The Better for America Podcast

Better For America: Smoke and Mirrors

Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

This week Reb and Rob discuss the hypocrisy of the Major League Baseball debacle in Georgia. Rob dives into the legal facts, while Reb calls out the MLB commissioner and the White House for their actions. They also touch on the run-away train of our national debt, and Rob leaves you with his best Ronald Reagan impersonation.

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2 years ago

I would like to note. I have worked with Herbert Walker. On Many occasions including when he jumped out of a plane at his age in Yuma with Jim Nance and company. He would always talk about the new world order!!! And correction it was summit of the eight which was in Denver in those years. It’s now the seven. So he needs to correct his recollection of history. His war effort may be true his CIA work was true. His sons wife was 8th cousin to Obama. I would feel sick when he would shove the New world order agenda down our throats. One of the only few incumbents to not get re elected. Don’t get me wrong because I’m right and have common sense. I hope we make it to the next election cycle because my belief system is Republican. Common Sense not radical ridiculous.

Elwin Redfern
Elwin Redfern
2 years ago

Baseball means a great deal to me. My whole life was Baseball. My father’s sporting good’s sales career had a lot of work relating to baseball. I am so upset that the Baseball Commissioner had to get political with moving the All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver.

I do not want to watch games now in Washington or Baltimore where I live in Maryland.

Elwin Redfern
Elwin Redfern
2 years ago

Reb and Rob were very good. I really enjoyed my first podcast on AMAC.

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