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Seven Exceptional Ways to Decorate for Spring & Summertime

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Spring and summertime décor typically focuses on bringing the outdoors in. As daylight hours increase and sunshine abound, people seek to incorporate light, bright, and fun textural elements into their designs. Here are seven exceptional ways to add seasonal cheerfulness to any ordinary space, plus budget-friendly suggestions for those watching their spending.

  1. Let in sunshine. Say goodbye to dark or heavy window treatments. With so many innovative products on the market, choices are seemingly endless. Solar shades are a great option for people seeking to preserve their views. They consist of special fabric to reduce heat and provide UV protection to block out the sun’s harsh glare while letting light in. For ideas, visit showrooms of companies such as Blinds to Go. Or add sheer curtains. Budget-friendly idea: Rather than change entire window treatments, add tie-backs to allow natural light to stream in.
  2. Paint the walls a cheerful color. Trouble choosing the right shade? Paint suppliers often categorize paint colors by theme and feature specialized palettes. For example, Sherwin-Williams offers groupings of hues that reflect a beach house or calm coastal theme. Included in those collections are neutral shades of white, creams, soft pearls, sand, and more. Budget-friendly idea: Rather than paint an entire room, consider painting one accent wall to attract the eyes toward a happy focal point.
  3. Get inexpensive landscape art. There’s no better way to add instant drama to a room. Choose from an abundance of scenes that include mountains, forests, fields of flowers, still lakes, sunrises, sunsets, ocean waves, palm trees, urban landscapes, and more. Check out Wayfair’s selection and advice on how to hang a picture or collection of art perfectly using popular methods they outline. Budget-friendly idea: Paint your own pictures. Not an artist? Follow easy YouTube directions as shared by professionals.
  4. Replace dreary worn flooring. Nothing gives a room more of a “refresh” than replacing old worn flooring with something new. Though flooring is a matter of personal taste, as a rule of thumb, dark floors are generally better suited for larger rooms and open floor plans. As a bonus, they help hide small flaws such as stains better. While light floors may require more upkeep, they can dramatically transform a dark space and make small rooms feel larger. Light hardwoods are also known to show fewer scratches than their counterparts. Explore options at a home improvement store such as Home Depot. Budget-friendly idea: Rather than redo an entire floor, strategically place an attractive throw rug under a coffee table. Opt for natural textures for that spring and summer feel.
  5. Add cheerful lighting. Rooms that lack windows or those which are on a basement level frequently lack brightness. They can become dark and dreary spaces. Take a cue from decorating shows that showcase specialty designs, such as recessed lighting. This type of lighting is set into the ceiling or wall and can tremendously illuminate a space. Recessed LED lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting and generally features a sleek design. Home improvement stores such as Lowes have great varieties of all types of lighting. Budget-friendly idea: Simply add a bright lamp to a dark space.
  6. Upgrade tattered furniture. Worn pieces can give a room a dated and drab look. If furniture is old and needs replacing, consider heading out to a furniture store where you can see and test pieces for comfort and durability. Places like Raymour & Flanigan offer delivery and feature outlet centers as well. When choosing furniture, stick to soothing textures that are bright and breezy to achieve that summery vibe. Budget-friendly idea: Rather than buy new, simply rearrange the furniture you currently own and position pieces to maximize outdoor views.
  7. Accessorize with fun summery pieces. Stores like Home Goods offer a variety of discounted accessories for the home, such as picture frames, vases, plant stands, candlesticks, throw pillows, blankets, wicker baskets and more. Just a few simple pieces in fun textures and tropical or bright materials can cheer up a space and help accentuate room features. Or pick a spring or summer theme such as nautical, floral, or Zen. Avoid an overabundance of tchotchkes that can make a room feel busy and crowded. Budget-friendly idea: Simply add plants or fresh-cut flowers to feature a spring and summer-inspired home.

During warmer and sunnier months, it is fun to revive the look of one’s home to showcase the fresh new seasons. If you don’t have the money to invest in décor, have no fear. Simply consider budget-friendly alternatives to help achieve the same goals without breaking the bank. Think about borrowing items from another room and repurposing what you already own to make what’s old feel new again. Or check out online neighborhood groups that offer free or discounted items to help save money. Also, be sure to check out online magazines and resources such as Pinterest for motivation and inspiration.

Note: The stores mentioned above are examples of where one may shop and are not considered an endorsement by any specific entity.

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