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Abbreviation for Construction- Meaning & Definition AMAC Blog

Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
There are lots of common abbreviations related to building, construction, and real estate. Frequently, words are shortened to a few letters to save space on blueprints and real estate listings. While there are common types of floorplan symbols for windows, walls, stairs, appliances, and even furniture, other times mostly commonsense abbreviations are used, with some being more familiar than others. For example, A/C typically is used in place of air conditioner, W.C. means water closet (toilet) and CL stands for closet. These terms are beneficial for new homebuilders, buyers, and sellers to know. Here are some that are frequently used in various industries, plus what they can mean:

AD – This simple abbreviation stands for “Access Door.” These are generally small, hinged doors that provide access to equipment or confined spaces.

ALM- indicates the presence of an alarm.

BC – On a blueprint, this indicates the presence of a “Broom closet” or “Bookcase.”

BLR – is for “Boiler,” used for heating applications.

BR – indicates a bedroom space. (MBR was often used to indicate “Master Bedroom,” now called “Primary Bedroom” by most professionals.)

BRK – is for “Brick” used to build walls, pavements, and other masonry uses.

BSMT – is for basement. It can refer to a below grade space that is finished (sometimes FIN BSMT or F-BSMT) or unfinished (UNF).

CAC – stands for “central air conditioning” and means that a given property features a whole-home air cooling system.

CAR – is for “Carpet,” generally referring to wall-to-wall (ww) installations. CPT or CRPT may also be used.

CBL – is for “Concrete Block,” otherwise known as cinderblocks used for foundations, load-bearing walls, fire walls, retaining walls, screening walls and fences.

COL – indicates that a “Column” is present. It is generally a structural element, but some may be decorative.

CT – means “Ceramic Tile” flooring, a hardened tile made of clay that often has a decorative glaze.

DBL  – Generally stands for “Double” ovens, offering more cooking capacity.

DS – indicates a “Downspout” or drainpipe that carries rainwater through a rain gutter.

D/W – indicates a “Dishwasher” appliance is present.

EF – means “Exhaust fan,” generally designed to remove moisture from the bathroom.

ENS – stands for “Ensuite bathroom,” meaning a bathroom attached to and only accessible from a bedroom.

EP – generally means “Electrical Panel,” a distribution board that is a component of an electricity supply system.

EVP – “Engineered Vinyl Plank” flooring has a rigid core made of fiberboard that is suited for areas with minor irregularities in the floor and features a bottom layer of cork for cushioning.

FB – This building abbreviation means “Full Bath” in real estate. FB indicates that a home has a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and bath or shower. In building, it can have other meanings such as Face Bar, Face Brick or Floor Box.

FDR – In real estate, this indicates that a home has a “Formal Dining Room” space, generally located off the kitchen in most homes.

FPL – indicates the presence of a fireplace.

FROG  – means “Finished Room Over Garage.” These are considered “extra spaces” that can serve as office space, playrooms, home gyms, art studios, extra rooms and more. Having extra useable square footage brings added value to a home. It is an especially valuable area of the home, particularly for those in areas lacking basements.

GAR  – stands for “Garage” and generally infers that there is space for a vehicle. Some real estate listings may differentiate between types of garages, for example, they may say “att” (attached), “det” (detached), or “IC” or “2C” (for one car or two cars). May also be GGE or GRGE.

HB – This abbreviation means “Half Bath.” HB indicates that a home has a bathroom with a sink and toilet, but there is no bath or shower.

HDWD – There are numerous abbreviations for “Hardwood Flooring, referring to flooring products manufactured from timber, also including HWD, HWF, and HW.

HVAC – means “heating, ventilating, and air conditioning” to indicate that a home has systems throughout to warm and cool the air.

HWH – indicates the presence of a hot water heater, a device that heats and sends hot water through pipes for tasks such as showering, laundry, and washing dishes as examples.

KIT – This means the heart of the home, the kitchen.

LAUN – In real estate, this indicates the “Laundry Room.” Can also be Ldy, Ldry, Lndry.

LR – means “Living Room,” a common area found in homes.

LVL – “Laminated Veneer Lumber” is one of the most widely used engineered wood product used in homes. It essentially is a composite product made from multiple thin layers of veneer that are aligned with the length of the finished lumber.

LVP – “Luxury Vinyl Plank” flooring provides a realistic wood look using 3D printing technology to mimic the texture of real wood.  Folks like that it’s water-resistant, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

LVT  – “Luxury Vinyl Tile” flooring provides a realistic tile or stone look. It is a hard surface flooring designed for commercial or residential use. L.V.T., essentially made of PVC and limestone, consists of multiple layers to include a factory applied urethane protective top-coat.

REF – indicates the presence of a “Refrigerator,” most often found in a kitchen space.

RF – In real estate, RF refers to the “Roof.”

SD – shows the presence of a “Smoke detector,” generally found inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement.

SFH – stands for “Single Family Home,” meaning a free-standing property that houses one family.

SSS – In real estate, this means “Stainless Steel Sink.”

WD  – indicates the presence of a “Washer & Dryer,” often found in a laundry room (LDRY).

WIC – represents “Walk in Closet,” meaning there is enough space for a person to walk into space to browse through items. WICs are frequently found in most new builds and in high-end properties.

YD – means “Yard,” indicating the presence of an outdoor space adjoining a building or house.

YO – In real estate, this refers to “Years Old.”


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