Important Update on Regulatory Overreach

american-flags-washingtonBy – Gerry Hafer

You may recall that our AMAC Advantage magazine’s Summer 2016 publication included an article describing the state of regulatory overload in our country, citing the enormous $1.9 trillion compliance burden this overload places on our economy. In this article, we noted that the pace of new regulation in 2016 is continuing unabated, suggesting that what’s likely to happen in the waning months of the year will add substantially to this crucial problem.

Well, sadly, our projections have proven accurate. The Federal Register, the government’s daily depository of rules and regulations, yesterday crossed the threshold to a new all-time record page count—81,640 pages of rules, regulations, and compliance requirements, all with the force of law behind them.

Take a look at this analysis of recent Federal Register growth by Competitive Enterprise Institute’s vice president for policy and director of technology studies Clyde Wayne Crews here. It presents a year-by-year and administration-by-administration tracking of the Federal Register’s expansion in recent years. Keep in mind that these regulations, and the compliance burden they place on the economy and on all businesses, especially small business, are put into place largely by unelected agency officials.

Keep in mind, also, that we still have more than a month to go in 2016! Given the trend, the previous record is likely to be eclipsed by well more than 10% before the administration changes hands.


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Dr. Scott
6 years ago

Congress gives the bureaus the ability to create rules and regulations with little or no oversight. It takes a super computer to read it all but AI can’t interpret the mess that the bureaucracy has created. What a great mess they have created.
Conflicting rules of different government entities determined to justify their own necessity for existence continually compounds the problem with more of the same crap. Here’s a novel idea. STOP. I hope President Trump puts a moratorium on all of it, until the whole world of overzealous out of control bureaus are brought to the constitutional oversight and SIZE our founders designed. Stop the madness.
Time to flush it and the ones who are behind it. Congress, either get your act together or get out of the way!

D. Nelson
6 years ago

Totally out of hand.. this is a case of bureaucrats in our present administration thinking they know best how to do everything, from tightening a screw to how to address your mother-in-law. Out of control!

A. Polston
6 years ago

250 sheets of paper, equals 1″ (inch). 81,640 pages, divided by 250, equals 326.140 inches, than 12 (foot) divided by 326, equals 27 FEET,….PLUS, of rules and regulations!

6 years ago

Some have said that I am anti government, but the chart shows me as I have stated in the past the Bush bunch made poor presidents (both of them), just as Obama and Clinton. I hope President elect Trump will put a minus in front of those numbers. I just hope he does not turn out to be a New York used car salesman that has sold us a lemon. The Jury is out at this point, but he at least did not hold the party line to get elected. His meeting with Romney does concern me though.

6 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Trump wanted to give Mitt one last chance to shine his shoes before he kicked his arse! :-)

6 years ago

While I would love to see zero federal or state regulations, the truth is that human ego, hubris, self-indulgence, and greed is the real “law of the land”. Why should we have to tell the manufacturers and mining companies to protect their workers and the Earth? Why do we need the feds to tell the industries not to dump garbage in our rivers? As an individual, no one needs to legislate me into not dumping my trash on my neighbor’s lawn. I simply know not to do that. We live in a very narcissistic world – unfortunately for the future generations.

6 years ago
Reply to  DRJCA1

Sadly, you are correct. But, we cannot allow ourselves to accept the greed and disrespect inherent in human nature. There is also much good in people and a moral society can demand that people Live by the Golden Rule as you do. It doesn’t take government to do it with an iron fist. It takes a society of families that raise their young to have respect for others. It takes a society to have self discipline and to meet out just discipline to those who break the rules. We have become a country of selfish, narcicisstic, materialistic, cry babies. Every time something goes wrong we look to the government and the lawyers to solve our problems. The result is more problems, more complex rules, more unhappy, stressed out people. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me.

6 years ago
Reply to  Pessimist

I absolutely agree. Sadly, however, we have the wild hyenas and jackals (lawyers) watching the hen house (us). I can’t fathom that they would ever do away with their jobs for the most part.

Dr. Scott
6 years ago
Reply to  DRJCA1

It doesn’t take 27′ of pages of paper to write that few rules. We all understand that some things are necessary to have rules and regulations over, to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Not 27′ of new ones each and every year!

James H. Rust
6 years ago

Great article. We have the most natural resources and gifted people in the world. Government has been holding us back. November 8 may be the date to reverse this waste of our resources and impoverishing our people.

Hen3ry H
6 years ago

Without All these regulations
The Federal bureaucrats and the lobbyists don’t have jobs and power.
But we have to pay for them and adapt our lives to suit
Is this what the Founders had in mind.
10th Amendment anyone
Time for Convention of the States

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