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The Holiday Torch – What It Means to Light the Way for Others

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Kindness counts. A few years ago, our beloved boy dog suffered a medical emergency and ultimately passed away. To lose my loyal pet and little cuddler took my breath away. I cried through the painful process of saying goodbye. Just when my light was dim, a stranger made a difference. On the way home from the vet, my husband and I went through a drive-thru to buy coffee to reduce our exhaustion. As we pulled up to pay, we were informed that the person in front of us paid for our order. My broken heart was suddenly filled with warmth from the kindness of a stranger. They will never know how their thoughtful action lifted us when we were scraping the bottom. From that experience, I learned that we CAN make a difference – to carry a torch and light the way for others who may be burdened with some form of darkness. What could be a better time to spread light, thoughtfulness, and cheer than during the holiday season and new year to come?

The holiday Torch

The holiday season sports dazzling lights

With crackling fires on blustery nights

Winter stars shine bright beyond measure

As holiday music delights homes with much pleasure

Children animatedly peer under the tree

As a whistling train circles round in a spree

There’s likely mulled cider steeping on the stove

The scents so bright of cinnamon and clove

There are children on stage playing the Nativity

Excitedly waiting for Santa with youthful naivety

The menorah is lit, sharing light by flame     

And families spin dreidels, a beloved game

Relatives may gather for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Or to celebrate roots and share in warm wishes

Yet while joys of the season are to be boast

Some others may not be as lucky as most

Their brokenness may be silently carried

Beneath the bright lights, some may feel harried

Perhaps they are dealing with loss of a loved one

Such as a lonely father missing a son

Or might they be hiding years of abuse?

Perhaps they’ve given up and become a recluse

Or maybe they’ve received a medical diagnosis

And are sadly facing a difficult prognosis

Though we might never hear the stories of others

We know that all humans are deep down our brothers

To hold the door for someone in need

Is a truly kind gesture and a very good deed

To give up a close parking space at the mall

To lend a hand if someone should fall

To offer a compliment without a cue

To buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you

To offer your seat on the bus to someone standing

To carry a neighbor’s package to their front landing

To foster an animal in need of a home

To say hello or offer shalom

To invite a lonely friend to your holiday affair

To volunteer to show you care

To help an elder without pause

To donate generously to a homeless cause

Sweet gestures, at times, may appear inconsequential

Though in life they are vital, a crucial essential

For to light the way for others in need

Will help all to thrive and joyously succeed

Will you carry the torch?

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