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Veteran Reporter Kimberly Strassel; It’s Liberalism vs Conservatism


WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 2 — Kimberley Strassel is a veteran journalist and member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board who writes the weekly column, Potomac Watch. The Wall Street Journal printed its first edition in 1889; today it has a worldwide circulation of about three million readers. It was founded by Charles Dow and Edward Jones and to this day, it is still published daily by the Dow Jones Companies and noted for its award-winning news coverage. 

Recently, Kimberley Strassel joined Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on AMAC’s Better For America podcast, for a discussion of the current state of American politics. As she put it, we are currently “having an up close and personal experience with liberalism, with an administration that is pushing forward ideas that are more progressive and aggressive than anything that we have probably seen since when Jimmy Carter was in office, if not before.”

Strassel went on to remind us that the nation got “really sick of that experiment” when along came Ronald Reagan, “a great communicator who [united] the conservative movement and fundamentally changed the structure of politics in the country for a generation or more.” She called it the “Reagan Revolution” and said that President Reagan not only united the party, but he invited others to join in. “That’s what’s really at stake here. It’s not just the next two years, but will conservatives capitalize on the great discontent that is washing across the country and use it to build a new movement?”

Meanwhile, the GOP now has control of the House of Representatives and has the ability to investigate and expose the damage for which the Biden administration is responsible. “That would include taking a deep dive in the FBI, looking a little bit more at what happened starting all the way back with the Russia collusion hoax. But also, we’ve had whistleblowers coming forward, talking to Congress about continued political bias happening at the very top of the agency. I think Americans deserve answers on Afghanistan and that horrible withdrawal that weakened the country. I think they deserve answers in terms of the CDC and various other public health organizations that very much got it wrong in a lot of ways on COVID, mostly so that we know how to make sure that we get it right if there is another pandemic.” 

Strassel also pointed out that as a journalist, she is supposed “to be skeptical of government … to counter government spin, government officials. But look at what happened during the Russia collusion narrative. They [reporters] were essentially taking dictation from the same government officials who had engaged in wrongdoing, some of whom had been fired. But just telling their side, their story, not actually asking any questions. That’s very problematic because the fourth estate is meant to keep the government on its toes, expose ill-doings, and work on behalf of the people by telling the truth.” As we have seen in the media, this is not something that is being done by journalists or news outlets. We have in fact seen quite the opposite.

However, Strassel shared the good news: “for every [news] outlet that I think has gone down that road, there have been others that have popped up. They might not have as big a megaphone, but they are committed to continuing to tell the truth, to respect their readers, [and] to understand that their job isn’t just to give a narrative. And what I always argue is if you don’t like that kind of partisan journalism, there’s a very easy answer to it. It’s the same thing that we do as consumers every day. Turn it off, don’t buy it, don’t listen to it, and send the message that that kind of journalism isn’t acceptable.”

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Michael Irwin
1 month ago

We Americans MUST STOP referring to these evil people as “leftists” or “socialists” or “democrats” or “liberals,” and begin FEARLESSLY calling them what they truly are by any definition: COMMUNISTS.

We are no longer dealing with “Liberalism.” We are dealing with COMMUNISM.

These COMMUNISTS are OUR ENEMIES. They want to destroy us. They will kill everyone who stands in their way.

We can still beat them. And we can do it without the force of arms.

But, if we don’t find our courage and grit, we will lose this greatest nation in the history of the world. And all because we just didn’t have the courage to stand up to them and say, “not here in my country!”

I am an old man. I went to war twice to preserve our way of life. And it makes me want to cry when I see the lack of America’s will to survive. We can’t even make ourselves call them what they are.

It’s very nearly too late so get busy.

1 month ago

DeSantis, not Trump, could unify in a Reagan-esque fashion.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Please don’t refer to the Left as liberal or progressive, they are neither. Fighting to undo the 1st and 2nd amendments is NOT liberating nor is it progress. The Left is master at redefining words, to win the fight we must first win that battle, so start by calling them what they are, not what they are not.

1 month ago
Reply to  Chris

Agreed. It is insanity to continue to allow the left to redefine our language to mask its real intent. Call things what they really are. If it offends some spineless idiot, so be it. That is their problem, that they cannot tolerate to hear or read reality.

1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

As we have seen, the minority are getting their way as the majority remain silent. The minority are able to get what they want by using the avenues of liberal judges and legislation to override the majority.

1 month ago
Reply to  Max

Hi Max,

The minority gets its way because the majority lacks both the backbone and the will to stand up for themselves. Did you ever hear the old saying that hard times breed hard men and soft times breed soft men? Well times have been very soft for quite a long time in the United States. The vast majority of Americans have become very soft indeed. Anything that entails doing something other than just complaining or once every few years voting is avoided like the plague. Even something as beneign as a simple, peaceful protest is deemed a step too far and to be avoided at all costs. The so-called silent majority just rolls over and takes whatever the left throws at them as things get worse and worse. The bottom line is cowards (sheep) don’t win battles or wars by constantly either staying silent or burying their heads in the sand and hoping things just magically get better.

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