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How to Save Money on Your Interior Paint Job

Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Paint job

Taking on an interior paint job and seeking ways to save money? Here are some clever ways to do so!

First know…

Between labor costs, paint prices, supplies, or work time lost due to your project – painting can become a pricey process! Per, the average cost of painting one room ranges anywhere from $150 to $2,000, depending upon room size. For large homes it can be even higher. Note that these prices exclude ceilings, trim, and cost of paint and supplies. High-quality paints are not cheap and can run upwards of $30 per gallon. Rooms that require additional prep work such as cleaning, spackling, and priming can also build up costs.  Why not seek out clever ways to save money on interior paint projects? Here are some of our favorite ways:

  • To save money, do it yourself. Always make sure that tasks you take on are safely doable. Tip: Watch DIY videos to gain insider knowledge. For example, one may find tips on preparing the walls and surfaces before painting to include priming (a preparatory undercoat that goes on the wall prior to painting to help the paint adhere and last longer).
  • Shop returns and sales. To save money on paint, visit the “oops” paint department at your local home improvement store. Oops paints are high quality ones that have been returned to the store due to mis-tinting. Bear in mind that due to limited stock you’ll have to be flexible in your color choices. Tip: Don’t see a color or shade you like? Read the store circulars and take advantage of paint sales instead.
  • Use a paint calculator. Most paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams have calculators on their websites to accurately determine how much paint you’ll need. This helps to cut down on overbuying or material waste. Tip: Note that product requirements may vary due to independent factors like surface conditions and application methods.
  • Considering hiring a professional? Note that charges may vary so be sure to understand average prices in your area and get multiple estimates. Many professionals are happy to provide free estimates to potential customers but do confirm upfront that estimates are free. Tip: Professional painters have a wealth of knowledge on paint products and finishes. Use this to your advantage when making paint choice decisions. Some may also have access to bulk buying or store discounts which may result in savings being passed on to customers.
  • For DIY projects, borrow supplies to save money. For paint jobs, ask a friend to lend you a tarp, ladder, paint roller frame and more – that can be used, cleaned, and returned. Tip: Return things in “as good as” or better condition than before you borrowed it.
  • Simplify projects. Rather than paint an entire room, simply do an accent wall. This interior wall is different from the other walls around it and serves as a focal point of the room. Tip: An accent wall is generally painted a unique color to stand out against surrounding neutral walls. Neutral walls serve to break up bold colors.
  • Clean high-quality brushes for reuse. When finishing paint projects, it is possible to clean brushes and rollers. The type of paint you use will affect the cleaning method. Acrylic, latex, or waterborne paints can be wiped clean of excess paint and washed in hot water with some dish soap. For oil-based paints, experts recommend using paint thinner and following manufacturer’s instructions. The cleaning water may be taken to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Tip: If you want to continue painting the next day, experts say don’t wash your brushes. Instead, store unwashed brushes and rollers to be reused the following day in a tightly sealed plastic bag placed in the refrigerator. Also, after cleaning paintbrushes, store them in their original packaging to help the bristles maintain their shape. For a cleaning demonstration courtesy of Benjamin Moore, click here.

Recap on how to save money on your interior paint job

Whether you decide to DIY or hire professionals, painting a home can be pricey. However, by acting sensibly and avoiding waste, it’s possible to save big money on your interior paint project with our tips above.

This article is for general purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.

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