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How to Bring an Advocate to Medical Appointments, Even When They Live Far Away

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Having a trusted advocate in your corner is crucial during medical appointments. This is especially true for seniors, who are often prescribed numerous medications and may need to manage complex medical disorders.

Choosing the right advocate is equally important. Whether they’re a family member or a dear friend, the person must be attentive, responsible, and willing to ask questions of medical staff in case they need clarification. In the event the best candidate lives far away you have some different options to have them at your side during an appointment.

How New Technology Can Benefit Your Health

Most people have mobile devices for the convenience and portability they afford. These devices can also be extremely helpful when your medical advocate lives many miles away from you and your doctor.

In this case, you can call your loved one and put them on speakerphone during the appointment. They’ll be able to listen to the doctor as you receive information. They’ll also be able to ask questions about medications, treatments, and diagnoses. Having an extra pair of ears listen in is always beneficial, especially when it comes to helpful health suggestions and medical terminology.

Another possible way to include your advocate is to invite them to join a telemedicine appointment. Most telemedicine systems allow for the participation of advocates and this is an invaluable option to have the person “virtually” in the room with you.

Other Ways Technology Can Boost Your Wellness

Along with having an advocate during doctor’s appointments, you must also have efficient access to your healthcare records. Find an app that allows you to store medical records from numerous providers. This way your records are accessible from any mobile device and can easily be shared with others when necessary.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Helpful information.

Naomi Maggiora
Naomi Maggiora
1 year ago

Thanks for these suggestions. Much appreciated

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