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Hobbies for Seniors

Posted on Monday, August 21, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
hobbies for seniors

Retired seniors benefit from free time

Many people who work full time and are raising families find it challenging to etch out personal time for hobbies. One of the benefits of growing older and retiring from the workforce is the ability to enjoy life at one’s own pace. This includes discovering more time for leisurely activities. Engaging in healthy and enjoyable hobbies for seniors stimulates the mind, body, and soul.

Not sure which hobbies for seniors are right for you?

No worries. Luckily, many retirement communities offer clubs, classes, and opportunities to participate in a wide variety of pastimes. If typical retirement games like Bingo bore you, try out a few of these unique activities to see what’s right for you.  

Six distinctive hobbies for seniors:


What it entails

Some benefits


This hobby involves use of GPS device to find hidden treasures

This modern- day treasure hunting activity involves putting history, navigation, geography, math, and science skills to active use.


This fastest growing sport in America involves the use of a couple of paddles, a whiffle ball, and a net.

This sport is a combo of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. While the game can be fast paced, it is simple to learn and play. It ultimately offers great exercise for active seniors.

Poetry writing

Writing poetry is an inexpensive hobby that can be enjoyed by people who seek outlets for creativity. A pen and a notebook (or computer) and inspiration are all that’s needed.

Writing poetry not only makes good use of vocabulary and keeps the mind engaged, but it is also therapeutic. It allows the writer to get in touch with emotions and express deep inner thoughts and feelings, an excellent release of stress.

Charcuterie club

This offshoot of a cooking club focuses on creating charcuterie boards that feature cured meats, nuts, fruits, veggies, and cheeses served on wooden or marble boards. This club teaches how to make and assemble boards.

Enjoy weekly or monthly meetings with people who share a passion for making, creating, and sharing charcuterie boards. It is a fun way to socialize and share ideas for this favorite appetizer. For examples of boards, visit Taste of Home.


Interested in learning more about your family tree? This hobby involves tracing family roots and researching records to obtain information related to ancestry.

This hobby is ideal for those who enjoy doing detective work to uncover facts from the past. It also involves learning history and possibly visiting historical sites, museums and more, related to one’s roots.


This incredible outdoor nature  hobby involves using the naked eye or equipment such as binoculars or a telescope to observe the night sky.

This hobby involves observing stars and planets which appear in the night sky. Newbies will enjoy witnessing constellations seeing shooting stars and learning about the solar system and universe by participating in this relaxing and educational pastime.


Starting a new hobby

The newfound freedoms that come with retirement make it an ideal time for seniors to partake in hobbies. Since there are many hobbies for seniors, from arts and crafts to sports, discovering which hobby is right for you is key. For information on hobbies geared toward men, visit (Attach link to our article hobbies for men).

Here are five tips:

  • Check out free e-courses or community clubs to discover and explore new hobbies.
  • Review your interests and focus on what gets you happy and excited.
  • Understand the cost(s) and time associated with your new hobby to make sure it’s a good fit.
  • Assess the benefits and risks associated with your new hobby.
  • Try it out before committing.

Seniors staying engaged

Retirement indicates the withdrawal of time from an occupation. For many, it also means embarking on new adventures and appreciating time doing what one enjoys. This includes participating in hobbies for seniors and staying engaged in physical and mental activities to keep the mind and body sharp and the soul connected.

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