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Bringing Out the Best In Your Home by Designing a Gallery Wall of Art

Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

gallery wallWhen it comes to decorating, a home should reflect the taste of its owners. While some people gravitate toward subtle designs and neutral colors, others enjoy vibrancy. There is no right or wrong, it’s all about creating a space that makes you, the homeowner, feel best. Whether a home is rustic, traditional, or contemporary, or furniture is minimal or full, creating a gallery wall of art can add a high impact focal point to any home.

A gallery wall is simply a collection of hangable art displayed on one wall. This includes framed artwork, photographs, shelving, mirrors, and anything worth displaying on a wall, such as tapestries. Displaying collections of items in groupings is more than just a trend. One of the finest centuries-old examples is the Mirror Halls of Versailles, France, where 17 large mirrors hang in one room. Not only does the dramatic grouping show off the wealth and power of the monarch Louis XIV, but it also makes an aesthetically pleasing statement. Together, the mirrors work to reflect the lush outdoor gardens by day and candlelight by night.

Of course, a typical home does not have to be as fancy as Versailles. But the wall has the important purpose to feature things the homeowners enjoy seeing. Often, a gallery wall can feature wall hangings that one already owns, such as an assortment of family photos or an eclectic collection of art accumulated over time, so it’s budget friendly. Generally, a gallery wall includes creating several tight groupings of art, photos, or collectibles for high visual impact. These groupings are an effective way to hang art of different sizes and shapes so that the smaller pieces of art do not get “lost” on an ordinary wall. Or art may be displayed in a symmetrical pattern using a common theme, shape, or design to unite the pieces.

Some homeowners may choose to hire a consultant to organize artwork into a gallery wall. However, creating one is generally straightforward and can be done quite simply. It’s most important to gather pieces you like, choose a wall, do research, and come up with a plan before hammering any nails into the wall. Ideas and inspirations for a home gallery wall can be found from numerous resources, including and not limited to Pinterest, Google, magazines and design books, museums layouts, and even store catalogues that feature furniture displays. Practice laying your art arrangements on the floor to create a visually pleasing layout. Predesigned gallery wall frame collections are also available for purchase, and often come with life-size templates that get temporarily taped to the wall to show the precise location to put the nail. What’s enjoyable is that the taped templates can be moved until the perfect design is achieved. Professional decorators can also be hired to help create and design gallery walls.

Interior designers love gallery walls because the art warms up spaces, emulates personalities, and has visual high impact. And homeowners tend to think it’s fun to see their art pieces displayed in a new and spectacular way. Depending upon the design, blank parts of the wall, those spaces absent of art, often give the eyes a rest between groupings and offer a dramatic pause. Neutral backgrounds can help draw attention to pieces of art.

When using shelving, art pieces can be layered for more appeal. Whether displaying family photos, handmade ceramic plates, shiny mirrors, kids’ artwork, or rich masterpieces by well-known artists, use your imagination and try not to stress about where everything should go. Think of the project as a fun puzzle and play around to how the artwork fits well together, whether it be horizontal or vertical. The most important consideration is to design a space tailored to your liking, one that will continually spark your inner joy and gain the attention of all who pass by.

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