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Decorating in Earth Tones – Why It’s All the Rage!

Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

“Earth tones” is a term used in decorating and design to describe a neutral palette of colors that mimic natural landscapes. This theme is inspired by Mother Nature herself and includes subtle hues commonly seen on land, sea, and in the sky. In color theory, hues describe the overall character or appearance, whereas saturation refers to color strength. Earth toned themes encompass neutrals to include browns, greens, grays, and other warm muted shades, whereas highly saturated colors are used to a lesser degree due to their intensity. Earth toned shades generally encompass warm colors on the color wheel with some exceptions. Importantly, they serve as an excellent neutral background for art, furniture, and accessories, which makes them highly desirable in decorating.

Neutral backgrounds, such as cream-colored walls, provide a soothing and relaxed base that mixes easily with other elements of the room. To further embrace the nature theme, many designers stick to natural materials to complete the look of a room. This includes using wood, stone, linen, rattan, and other materials that bring the outdoors in. Neutral shades are timeless; thus, basic earth tones such as white, off white, creams, tans, light browns, soft greens, or blues, never go out of style. They are also versatile and allow people to change accessories, such as artwork or  seasonally if so inclined.  Neutral shades are not only attractive, but also make an excellent décor choice when marketing a home because they appeal to the masses.

The neutral color palette is most desired in decorating due to its timelessness and the sense of calmness it provides. As a bonus, it serves as a perfect backdrop for almost any style of furniture or decorative pieces, making it ideal for all rooms of the home. Another bonus, it connects people to nature and makes them feel soothed, comfortable, and relaxed. Sellers who seek to maximize profits and wish to take pride in their properties for sale are encouraged to get on the earth tone bandwagon, for there’s always something great to be found in designs that highlight nature.

Enjoy these examples of how the neutral palette can be incorporated into any room’s theme!

Inspiration chart:

Nature inspired theme: Ways to warm it up:
Cozy cabin Tan walls with hardwood flooring and neutral textured accents such as wicker chairs with white cushions
Cottage glam Cream walls with plush white carpeting and neutral furnishings – plus lush mirrors or glass candlesticks to up the glam factor
Seaside nautical Pale blue walls with blue and white striped carpet and touches of red – nautical rope and anchor throw pillows
Rustic cabin Soft green walls complemented by rich timber woods throughout, leather sofas and soft flannel furnishings
Sunset theme Soft gray walls with light marble flooring and subtle pops of golden yellow in select accessories such as vases and art
Desert theme Soft tan walls with terra cotta floors and adobe-shaded trim work to highlight the rounded corner fireplace
Artistic plant nursery theme Black walls, white trim, whitewashed flooring,  and white shadowboxes with downlighting to showcase a variety of elegant orchids
Florida room Sunkissed pale yellow walls, beige carpeting, and comfy palm-tree inspired themed furniture
Starry night Neutral dark sky-blue walls with bamboo flooring and select buttery yellow accents

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