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Four Genius Ideas to Improve Household Organization

Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Organizing the home involves three main things: removing clutter, finding organizing solutions, and efficiently arranging items that you like, need, and use. Here are four genius ideas to improve household organization:

Genius tips that are easily doable

  1. Keep things in practical spaces that make sense. For example, hang keys by the front door, keep coffee mugs near the coffee maker, and put pencils in a pencil box on the office desk. Giving items “a home” near where you use them is a smart way to retrieve items quickly. Be sure to keep these regularly used items in the same place to avoid any confusion.


  1. Give the items you use or wear frequently a prime spot. Rather than bury these things away, you’ll want your favorite athletic jacket, water bottle, and sneakers to be easily accessible for grabbing and taking to the gym. If possible, keep these frequently used items in sight. Hang your jacket in the front door closet, place your sneakers in a shoe bin also near the door, and store your water bottle beneath the water cooler so you can easily fill it and go.


  1. Prioritize which rooms you organize. Most professional organizers agree that it’s best to start in rooms you frequently use rather than in hidden spaces such as an attic or the spare room closet. Here are two good reasons why. First, it will have the most impact and gratification. It is important for this room to be well maintained so that one may cook and clean without hindrance. It’s also satisfying for entertaining guests. Second, because the kitchen is at the center of activity, things often get dumped there. Use this as motivation to get rid of clutter, organize what you’re keeping, and create systems so that your whole family knows that the mail or school permission slips no longer get dumped on the kitchen counter. If you’re new to organizing, do start small. Read our article showing how to begin by organizing a kitchen junk drawer.


  1. Use affordable organizing products to contain small items such as mail. This includes boxes, storage bins, clear plastic organizers, and the like. To maximize space, use containers that are stackable. If the bins are not easy to see into or are stacked up high, be sure to take the time to carefully label their contents first. As with most boxes, it’s often easy to forget what’s in it. By labeling it, you will know exactly what’s inside without having to take all the boxes down to open them. And it will be super easy to find what you need.



Take the time to organize and improve household organization

These four genius and easy-to-do tips are designed to improve household organization. They show that organizing the home doesn’t have to be difficult and that a neat and organized home is within everyone’s reach. No more excuses, take the time to organize. For more great ideas, and to see some new and practical organizing products, be sure to visit the Pinterest app for storage solutions.

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