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W.H.O. Do They Think They Are?

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 1 — Just when we thought we’ve been successfully dealing with the COVID virus, the W.H.O. says there’s a new global health menace to watch out for. It’s called monkeypox and, although it doesn’t seem to be as deadly as its COVID cousin, nor require you to cover up your face, it gives us pause for concern. Concern, not for the pox, but for why the World Health Organization is comparing the monkeypox virus with the COVID virus. 

“Believed to have been circulating for thousands of years, monkeypox is mired in misconception. Even its name is something of a misnomer: Monkeys (and humans) are just incidental hosts of the disease, which is thought to be found primarily in rodents,” according to the Smithsonian Institution. 

COVID made its debut just two-and-a-half years ago. Some 574,000,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID and 6,390,000 have died as a result; in about the same period of time just “16,500 monkeypox cases have been reported worldwide in 75 countries and territories.” The death toll from monkeypox over the past several years is less than 1,000 worldwide. A recent Reuters report points out that monkeypox symptoms are mostly mild, causing fever, aches, pains, and skin lesions but, for the most part, those who are infected “recover within two to four weeks.” Reuters also points out that while “anyone can spread the virus, the current outbreak outside of Africa is concentrated almost exclusively among men who have sex with men.”

CNN did indeed report that two children were diagnosed with monkeypox, but the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] says “Both of those children are traced back to individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community, the gay men’s community.” They are being treated and are expected to fully recover. 

As South African comedian Trevor Noah describes the situation, “The good news and the big difference between monkeypox and COVID is, so far, monkeypox doesn’t seem as dangerous — so far. Still gotta take it seriously. But for most people, it gives you some painful boils for a few days, and then it’s gone.  And after COVID, I’m not gonna lie: That doesn’t faze me. ‘Cause it’s like, ‘Is this gonna kill a million people and shut down the planet? No? Well then I’m taking these boils to the club, baby.’”

So, why is the W.H.O. putting the monkeypox virus in the same category as the COVID virus, declaring that they are both “public health emergencies of international concern.” 

W.H.O. Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a Marxist and has close ties with the Communist Chinese Party [CCP]. With strong support from the CCP, he was reelected in May to a second five-year term in office. The Family Research Council says his reelection “was marked by sharp criticism over the actions taken by the organization during the covid-19 pandemic. In January 2020, W.H.O. endorsed a claim by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that there was ‘no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission’ of COVID. Over the preceding months, W.H.O. continued to echo questionable claims by the CCP as the pandemic worsened.”

Congressman James Comer [R-KY], ranking member of the House oversight committee, said, “China lied, the W.H.O. complied and Americans died.” Corner made the remark when President Trump made the decision to end U.S. backing for the organization– a move widely welcomed at the time due to the efforts of Ghebreyesus to cover up the CCP’s role in the creation and spread of the COVID virus. However, President Biden was elected before the termination of American funding could go into effect and, of course, he overruled President Trump’s decision.

The recent W.H.O. decision to declare an international emergency as regards monkeypox was foreseen.  Some say the organization needed to have a “second success” if it wanted to be taken seriously after trying to cover up the CCP’s involvement in the outbreak of COVID. The monkeypox declaration was predicted, Retired U.S. Air Force General Thomas McInerney told the Epoch Times. As he put it, “They are right on our predicted schedule … We shall not conform to their guidelines, we must resist lockdowns, now is the time for America and the world and we the people to say no! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!”

Meanwhile, it turns out that Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor and that he issued the international monkeypox emergency despite the fact that he did not have the support of his independent advisory panel.

He “made the declaration despite a lack of consensus among members of the WHO’s emergency committee on the monkeypox outbreak, and in so doing overruled his own review panel, who had voted 9 against, 6 for declaring the PHEIC [Public Health Emergency of International Concern]. Tedros asserted that this committee of experts  was unable to reach a consensus, so it fell on him to decide whether to trigger the highest alert possible,” according to physician and biochemist Dr. Robert Malone in a report published by the Brownstone Institution. Dr. Malone also pointed out that “It’s the first time a leader of a UN health agency has made such a decision unilaterally.” 

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James Carter
3 months ago

I realize in absolute terms the number of COVID cases are far greater. However, according to the numbers you provide, the Monkeypox death rate is higher than COVID. These numbers undermine the point you’re trying to make.

Richard Minetti
3 months ago

No longer believe anything the CDC or WHO says about anything! They have both lost their credibility!

Marie Langley
3 months ago

So many distractions so we don’t think about how bad America is doing before the midterm elections. Pelosi going to Taiwan and pissing off China, Monkeypox, January 6th hearings, the passing of the Veteran bill and saying that the Republicans were to blame for first rejecting it. They rejected it because there was so much “pork” in it as usual so they removed it, Too many distractions to count. They can’t run on their accomplishments because there are none so let’s create distractions so the stupid American people will believe all of it. Let’s just hope that the American people are not that stupid and see right through all this BS. RED=REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT

3 months ago

Just in time for the midterm elections.

3 months ago

The UN and now the WHO are the most Corrupt Organization In the world!!! All they do is have the privilege to live in the United States And get Diplomatic Immunity. They have become a useless organization that has been driven by the CCP and Islamic Countries that have worked against Israel And The UNITED STATES. On Our Land And Dollars, Since Countries Don’t Pay Their Fair Share!!!

3 months ago

Because the WHO IS AN OUL and The Who gets paid to say what needs to be done Biden was pushed back
Now Biden pushes what The Who ask him to proclaim
Because Biden re-employ The Who
We the people had fire them Biden hire them back
How is it that The Who president makes more millions than our own president? He and The Who are one in the same they are employ by the nations specialty Biden no we the people Biden
Also the investors of this drug companies our farmasuticals and the investors who are elite in investing not we the people like Pelosi and her husband
She tells him and he makes the millions
As soon as the government corrupt gets in power that is how they get extremely wealthy investors

John H
3 months ago

So it appears that the answer to “W.H.O.” is actually “him”… Gheybreyesus!

3 months ago

So. The world ‘leaders’ have decided to join the ranks of America’s Totalitarians.
Scumbag liars.
I don’t care what they try to do to cover up their crimes in the WHO.
I will never respect or believe them again.
Shame on bidden….

3 months ago

“Covid” didn’t kill over 6 million people. You’re spreading the same lies that the people you pretend to be against. Certificate of Vaccination IDentification A.I. Tedros the thug lies about monkeypox and yet you still believe his nonsense about COVID.

Sean Rickman
3 months ago

It sounds to me like another chinese marxist democRAT decision that will promote”on line cheating”.although right now there is nothing to link the democRATS to this,it will happen.

3 months ago

Expect a laundry list of “pandemic” diseases to keep coming. Each one requiring a vaccination before you are allowed to travel. Marxists keeping the sane people in their place and letting compliant fools roam freely.

James A. Fitts, Sr.
3 months ago

The treaty biden signed was in Geneva, Switzerland from 22 to 28 May, 2022 The amendments biden administration agreed to will give up our national sovereignty to the WHO which is tied to the Chines Communist Party (CCP) and the Wuhan Lab that started the Chinese virus (Covid).

Michael Lewis
3 months ago

Neither the President or Congress have the authority to surrender American sovereignty or decision making to an unelected international body!!!!!! The American people have not been consulted nor granted consent!

anna hubert
3 months ago

Variation on a theme AIDS Masks are forced on people but not condoms and a little restraint , there is no need for a group participation where is personal responsibility?

3 months ago

Does anyone know about the treaty that Biden signed with the WHO that gives them control of our medical arena and our country? This year.

James A. Fitts, Sr.
3 months ago

I will never be, but, if I were POTUS I would have The United States straightened out in about 6 months. I would VETO every bill from Congress that was unConstitutional and use the “bully pulpit” to tell American voters why I VETOED the bills (Constitutional education). And then I would use those billions of dollars to pay off our national debt. How many of you have ever lived with only a few minor bills to pay each month?? Life would suddenly become wonderful! We have a Congress that is corrupt and 535 traitors that are destroying our America. Why do voters keep electing the same worthless bums back in office??? Because both political parties make sure which candidates you must vote for. If our Founders were in power there would be many hangings in Washington, D.C.

3 months ago

The politicians are all traitors to the people and the Constitution of the United States. I’m still mad at the RNC, and all the RINOs in it, that did not supported Trump in 2017. And pass the bills that would have saved this country.

Nick Patriot
3 months ago
Reply to  Margaret

So right you are, Margaret!! What many on this forum look the other way about is the FACT that the GOP will put up no fight for ordinary citizens. No push back. They don’t even run commercials to attack the commiecrats!! We had the best President in my lifetime and the GOP would not support him because many are thieves and and took money from China and other enemy countries.

3 months ago

I like the last sentence of your comment. I wonder if they still have light poles in DC which could be used.

3 months ago

It’s an election year. Demonicrats are gearing to to scare the people and do what they did in 2000…steal the election. Won’t work this time because people are seriously PO’d

Angela Lamparelli
3 months ago
Reply to  Woodmangler57

Look what’s happening in Maricopa, AZ, voting was on Tuesday and here we are Thursday and still no winner. This county is cheating and are calling people up to be sure that they casted their vote to the right person. Intimidation in questioning on who they voted for. People going to vote and were told that they had no more ballots. Seriously they are doing the same thing cheating as they did with President Trump. America is a beautiful country and yet it’s been run as a 3rd world country. Even in Europe all votes are counted manually and on the same day of voting. Voter fraud all over again and no one is being held responsible and no jail time for these RINOS and DemoRats.

Old Silk
3 months ago

It was probably an ingredient in the experimental DNA modifier they want everybody to take.

Joanne4 justice.
3 months ago

Perhaps , the dirty Dems and WHO are plotting how to , AGAIN, steal this year’s election by evil ???? plotting !

Dawn Marcucci
3 months ago

We need a CLEANUP in our government seems to me people in Washington do not have enough experience, some are being paid off and certain people are too DUMB to know what is going on..

Marilyn Lyman
3 months ago
Reply to  Dawn Marcucci

Follow the money. How many politicians have been bought? Why aren’t they being investigated?

Smili'in Jack
3 months ago

WHO is nothing more than a money laundering machine mostly owned by the Chinese and other communist countries and “who” only contribute to democrats and other left leaning political organizations in the U, S. and other countries. This is really taxpayer money flushed down the toilet. Of all the many just like WHO, add the U.N. and they are the two useless worthless and corrupt entities on the planet.

3 months ago
Reply to  Smili'in Jack

It’s worse. It’s funding, aiding, and abetting the enemies of mankind.

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