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Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2023
The Association of Mature American Citizens

In addition to engaging the membership with call-to-action campaigns that place AMAC members in direct contact with their legislators, the AMAC action team also mobilizes the membership’s voice through the analysis of proposed legislation. AMAC Action monitors federal and state activity to act on policies that impact our members’ conservative values.

The AMAC membership determines our robust issues portfolio. It includes making Social Security solvent, lowering the cost of healthcare, election integrity, education, parental rights, right to life, taxes, national debt, elder fraud, abuse, and the welfare of our veterans.

Of the nearly 50 bills and resolutions AMAC supported so far during the 118th Congress, many were passed in either the US House or Senate, including:

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

H.R.26 – Advocates for the most vulnerable part of our society – those babies who survive an abortion and are born alive. The bill requires that healthcare practitioners present at the live birth exercise diligence to preserve the child’s life and penalizes the intention to kill a born-alive child through fines or imprisonment of up to 5 years. It also recognizes that women are the second victims of abortion and promotes the dignity of motherhood.

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act

H.R.734 – Brings a level of security and safety for biological women and girls who compete in athletics. It simply ensures that the playing field is leveled for women and girls by prohibiting the use of Title IX funds for women’s sports that allow biological male athletes to compete against biological female athletes.

The Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Act

H.R. 1606 – Helps veterans successfully transition from military to civilian life by providing them and their spouses with the training and support necessary to become entrepreneurs and start small businesses. Many AMAC members are either veterans of America’s armed services or are related to those who have served or are currently serving, and the support for these brave patriots remains a top priority for AMAC Action.


S.184 – Literally reins in the power of the Executive Branch by defining the process for congressional review of rules proposed by Executive Branch agencies subject to laws enacted by Congress. It makes this kind of rulemaking transparent for both Congress and the American public. AMAC members have long been demanding this type of transparency and accountability from the federal government.

The Secure the Border Act

H.R.2 – Has two goals that greatly concern AMAC members: securing the US border and combating illegal immigration. The legislation requires finishing the border wall, allocating better resources for the border patrol, increasing transparency of illegal crossings, and strengthening current laws to protect children.

The Parents Bill of Rights Act

H.R.5 – Shines like a beacon of sanity in a sea of academic absurdity. The five common sense principles are:

  • Giving parents the right to know what their child is being taught.
  • Giving parents the right to be heard in school board meetings. 
  • Allowing parents the right to see the school budget and spending.
  • Giving all parents the right to protect their child’s privacy.
  • Giving parents the right to keep their children safe.

AMAC members are rightly concerned about the erosion of parental rights and are becoming increasingly active in supporting the beliefs expressed in this bill.

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Gary M Danno
Gary M Danno
10 months ago

What are we at AMAC doing about all the unjust indictments against President Trump. Charging him with 1,000 years in jail time. What about the innocent January 6th people who were arrested and still being held in jails. Some of them did nothing, no looting, destruction, etc.

10 months ago

This morning, I contacted Bill poseys office and advised his staff that I support the following bills,Hr26, Hr734, HR 1606, HR 2, HR5

Steven Rice
Steven Rice
10 months ago

I have contacted Bill Posey, Florida rep concerningHR26. I will be doing this on a daily basis on numerous bills. I will keep you informed

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