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Bus Tours for Seniors Who Are Newly Retired

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Senior Bus Tour

Travel picks up momentum.

May of 2023 saw the end of the federal COVID-19 public health emergency and the national state of emergency in the United States. Though cases of the coronavirus still exist, many travel restrictions are lifted and the way nations respond has changed. Many countries now welcome travelers from abroad with open arms. Many people, including seniors who are newly retired, now personally choose to travel and seek out new adventures, including senior bus tours.

Some good ideas for newly retired seniors who seek travel.

Rather than shelter-in-place as previously needed to halt the spread of infection, retired seniors who are no longer tied to the workplace are finally set to travel and see the world.

Here’s an example:

Jen & Rich, new retirees, recently took a vacation to Paris, France. Only in town for five days, they didn’t want to miss a beat!  

Explore favorite cities by bus: Jen and Rich took a bus tour of Paris. They drove through many of Paris’ 20 administrative districts called arrondissements. Arrondissements are numbered and spiral out like a snail shell beginning in the heart of Paris. Each district has special features, unique vibes, and reputation. No two districts are alike.


Don’t pass up opportunities: Another couple attending the trip declined the bus tour because they assumed it would be boring. Boy, were they wrong! The bus tour was plenty exciting. Jen and Rich got a rich sample of Paris considering their limited time in the city. Meanwhile, the couple who stayed back missed out by experiencing the four walls of their hotel room.


What did the traveling duo see?  Jen and Rich explored different parts of the city and saw beautiful landmarks such as Tuileries Garden, monuments including the Arc de Triomphe, and significant buildings such as the Louvre. They learned a great deal about Parisian history on the narrated tour. The senior couple had the option to jump on and off the bus at various stopping points for amazing photo ops, to briefly walk around, and to stretch their legs. Some of their best photos of Paris, including those of the famed Eiffel Tower and River Seine, were taken along the bus tour route.


Other benefits for seniors who explore by bus? Car rentals are expensive. Additionally, many senior travelers such as Jen and Rich prefer not to drive in unfamiliar places. Rich was particularly uneasy with traffic and parking in a foreign country; thus, the bus tour was a wise choice as it eliminated those concerns.


Selecting the best bus tours. Buses are an excellent means of sightseeing transportation for retirees. Take the time to read reviews to hear people’s experiences, review itineraries, learn what to expect, and gauge value, safety, cleanliness, and comfort of tour vehicles.



A call for celebration!

Bus tours provide a great way to explore new cities and celebrate sights. They are an especially great alternative to visiting cities on foot during extreme temperatures or inclement weather. Not only are bus tours affordable, but they are ideal for the elderly who may not be able to do extensive walking. When possible, book bus tours in advance. Then, sit back and prepare for a memorable ride! 

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