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Easy Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
scissors and christmas ornament on a gift

Christmas trees have been around for ages, perhaps going as far back as the ancient Egyptians according to some historians. Nonetheless, the modern-day tradition of decorating trees stems from 16th-century Germany. Christians at that time decorated trees with lit candles, nuts, berries, and more. Let’s learn how to adorn our trees with easy homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

Tree tradition spreads

Artificial trees in the form of feathers emerged in Germany during the 1800s. As the Christmas tree custom spread, forest-harvested ones began to be sold commercially in the USA during the mid-19th-century.  The European tradition, which religiously symbolized eternal life and rebirth, took stronghold in America. In 1870, William DeMuth created the first American-made glass ornaments in New York. About a decade later, Woolworth’s began selling glass ornaments. And, by the 20th century, the ornament industry took off.

Despite hard times, Christmas trees

During the Great Depression, having a Christmas tree was a luxury. Due to the devastated economy, people who had trees sometimes used paper or pantry staples like popcorn and cranberries to make ornaments or garland. While making popcorn balls, cranberry strings, and paper ornaments are still a thing today, people often opt for affordable and non-breakable reusable commercially made holiday ornaments instead. But, if you’re looking to put a personal touch on your holiday tree, consider adding some special “homemade” touches.

Enjoy these three fun themed inspirations that can make your tree uniquely special


For a unique nature-inspired tree, decorate with a variety of bird ornaments, feathers, and natural looking garland. Then, create seed packet ornaments to add to the tree. Gather a variety of assorted seed packets. Using craft glue, apply embellishments such as ribbon, buttons, dried flowers, adhesive backed gems, or pretty bows onto the front of the seed packet. If making use of empty seed packets, holepunch the corner and loop a section of natural twine through the hole to hang it on the tree. If seeds are inside, take care not to puncture the package. Rather, apply glue to hold the ornament string in place. Note that these make excellent gifts for friends who like to garden.


Create edible candy ornaments to be eaten throughout the holiday season. To make each ornament, crisscross two wrapped candy canes with the curved parts facing out.  Use a large glue dot to hold the candy canes together where they overlap. Tie a decorative ribbon tightly around that meeting point. Then create a forward-facing bow. Attach red and white string to the back of the bow to hang the candy cane ornament from the tree. Or simply attach bows to some single wrapped candy canes and hang them on the tree. Consider adding fun tinsel and an assortment of red and white bulb ornaments or flashy string lights to enliven this kid-friendly theme.


This theme screams nostalgia. Print out small cropped black and white copies of your favorite photos. Buy some ornament-sized oval wood crafting blanks (available at craft stores) and drill a small hole through the top using a drill bit if needed (some may have predrilled holes.) Allow the wood pieces to serve as the base for your ornament. Later, use the holes to hang them on the tree with some pretty ribbon. Trim the photos as needed to fit the base. Following product directions, Mod Podge your black and white vintage-like photos onto the wood pieces. Let it dry as directed. Hang your newly made ornaments on your tree or give them to friends and family as keepsake gifts.

Making memories

Christmas trees are an incredibly beautiful tradition. They honor history and reflect the love and splendor of the season, religiously and festively. In the U.S., many warm and wonderful family activities take place around the Christmas tree, such as decorating together and opening presents on Christmas morning. Why not make your tree stand out in beauty and uniqueness? There’s nothing better than making one-of-a-kind easy homemade Christmas tree ornaments with those you love. Crafting together is a great way to teach tradition, instill religious and moral values, and involve the kids or grands in the joyful holiday spirit. Not only will you create a stunning tree, but you’ll make family memories to last a lifetime.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
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Nothing like using your mind to create wonderful things that bring happiness and joy.

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