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First Lady Trivia #2

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
White House

First Lady Quiz #2

(With answers at the bottom)

In honor of President’s Day, Monday February 19, 2024, delight in some First Lady trivia related to the wives of U.S. Presidents. These significant women are part of America’s history, playing important roles in the management of the White House and taking on a variety of social, political, environmental, ceremonial, and other unique duties.

1. In what part of the White House is the office of the first lady located?

A) North Wing

B) South Wing

C) East Wing

D) West Wing

2. Who worked as a teacher for the deaf before becoming first lady?

A) Barbara Bush

B) Grace Coolidge

C) Dolley Madison

D) Nancy Reagan

3. Who was the first first lady to vote?

A) Martha Washington

B) Abigail Adams

C) Florence Harding

D) Nancy Reagan

4. Which first lady speaks five languages to include English, French, German, Serbian and Slovenian?

A) Laura Bush

B) Michelle Obama

C) Hillary Clinton

D) Pat Nixon

5. Who was the first first lady to own and drive a car?

A) Betty Ford

B) Helen “Nellie” Taft

C) Lady Bird Johnson

D) Bess Truman

6. At age 21, this first lady is not only the youngest, but she was also the first of the first ladies to give birth at the White House?

A) Frances Cleveland

B) Mamie Eisenhower

C) Rosalyn Carter

D) Helen Taft

7. For banning alcohol from the White House, First Lady Lucy Hayes later gained what nickname?

A) Lady Killjoy

B) Lemonade Lucy

C) Liquor-less Lucy

D) Limeade Lu

8. Which first lady educated her husband to read, spell, and do math?

A) Eliza Johnson wife of Andrew Johnson

B) Mary Todd Lincoln wife of Abraham Lincoln

C) Jill Biden wife of Joe Biden

D) Eleanor Roosevelt wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt

9. Which U.S. state has produced the most first ladies?

A) Pennsylvania

B) Tennessee

C) Texas

D) New York

10. Who was the first first lady to die in the White House?

A) Martha Washington

B) Abigail Adams

C) Martha Washington

D) Letitia Tyler

If you enjoy this quiz, please take Quiz One. Or click on Laura Bush to learn more about this wonderful first lady.

Answer Key:

1) C

2) B

3) C

4) D

5) B

6) A

7) B

8) A

9) D

10) D

Scoring Key:

Score: All Correct = 100% Perfect score!

9 Correct = 90% Near Perfect!

8 Correct = 80% Above average!

7 Correct = 70% About average!

6 Correct = 60% Not bad!

5 Correct = 50% So-so score but good try!

4 correct = 40% Time to brush up on First Lady trivia!

3 correct = 30% Uh-oh!

2 correct = 20% Darn!

1 correct = 10% Yikes!

0 correct = 0 % That stinks! Better luck next quiz!

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Carmen Mangalino
Carmen Mangalino
3 months ago

Isn’t Melania Trump the First Lady who speaks 5 languages including Slovenian as she hails from Slovenia?
Number 4 answer choices all wrong!

Dean C Howerton
Dean C Howerton
2 months ago

jill biden is the first first lady to be married to a moron

2 months ago

The Answer to question number four (4) is incorrect. Sadly, it appears that Melania Trump is once again not given full and proper credit that she so highly deserves. Although a great FLOTUS, Pat Nixon is not the correct answer to question number four. Melania Trump speaks five languages fluently and I’m disappointed that she was totally left out of this quiz.

2 months ago

There are errors in #4 and #10. Please have somedone Proof Read!!

2 months ago

Oh, my I got them all right except for #7. I do know that Melanie speaks several languages, but I don’t know the number. I have heard that Pat Nixon also spoke several languages, and that was why I chose her. Had Melania’s name been on the list I most likely would have chosen her.

2 months ago

What about Melania? Left out of. #4 and not mentioned in any others.

Pierre Blick
Pierre Blick
3 months ago

You’ve done an excellent job breaking down this topic.

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