Just as Dictator Beijing Biden violated the law on his mask and vaccine mandates.
This Communist led agreement (so-called treaty) is supposed to be finalized in May, 2024, by a 140 plus countries SURRENDERING their healthcare to the WHO which works with Terrorist, Corrupted, and LIES for POWER and CONTROL.
Are YOU going to allow this?
Are YOU going to let a Communist Terrorist supporter ran organization CONTROL YOUR HEALTHCARE?

Bacon Nivison
Bacon Nivison
17 days ago

Marxism is not only based on absurdity, it continues to sprinkle that absurdity on all who come neat. The “education” establishment in America is one of the Marxist revolution’s strongest roots AND mysteries. How can a theoretically educated establishment forward an ideology which boasts a perfect record of failure? There is a reason. (One can find it in the Bible.)

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