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Closet Redesigns

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

A custom clothing closet is a desirable home feature. Not only can it revolutionize your space in terms of how you organize, display, and find your clothes, but it may also increase the value of your home. Designing the closet of your dreams? Here are some vital things to know!

  • Remodeling a home offers opportunities to upgrade permanent features. People typically enjoy having custom spaces for items they frequently use or store. This is especially true of clothing closet space, which may be lacking in older homes. Generally, custom walk-in closets are coveted spaces that boost property values. In many cases, built-in permanent closets, particularly those you enter, are welcome improvements to a home.
  • A custom closet is one that is specially designed, usually by closet design professionals. Designing this premium home space allows homeowners to consider what display and storage options they like best. Choices include features like closed and open shelving, rod storage, drawers, container storage, specialty lighting and mirrors, wall hooks, shoe storage, seating, and more. Special upgrades may include real wood over particle board, floor to ceiling cabinetry, fancy hardware, soft close drawers, specialty glass, and designer lighting as examples.
  • Before jumping in, look for no-obligation free design consultations. Your design professional will measure your space and offer multiple design options. Lean on your design expert for overall advice and for clever ways to maximize use of space. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and be firm in your price window. This may require you to say no to some recommended upgrades, however, ultimately you should feel satisfied with your decisions.
  • Custom closets are generally an investment in your space. However, for those who are considering selling their home soon, it’s advisable to consult with a real estate professional to ascertain whether it’s economically wise to spend the money on your closet. This is especially important if you seek to expand your closet by taking away space from another part of the home. There are numerous independent factors that may come into play when making your decision. This likely includes comparable home features, what home buyers in your area expect at your price point, and whether you can recoup or make money on your improvement.
  • On average, custom closets take several weeks or months to create, from planning to building. However, the time can vary greatly due to demand, labor, complexity of design, availability of supplies, financing, and other factors. Custom closets are uniquely made. One may choose elements from different designs. These closets can range greatly in cost depending upon size and features. A small closet typically begins at about $2,000 and goes upward from there depending upon options – with high-end top-tier builds running into the tens of thousands per Luxury Viewer. Since they can be counted in a home’s square-footage valuation of a property, closets are generally worthwhile additions or upgrades.
  • When designing your closet, take stock of what you own and want to showcase and easily access. For example, a person with an extensive sneaker collection may wish to keep them on display. Or a woman who frequently wears jewelry may seek options to display a collection. A custom closet considers personal needs and wants and makes it easy for folks to access key wardrobe items while creatively storing what’s lesser used.
  • Look through magazines for inspiration. Then, let your design expert incorporate what you like into a plan. Be open minded to recommendations and fresh ideas shared by closet designers. They may incorporate new concepts and design trends into their creations. Most also possess a wealth of industry experience, such as helping customers select timeless designs, finding a balance between open and closed shelving, or discovering sensible ways to add long-lasting appeal.
  • Visit showrooms. This is an absolute must when choosing designs and particularly when selecting overall designs, wood finishes, specialty features, and hardware. Having the opportunity to see, operate, and feel the materials can help you ascertain quality, function, and what you like or dislike. Seeing things firsthand helps folks to narrow their choices and eliminate unnecessary and costly features. Where price is a consideration, make thoughtful decisions by prioritizing closet needs over wants.
  • Per a Cabinets Plus 2021 blog, customers are urged to shop around for similar services and products to avoid overpaying. Homeowners should consider multiple aspects like quality of materials, time of delivery, customer support, service, etc. Some cabinet companies charge more than others. Cabinets Plus provides this example, “…a modest custom solution from California Closets may run you in excess of $4,000. That same custom cabinet closet set up from Cabinets Plus is $2,500.”  Thus, costs can vary greatly from company to company. Before committing to closet services, customers should get multiple estimates, compare apples to apples, and inquire about sales.
  • Read multiple customer reviews. This provides a personal glimpse into other customers’ experiences. Things to look for are quality of products, pricing, delivery and assembly, customer service, professionalism, and more. One may opt to pay a little extra to do business with a highly reliable and well-established company rather than deal with one that is unknown. Reviews can provide insight into services and pricing. They can also offer valuable insider information like how well customers are treated and if companies stand by guarantees/warranties.
  • Alternatives to custom closets include self-assembly kits sold at stores like IKEA. While most do-it-yourself (DIY) closet products are designed for easy assembly, it’s good to have some basic building skills. Since closets are designed to hold weighty items like coats and heavy clothing, it is imperative that the installation be done correctly. Overall, DIY closets are a great money saver for people on fixed budgets who seek sleek closet redesigns.

Take advantage of the season

Summertime is a period when folks turn their attentions to outdoor spaces. But it’s also a great time of year to consider improvements to indoor spaces. Here’s some good news. Often, in the summer season, great deals on closet designs can be had.

It’s a win-win!

Having a good closet is important year-round. Not only can custom closet designs improve function, but these specialized upgrades can potentially add thousands of dollars to a home’s value. After all, who doesn’t love a great closet?

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