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Bob Carlstrom

Bob has a substantial background in politics, policy, and government. He served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency review and analysis, including the development, of a broad range of legislation, including economic, fiscal, infrastructure, civil and criminal justice, immigration, government organization, procurement, administrative procedure, among others. He has also served on the national and state finance committees of a presidential candidate, and several Members of, and candidates for, the House and Senate, and as campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate.

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Distrust in the Media is Rising: A Look at 3 of the Media’s Worst Offenses of the Trump Presidency

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The So-called “Lincoln Project” –Another Trump Derangement Syndrome Group of Swamp Republicans

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AMAC Seeks End to “The Tax on Aging”


President Trump Announces Major Advancement in COVID Rapid Testing Capability

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President Trump Nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett – A Strong Defender of the Constitution and Rule of Law – to the Supreme Court

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How Trump Turned the Federal Government Pro-Business