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AMAC Action Joins Coalition in Support of Scalise Energy Bill

Posted on Friday, March 17, 2023
AMAC Action

H.R. 1 would roll back the worst regulatory restrictions and taxes crippling supply chains for production and delivery of affordable energy.


Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
H-232, the Capitol
Washington, D.C.

Dear Speaker McCarthy,

We applaud the House of Representatives on the introduction of H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act. Americans need Congress to focus on the biggest challenge facing families and business – persistent inflation fueled by high energy costs. Voters understand the need to move past the regulatory paralysis, burdensome taxes and wasteful spending holding back American energy abundance. With this bill, the House of Representatives has delivered. We urge swift passage and prompt consideration in the Senate.

H.R. 1 would roll back the worst regulatory restrictions and taxes crippling supply chains for production and delivery of affordable energy. The bill would eliminate a new tax on natural gas infrastructure borne by consumers; restore predictability to energy production from federal lands; end the abuse of Clean Water Act permitting by anti-development states seeking to block pipelines and other affordable energy projects; streamline duplicative regulations that undermine investment in domestic natural gas and abet foreign adversaries’ manipulation of world energy markets; and overturn lower courts that seek to erode property rights and federal lands as a viable source of key mineral inputs to our economy. By removing these bottlenecks in the energy supply chain, the bill would help ensure abundant, affordable energy from diverse sources.

The bill marks an important first step in returning environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to its original, modest purpose. Setting broad energy policy is the job of Congress, not activist groups through abusive litigation or unelected bureaucrats acting under the cover of project specific impact statements. By recognizing that Congress must rein in NEPA review, the bill validates hope for deeper NEPA reform essential to returning America to energy self-governance.

Finally, H.R. 1 rejects green cronyism that caters to special interests at the expense of higher energy costs and deficits. By clawing back nearly $30 billion of taxpayer funds earmarked for opaque grants to prop up uneconomic projects with no accountability, the bill would ensure that Americans hit by inflation do not finance payoffs to activist groups and local power brokers. The Lower Energy Costs Act is an inflection point against the Biden administration’s war on affordable energy that is fueling inflation and harming the environment by needlessly shifting energy production to higher impact countries and technologies. We commend your attention to this challenge and commitment to lower costs through American energy abundance.


Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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Michael U
Michael U
1 year ago

Why has the GOP changed from a party of limited government free market capitalism to a party of hate? In the 1980s the GOP cut taxes and regulations. Today the top priority of the GOP is attacking dems and they even attack other members of the GOP for being like the GOP of the 1980s calling them RINOs.

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