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Three Great Makeup Hacks to Save You $$

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Wearing makeup is fun, and it provides some awesome benefits. It can enhance looks by accentuating positive facial features and concealing negative ones. Using high-quality products designed for specific skin types can also help protect the skin. Makeup is pricey, so you’ll not want anything to go to waste. Here are three useful makeup “hacks” that every makeup wearer should know to get the most out of products:

1) Cut tubes open: Often, tubes of foundation and other products may seem empty when in fact, some product remains inside. Rather than discard it, use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the plastic tube open and scoop out the remaining product. Store the remaining product in a small clean container or makeup pot so that you can use it all up.

2) Crush broken shadows: Don’t toss broken eye shadow. Instead, crush it into a powder. To use, dip a small clean, dry brush into the powder and gently tap off the excess. Then apply the powder to your lid. And, if you want the color to be more dramatic, apply white eyeliner over your lid before putting on the shadow. The base will help to intensify the color.

3) Extend the life of your makeup bag: Though a good cosmetic bag can last a long time, sometimes they become soiled with makeup – especially when a lipstick cap comes off and creates smears. This can be frustrating as makeup stains are difficult to wash off with regular soap and water. To clean the inside of your cosmetic bag regularly, use sturdy makeup remover cleansing towelettes designed to easily remove makeup from your skin, such as the Neutrogena brand. In a pinch, moist towelettes can also be used to help wipe makeup stains off makeup brushes too.

Makeup and other beauty products are an added expense for women. Thus, it’s best to save money where we can. By incorporating these and other smart tips that are shared online, you’ll be on your way to wasting less makeup and maximizing the lifespan of beauty products you know, use, and love.

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