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Whatever the Supreme Court Rules, AMAC Will be Ready

In a few months there is a possibility, and I emphasize the word “possibility,”   that the struggle against Obamacare will end in complete victory.  As you know, one of the issues that led to AMAC’s founding was Obamacare’s threat to the best health care system in the world.  When groups like the AARP sold out the real interests of older Americans, AMAC took the lead in opposing this legislation pointing out its many harmful consequences for all Americans but especially for seniors.

Now the possibility of total victory and ending the federal take-over of health care is before us because of 3 days of recent hearings at the Supreme Court about the law’s constitutionality.  Obamacare backers are in shock  because several of the high court justices focused on this basic question  about law’s “individual mandate,” if the government can force its citizens to buy a certain product, in this case health insurance, what can’t it force its citizens to  purchase or do?

Prior to the court’s session many pro Obamacare analysts had been smugly predicting the law would easily pass the court’s review. But after listening to  government lawyers  struggle to defend Obamacare, CNN’s liberal legal analyst,  Jeffery Toobin, one of those who had been optimistic about  Obama care’s  chances, quickly reversed himself  and said  he expected the court to strike down the law.

This is good news but, unfortunately, it is also only preliminary and very tentative. There is no guarantee that the Supreme Court will actually decide against Obamacare since, as Supreme Court watchers often observe, justices asking skeptical questions doesn’t always mean they will end up voting down a law.

Furthermore, even if the justices do strike down the individual mandate they could leave in place the many other harmful aspects of Obamacare, the law runs to 2700 pages.

Yet even on this point there was some good news at the Court.  Even the liberal justices who wanted to uphold the law seemed to agree that if  the majority of the justices voted against the mandate  the rest of the law  should also fall since the court would be imposing  an unworkable statue, essentially  a piece of legislation of its own making.

We will have to wait and see what the Supreme Court ultimately does. What shouldn’t be forgotten though is that the court session is just one more bit of evidence that AMAC’s warnings about Obamacare are being fully vindicated. By an amazing 67%, a figure rarely seen in poling on public policy, the American people are against the individual mandate.  And polls also show that Senators who voted for Obamacare are being held accountable by voters.

Just as AMAC warned; every major promise made by Obamacare’s backers has been shattered and the law has become a social policy debacle.


  • The cost has sky rocketed from $500 billion to $1.4 trillion.
  • Countless businesses are saying they will have to force their employees into giant government insurance pools because they can no longer afford to pay for private plans.
  • Your doctor and you are no longer the decision-makers about your drugs or treatment options.  Obamacare makes the Secretary of HHS and her underlings the dictator of health-care decisions and unless you fit the Washington bureaucracy’s statistical profile you won’t be eligible for certain drugs or treatments
  • All this means, as it always does when government takes over a large sector of the economy, “rationing.”  And rationing means scarcity, inefficiency, lack of choice and poor service
  • Obamacare is also devastating Medicare, cutting it by $500 billion and eliminating choice.  Fewer and fewer doctors can afford to accept Medicare patients now because of decisions by a new Obamacare board called the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC).
  • Obamacare is also making Medicaid a huge dumping ground for 16 million new patients. This will drive up costs and devastate services for the dependent poor and elderly.
  • And because Obamacare means the politicalization of the entire health care system the very people who most need this care, the truly sick, elderly, the poor and minorities, will get hurt because they have the least influence in Washington where powerful lobby groups will be fighting over dividing the health care pie.
  • Finally, Obamacare is being used to suppress religious freedom. The administration is trying to use the law to force Catholics and their health care institutions to violate their consciences and provide sterilization, contraception and abortion services.

Through countless advertisements and appearances on talk radio and in the print media AMAC has played an important role in drawing public attention to all these Obamacare defects.  You will also remember we launched a massive petition drive against this legislation.

Obviously then, with the Supreme Court decision approaching, it’s expected in June,  there is no time for AMAC to let up in the struggle against Obamacare. Whatever the court decides, AMAC must be ready. We need to have a strategy.

If Obamacare falls, then obviously, we will have every right to celebrate.

But if, on the other hand, the Court upholds the law we will have to go back to work. One immediate response should be demanding that both house of Congress  schedule a vote on repealing Obamacare so that this November voters will know which members of Congress still back his awful law.

So too, if the individual mandate is struck down but the court lets the rest of the law remain, we should demand congress abolish the remaining parts of Obamacare.

For example, a good place to start would be the newly established Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC), whose decisions have the force of law.  MPAC recently ordered a 25% reduction in Medicare fees, this amounts to a 33% cut for doctors in general practice and a 50% reduction for specialists over the next ten years. This has been temporarily stayed but MPAC is driving more and more doctors out of Medicare.

We also need to abolish the Independent Payment Advisory Payment Board (IAPB) that imposes federal rationing on drugs and treatment options and authorizes federal interference in “end of life” decisions.  Representative Philip Roe, (R-Tenn.), who is also a doctor, is saying that this panel really does raise the specter of “death panels.”

Obviously too, we need to get Congress to vote against the administration’s use of the law to suppress religious freedom.

When the Supreme Court rules, then, AMAC will be ready. In my next email I will go into our strategy and how you can help.

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10 years ago

As an agent I answered this quiseton many times. As others have noted you do get a discount for a monitored alarm system but the cost of the alarm system was never offset by the discount you received. I always advised my clients to weigh the value of their peace of mind of knowing that they had the additional security because the system cost will not be offset by the discount. It is not going to pay for itself.

10 years ago

Thank the Lord for AMAC. America needs to get down on her knees and praise God again. We have all fallen short of our responsibility and duty to this great nation we have. America is suffering and her people will surely cry out should she fall. The present powers are trying desperately to remove her from under her God’s protection. Stand up Americans and have the renewing revival our great country needs. IN GOD WE TRUST!

Christine Schwartz
10 years ago

Love reading AMAC’s conservative articles & comments. Just want to add that we need to get down on our knees & PRAY for all those who have no clue what’s being perpetrated by the current administration; who are gullible & easily manipulated by the ideas of liberalism & materialism. It might be wise to be One Nation under God again..

10 years ago

Christine, you are right! PRAYERS are needed to restore this Republic to what SHE was and is meant to be. I cannot fathom another 4 years of this Obama and his hatred against America, what SHE stands for and what our forefathers wanted. NOBAMA…NOMORE!

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