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Where to Go for a Family Vacation

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Where to go for family vacation

The world is full of fascinating places to visit. For families, the list of fun things to do and see is endless. Thus, it’s not easy to choose where to go for a family vacation.

Here are some main factors which may influence choice:

  • Time – How much vacation time do we have?
  • Distance – How far are we willing to go?
  • Transportation – How will we get there?
  • Cost – What can we afford?
  • Activities – What type of experiences do we seek?
  • Weather – When are weather conditions optimal?
  • Time of year – Is it best to go during peak season or off-peak season?


Flexibility is key.

When traveling with a family, work and schooling schedules may influence how much time you have and where you ultimately go. Additionally, considering the needs, wants, and budgets of other travelers in your group is vital.

Make family your priority.

Set aside work, cell phones, and other distractions. Rather, focus on spending valuable time with those you love. 

Here are three main types of family vacations to consider:

  1. Staycation – This simply means taking a vacation at home. This involves taking day trips to fun places such as local museums, theme parks, zoos, sports events, aquariums, nature, science centers, and more. One may also engage in fun activities such as bowling, mini golf, going to the movies, roller skating or ice skating. For a more economical staycation, camp in the backyard, play lawn games, or enjoy a picnic or movie night outdoors. Advantages include little to no long-distance travel and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Domestic travel – This journey involves traveling within one’s own country. It means that people do not cross international borders to go places. Whether you vacation close to home or across the country, sights and sounds will include familiar comforts. Domestic travel generally involves car, bus, train, or plane travel. People typically opt for domestic travel to visit friends or family, to experience beautiful places in their own country, or to save time and money over international travel. Advantages include familiarity with language and culture and some travel savings.
  3. International travel – This journey takes folks out of their own country; thus, travelers will need passports to cross international borders. International travel generally involves automobile, bus, boat, or airline transportation, with the latter being most popular for those headed overseas. International flights are generally longer than domestic flights and may include some airline travel transit fees. Bags and people may be required to go through customs or immigration. Money conversion may also be required. Folks generally opt for international travel to experience new cultures, explore exciting new places, and see global sights. Families opting for international travel tend to have more vacation time to spend in a particular destination or enjoy traveling to various international ones. Advantages include seeing new countries and gaining increased cultural awareness.


What locations top the charts

Per USA Today, there are some U.S. cities that top domestic travel charts for 2023. They include Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando. Internationally, London, England is the number one travel site for summer vacations. Per, London’s tourism boom follows the coronation celebration of Charles III and Camilla.

A big decision

The choice of family travel destinations is not to be taken lightly. Some families may opt for an all-inclusive beach or themed resorts which are quite popular during the summer months. For more on where to go for summer vacation, visit our sister article here. (Insert inbound link here).

All-inclusive options

All-inclusive resorts are popular vacation destinations for families. They generally include accommodations such as unlimited food and drinks, and some activities and entertainment – at one package price. Some offer different tiers of rooms and amenities, so do understand what’s included. Families traveling together will benefit from staying together at the same resort offering some freedom to do things independently.

Activities count

Cost aside, perhaps the most compelling argument for choosing a family-friendly destination boils down to family activities. Is there something fun for everyone to do? Families traveling with young children or teens may wish to consider kid-friendly destinations with access to:

  • Theme parks a good fit for those who like rides and entertainment
  • Pools & beaches -great for families who love water sports
  • National parks & outdoor nature areas – ideal for families who like to explore nature
  • Zip-lining, biking, & other physical activities – perfect for those with lots of energy
  • Museums & other educational sites help to keep minds engaged


Whether you’re vacationing at home, visiting a loved one, or exploring new destinations at home or abroad, it’s important that money and time are well-spent on your family trip. Choosing where to go for a family vacation requires some thoughtful decision-making and includes consideration of time, money, distance, transportation, activities, weather, and more. Including everyone in the planning is often useful in narrowing down choices and zeroing in on where to have the best adventure. Tip: Those vacationing with infants & children are encouraged to visit  for beneficial travel tips

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