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Six Reasons why Playing Board Games with your Kids is a Must!

Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
board games

Kids nowadays tend to gravitate toward online video games, making us realize that we’ve come a long way since the educational game of Monopoly was invented in 1903. Though board games may not have quite the brilliant allure of video games, a strong argument can be made as to why board games are essential for every household. Here are six of many great reasons:

1) Helps Families to Bond – Playing board games is a great way for families to come together to have fun. Importantly, it gives kids and adults the chance to talk, laugh, tell stories, and be silly together. Families that do activities together generally build strong bonds where kids feel freer to talk openly and share their feelings.

2) Boosts Math Skills – Many board games incorporate math skills into gameplay. They can range from easy, such as counting the spaces in Candyland, to more intricate, such as rolling the dice and choosing whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to move up the board in a game called Prime Club. These games are so enjoyable that it makes learning math fun.

3) Incorporates Mental Reasoning – Whether you choose an old classic game like Clue or a newer game such as Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor, these games make players think and use strategy. Though you can only play the latter once, the challenging puzzles and intriguing storyline make this game truly fun for the whole family.

4) Promotes Language Skills – Games like Scrabble, Taboo, and Apples to Apples get language skills in motion. Players may improve spelling skills, increase vocabulary, or learn to use words more creatively, all in the name of fun. Apples to Apples can be hilarious, especially when played with a big group.

5) Teaches Life Skills – Winning and losing with grace is not always first nature. For example, a child may gloat if they win or cry if they lose. Playing games gives adults the opportunity to teach kids that winning and losing is part of life. It also teaches them to take turns, be patient for their own turn, and interact with other players. Following rules and being honest can also be advocated through game playing. 

6) It’s Entertaining – Unlike video games where people zero in on the screen, board games provide opportunities to be social and enjoy intergenerational experiences. Ultimately, the best reason to play board games is for the joy and laughter it brings. When kids are busy doing something constructive and are happy and entertained, they are less likely to get into trouble.

Whether you’re rolling the dice, spinning a wheel, or picking up cards, board games are more than just a pastime; they are ways to connect to family and friends and create magical memories to last a lifetime. So, grab the popcorn and game board and invite the family to play.

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Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
3 years ago

Board games are a must with your kids!!!!!!!!!

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