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Welcome to the Cat Cafe


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Anyone who knows me is well aware that animals are my life. If I could, I’d live on a farm (or in a jungle). I’d have a cow and a giraffe. Don’t even get me started on elephants. So, this weekend,...
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Lessons From an Eighteen Year Old


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Eighteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay shared some wisdom yesterday. If you’re not familiar with Madeleine, she has made some waves in politics these last few years. She started a blog, released a YouTube video in...
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The New Iron Triangle


By Robert B. Charles – Today, we face a strange, new “iron triangle,” one that our Founders may not have foreseen — but one that we must understand — and break by voting in November.  The carefully designed “checks and balances”...
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Truth, Obamacare and November


by Robert B. Charles – Presidents have long been guilty of bluster and puffing. We, The People, learn to live with it. We groaningly tolerate political ignorance, ill-informed opinions and tomfoolery. That is how our civil society shows respect for Free...
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Making It Count


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News Every now and then, I become very aware of the amount of time I waste on any given day–worrying about nonsense, looking back and analyzing bad decisions ad nauseam, thinking about making something happen instead of...
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Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Leaves Kids Hungry


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News The public school lunches mandated by Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act are making news, and not in a good way. Students have taken to social media to complain that the lunches are leaving them hungry and...
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Obamacare and How Democrats Lost the Senior Citizen Vote


from Conservative Intelligence Briefing -  by David Freddoso – “Not only did my premium go up,” this 91-year-old New York gentleman notes, “but my coverage went down.” He’s not a health policy expert or anything, but I bet he votes, and...
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Beware of the Anti-Bully Bullies


by Diana Erbio – Traditionally bullying has been viewed as behavior that someone more powerful has engaged in to torment someone they perceive as less powerful. The reasons for bullying have been explored and analyzed for decades. Some experts have...
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The Insidious Effect of Political Correctness

ben carson

by Dr. Ben Carson – from Townhall - When I was in high school in Detroit, there was a great deal of emphasis on clothing. As I became increasingly interested in fitting in with the “in crowd,” fashion supplanted academic achievement in my...
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Disability Insurance Reform: Ending Idleness As We Know It

disability fraud

from Forbes – by Peter D. Salins - There has been no lack of partisan disagreement this year about the costs and benefits of the U.S. “entitlement state.” Congressional Republicans succeeded in limiting unemployment benefits and seriously...
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