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Five Favorite Kitchen Hacks That Can Save You Time or Money

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Kitchen hacks, also called food hacks, are techniques used by cooks to speed up food prep, make kitchen jobs easier, increase efficiency, and even save money. Here are five of our favorites!

1) Whenever you use jarred sauces, never leave the last bit behind. Place a little bit of water in the bottom. Then put the lid back on a give a good shake. Not only can you add that last little bit to your recipe, but it also helps to clean out the jar to make it recycling-ready!

2) Do you find it annoying to have to go hunting for kitchen trash bags to replace the one you just took out? A great hack is to keep new replacement trash bags under the ones you are currently using. Then, when it’s time to take the old one out, the new one is right there, ready for use!

3)  To make meatballs the same size, lightly coat your ice cream scoop in olive oil spray. Then scoop out some of the mixtures and form the meatball in your hand. Repeat until done, spraying the scoop only if the meat begins to stick.

4) Want to peel your potatoes a little bit in advance? Be sure to cover the peel potatoes with cold water before cooking to prevent them from turning gray – which occurs because of the release of starch that makes them oxidize. Store them in the refrigerator if you’re cutting them in advance.

5) Always store your brown sugar in an airtight container to prevent hardening. For extra measure, put a marshmallow in the container so that the brown sugar can draw moisture from it!

Do you have any favorite kitchen hacks? If so, please share in the comments below!

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2 years ago

When freezing bacon first place each slice on a large metal tray and place in freezer. Once frozen put slices in a freezer ziplock bag.. Be sure to label with date.. You can now pull out the exact amount of slices needed.

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