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Three Inspiring Ideas For a Neat Garage & Pitfalls to Watch Out For!

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Spring is the time of year when warm temperatures bring animals out of hibernation. People, too, begin to emerge from their homes, especially in places that have thawed from winter’s cold, to tend to lawns, gardens, and outdoor spaces in need of attention. But, like garage and shed doors reopen around the country for spring projects, what’s revealed inside can sometimes be a frightening mess. Don’t become a victim of garage disorganization. Watch out for these common problems:

Pitfall one: Keeping what you don’t need or use. It is highly tempting to hold on to scraps and things you think you might be able to use again someday. However, this can lead to buildups of objects that get stored but never used again. While it is wise to save some useful stuff, it is impractical to save everything. Keeping too much creates clutter and makes it challenging to find items that are regularly needed. Not only is it time-consuming to search for lost items, but it is frustrating as well. Losing things may force people to rebuy items they already have – causing them to spend more money on duplicates and triplicates of what they already own. Inspiring idea: If you seek a clean and organized garage and want to easily find items you regularly need and use, be selective about what to keep. For example, get rid of metal scraps for which you have no need and keep and showcase frequently used tools such as your box saw and screwdriver.

Pitfall two: Leaving everything on the floor. Clutter on the ground can contribute to dangerous trips and fall accidents in the garage. Often, there are lots of sharp tools and hard metal objects that require safe storage. Getting stuff up off the floor is sage advice commonly offered by pros for both safety and practical purposes. Lucky for us, there are plenty of organizing products for the garage on the market. Though people enjoy the benefits of custom storage installations, for many, the use of shelves, hooks, pegboards, and other reasonably priced storage items can reduce ground clutter in an economical manner. Inspiring idea: Using empty wall and ceiling space is a smart way to organize and store items. If you seek to transform your space, hang up frequently used objects like bicycle helmets. Cumbersome items, such as bikes, can also be stored off the floor using a pulley system to save on space.

Pitfall three: Failing to group like items together. Have you ever lost time looking for the match to a garden glove or wasted time searching for objects you need, such as your hammer or Philip’s screwdriver? If so, it’s time to get the garage in order by grouping similar items together by theme. This can be done by dividing areas of the garage according to purpose and keeping related items in their designated spot. Inspiring Idea: A Dad who gardens can dedicate a corner of the garage to gardening tools by introducing a potting table with storage to the space. Kids’ sports equipment or Mom’s motorcycle tools can also occupy sections of the garage so that everything has a place to go.

Garages frequently become catch-all spaces that are easily overlooked when it comes to organizing. And, since most garage doors face the roadway, once opened, everyone driving by can see your clutter. For safety, practicality, and aesthetics, garage and outdoor storage spaces should be regularly attended to. In summary, garage disorganization can lead to serious loss of time searching for stuff, wasteful spending, and frustration. Consider eliminating clutter by releasing things you don’t need or use, getting stuff off the floor by using wall and ceiling space wisely, and grouping like items together by theme so that you can find what you need in a flash.

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2 years ago

I feel this was a well written, informative and useful article and I apppreciate that. However, what I find frustrating is that nearly EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE seems to bend to the WOKE agenda always highlighting the interchangeable roles between genders with preference toward the non-traditional. I appreciate sites that give me reprieve from all of this wokeness so it’s disappointing to see it portrayed in this AMAC article.

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