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6 years ago

What is your stand on the 2nd amendment?

Eileen Lupkes
6 years ago

Hillary is not eligible under Federal Law to run for office. She should stand trial for Benghazi. She should also answer for the classified Faxes she compromised while she was Secretary of State. Any other Federal employee would have been fired and stripped of their retirement!
Hillary was part of the reason we are 18 trillion in debt and if elected she will double it again. Everyone will be on government subsidies and health. 65 year old people are already being denied any replacements. Families are collecting phone, electricity, food stamps and health taxfree to the tune of $35,000 a year. Do we really wonder why no one will be working?

Eileen Lupkes
6 years ago

Why aren’t they arresting Hillary for the Benghazi Fax messages on her private server? She killed those 4 people. She has put our whole nation like an open book to all our enemies and we are now “sitting ducks” for China, Iran, ISIS, North Korea, and Russia.
I have no doubt we are in their crosshairs right now and no one believes we will get hit. It could be another Pearl Harbor NOW.
Federal Law says she is not elegible to run for any public office just on the classified E-mails and Faxes.

Les Siegel
7 years ago

I have stopped procrastinating,and have renewed my membership.

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