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Longevity Diet Meal Plans

Posted on Friday, September 1, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
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What are they?

Longevity diet meal plans are designed to keep people living healthier and longer. People who follow this type of diet plan consume foods to include vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and healthy oils. They also eat some low-mercury seafood, dark chocolate, non-dairy or goat’s milk, and moderate amounts of fruit. They do not eat red or processed meat, nor do they consume poultry or cow’s milk. Many people embrace this diet and feel that lowering meat and dairy consumption helps them feel better.

Do longevity diet meal plans promote weight loss?

The diet is based on being healthy and controlling factors such as weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. As with most plant-based diets, especially those focused on the elimination of “unhealthy” processed foods, they are known to help with weight loss. There is a correlation between weight loss and wellness.

How did this diet develop?

The longevity diet is the brainchild of Valter Longo, PhD. Through research, Dr. Longo found a connection between diet and health and developed a longevity diet that may extend one’s lifespan. He shares, “Using epidemiology and clinical trials, we put all the research together, and got a big picture of a safe and beneficial diet that’s associated with longer living.” It is widely accepted that plant-based diets are beneficial for heart health and reduce risks of developing cardiovascular disease. To explore more, visit here.

Is the longevity diet categorized as a fasting mimicking diet (FMD)?

FMD means people eat food in small amounts throughout the day in a low-calorie deficit specific to the needs of one’s body. It is different than intermittent fasts, whereas people are completely restricted from eating food within a set period. The longevity diet uses periods of FMD and intermittent fasting (IF).

Is it a healthy diet?

Here’s a main question people ask, “Is this diet healthy?” Though plant-based diets are widely viewed as healthy, there are some medical considerations. Take, for example, the following:

Medical resource Verywell Health states that research on the diet’s benefit has mainly been done by the diet’s founder and not by unaffiliated researchers. They also explain, “Such studies would need to span many decades, and so far there just aren’t enough good long-term studies that can tell us how much of an impact a plant based diet or intermittent fasting might have on human lifespan.” Further, the long-term impact of fasting mimicking diets on lifespan is also currently unknown.

Should I follow longevity diet meal plans?

Whether one should embrace this diet or not is a decision that requires medical consideration. While likely beneficial, the diet includes avoiding meat and dairy products and includes periods of fasting which may not be right for everyone. It’s imperative for patients to discuss dietary changes, including longevity diet meal plans, with a healthcare provider who understands their specific health needs.


This article is purely informational and is not intended as a medical resource or as a substitute for medical advice.

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9 months ago

what about the Mediterranean diet ??

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