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The Blindfold Has Been Ripped off Lady Justice | Dr. Sebastian Gorka | EP 235

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023
by Rebecca Weber
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“Show me the man and I will find you the crime, that is where we are today,” says Dr. Sebastian Gorka. As a son of two immigrants who fled communist rule, Dr. Gorka knows police state tactics when he sees them. He believes the reason President Trump is facing over 400 years in prison is because the Democrats believe that is the only way they can beat him. He went on to refer to the lunacy of transgenderism as the “red pill of our time,” and posed this important question: What are you willing to do to help save the republic? Don’t miss this action packed episode featuring AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber, and host of America First on Salem Radio, and former member of the Trump Administration Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

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Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
9 months ago

Dear AMAC,
This was an extraordinary message to America!!
Conservatives need to be actively involved politically in their local, state, and federal jurisdictions.
I am a proud Veteran and love our country. I do not want to see it go down the crapper.

Edward Posuniak
Edward Posuniak
9 months ago

Trump is being attacked because the Washingto DC Establishment, the Court and Legal System, the Pravda State Run Media, the Communist Dems and RINO’s want a Totalitarian Government and a Selection not an Election Process to stay in Power. They forget that God is in charge and they are all Mortals. Satan cannot overpower God. God will save America in His own way. Be patient and pray for God’s Mercy and Protection. He will not abandon us.

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