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Trump’s Crisis Management – Textbook

coronavirusTrump’s mastery of crisis management is textbook. People may object to his optimism, generalities, or editorializing on medical data, but the basics are all there. As the coronavirus crisis persists, Americans should be grateful for a seasoned chief executive. Despite Speaker Pelosi’s unforgivable default to pushing unrelated money into the third crisis bill, partisanship must be secondary – for all of us. Ground truth: Trump’s instincts are proving right.

Several points make the case.  They confirm the crisis is being well-handled. First, core principles matter. Veterans of government, business and military crises know them.  You need a viable plan, dispassionate review of facts, qualified team, delegation of authority, internal and external communication, anticipatory thinking, and adjustment to changing circumstances.

Winston Churchill, no stranger to controversy or crisis, offered nuggets.  Three come to mind.  Reflecting on World Wars I and II, Gallipoli to Battle of Britain, he never lost hope, focus or confidence in the future.

He noted success is hard, especially when good news is in short supply.  Keep envisioning, working, and believing – as success begins and ends with the conviction that victory is possible, especially by working together.

Asked to define success, he observed: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”  Trite yet true, and he knew, as he had.

In another exchange, he reflected on approaching the storm, being in it, looking back.  Key is the conviction to survive.  Simply put, “if you are going through hell, keep going.”

Most timely, Churchill guided leaders in crisis to harness the past in service of the present. “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”  President Trump is doing that.  He is lashing experience together, seeking to draw the best from all.

In short, the President is implementing those core principles.  In response, America is settling down, reassessing his leadership, working with him to prevent a more pronounced crisis.

In one week, approval for his crisis management has taken a big turn.  An ABC News poll shows Americans approve of how he is handling the crisis by 55 percent to 43, a reversal from one week earlier. A Hill-Harris poll of March 18 showed crisis management approval at 56 percent.

Why is Trump’s crisis management acumen not surprising?  Because he is no stranger to crises. He managed global business operations through countless crises.  He knows the field.  Accordingly, he assembled an expert team, collected the best information, wasted no time sharing it, triaged with method not emotion, delegated and has been thinking big.

At the same time, he is filling critical information gaps, drawing good inferences, avoiding unjustified leaps.  He has made clear his decisions are tied to experience, logic and data.  Not denying uncertainty, he has asked collective responsibility.

He is honoring the Constitution, refusing to federalize the response, allowing states to set their own parameters.  He has empowered governors, secured key resources, called on all Americans to do their part.  He is open to out-of-the-box solutions, cleanly separated “urgent” from “important” – yet kept his eye on one goal, saving American lives.

He has acted to improve the odds of success by linking public and private ingenuity. As a seasoned leader, he has accepted risk – personal, political, legal, medical and financial, remembering that risk of action is balanced against risk of inaction.

Like a battlefield commander, he has delegated, empowered, adjusted solutions to facts based on what we know, suspect and anticipate.  He is beyond the horizon, thinking about the enemy.

He has encouraged review of parallel cases, application of lessons from history – knowing it never repeats exactly.  The Spanish flu was not Ebola or MERS.  COVID-19 is not SARS or H1N1.  Still, lessons from past crises are applied – border shutdowns, quarantines, cross-application of medicines, factory conversion.

More, Trump has neither over- nor underestimated this foe.  He has communicated honestly and regularly.  He has put fear in a box, hope on public display.  He and the vice president have offered grounds for calm, served as an example.

Surely, he knows success will be incremental, and a collective effort.  He has given credit widely, including to foes.  He has one goal, lead America to win for America.  Synergy comes from buy-in, melding life experiences, creating radiating circles of teamwork.  He is doing that.

Winning in this crisis – as in past crises – will require unrelenting effort and unity of purpose.  Trump is so far delivering.  Good leaders know the slope in a crisis is steep, but for “going through hell,” Trump is proving a very capable crisis commander.

Reprinted with Permission from Town Hall

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2 years ago

Never let one paryt/person control the WH or the media in this country. We need checks & balances & must work together to put Humpty Dumpty back together again

2 years ago

Trump likes chaos, why would he fire two admin people in a week & why. Yesterday briefing, he said “lots of countries calling him on how he does such good & fast testing ). That was just to provoke the media, as he gets mad every time asked about this. I am confused as to where the 4-min & 15-min tests are around the country, as I think that lots of testing is needed to stop/slow the virus. And I mean everybody, so that they are not infecting others. More Testing please.

2 years ago

I thank God and pray for President Trump and Vice President Pence everyday! And one thing is absolute …..Democrats can not be trusted to ever have control of the Congress ( House and Senate) ever again. We all need to be aware of who we put in local and state positionsas well from School Board, City Council, Mayor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Judges, State Treasurer, Governor, etc. All of these positions are our responsibility to make sure these people are more than a lip service. The curtain has been pulled back and their true motives have been revealed to all who are willing and smart enough to see the truth of their real agenda.

2 years ago

The above article about the handling of the coronavirus by our President Trump has been awesome. If Obama was still in office, the majority of us would be dead by now. Trump has been an amazing president and I just hope to God he is re-elected in in next election. If he isn’t, may God help us!

Edward Vagnoni
2 years ago

Trump does no lie with political correctness. He said things that offend Nancy P, and I’m happy for that. To speak your mind, telling the truth, is the right thing to do. All I see Democrats do is lie, twist the truth, and keep dirty secrets from the public. I still think that the Democratic leaders should all be taken to Guantanamo Bay prison. and taught how to tell the truth. Their prison uniforms should be tar and feathers.

2 years ago

OMG I am so, so glad we have the leadership of our POTUS in this crisis!!!! JUST LOOK AT THE DEMOCRATIC INDUCED MISMANAGEMENT IN NY State and CA. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! ?????

Phyllis Poole
2 years ago

No one can stop this pandemic. Only lessen grief. But the Chinese communists started it and they need to pay by BOYCOTTING anything made by their slave labor. They even have factories here! They should also pay by forgiving our debt to them that Bill Clinton started
However I feel sorrow for all who have become rich with power andMONEY They won’t be able to use it in hell! Their riches are short lived ! Our next life is forever! So be good!

Beth Sills
2 years ago

We have the upmost confidence that President Trump is doing a great job keeping Americans informed and bringing us light at the end of this crisis. He is the best President that I can remember and I hope he gets 4 more years to continue his mission to Keep America Great! Thank you, President Trump. May you and your family take care and stay safe.

2 years ago

We are blessed to have President Trump as our commander and chief! If it had been crazy Hillary and her bunch of nuts this nation would have already been destroyed.

Homer Howell
2 years ago

The only fault I have with president Trump is is refusal to make the D.O.J and F.B.I. follow and enforce the law. He allows both of these agencies to slow walk F. O. I. A. request and a real investigation of the clinton cartel. Comey can not clear anyone he is not a grand jury or a court of law. He himself is a criminal. TRUMP 2020.

2 years ago

Very thankful for the President we have! He is doing a wonderful job. Praying for him, as he needs wisdom from God to run our great country, for peace in his soul as he deals with the “stuff” from the hateful left and media. Praying also for him to stay well…. under pressure like this, he needs all Americans to lift him up daily!

The worms eye view
2 years ago

My disdain for main stream media and most cable biased news is so great I have blocked all those channels. I do not watch or buy any products advertised on these networks. I avoid buying products made outside the US especially China and Mexico. I probably have no affect but if the masses did the same the affect would be felt very quickly. I also want President Trump to exit China we don’t need them or their next disease. China is our enemy, we should never feed the enemy.

2 years ago

Again and again Thank you God for sending President Trump for a time like this. God bless

Edward Wooldridge
2 years ago

Thank God for Donald Trump!

dino deplorable
2 years ago

Get the lying inept dens oc RATS out of the equation before they totally screw up our country.Our country WILL survive with or without the help of the dense oc RATS !!!!!!!!!

The OLD Warhorse
2 years ago

Old lesson taught at Annapolis: “When you’re in Command; Command!” The President has kept the country informed to the best of his ability. He presents a calm confidence that we will get through this while acknowledging that we will lose people along the way. The people see this and understand they have an excellent leader in charge and know they are hearing the truth as he knows it. The anti-Trump politicians (both parties) and media hate that fact.
My bottom line – He ain’t perfect, BUT, he’s a helluva lot better than anything offered up by EITHER party during the past two election cycles.
My prayers and my support are with him.

Michael D. Gillis
2 years ago

We all must be thankful that Hillary or Bernie is not in the oval office. Love him or hate him, we have the best man as President. Just think what Biden would do: ahhhhh, ahhhh, what state is this? What day is it? As a businessman, President Trump understands what our nation is up against. He gives the nation daily briefings. Obama would be in Hawaii, playing golf. Maybe some of those do gooders that embraced open borders will re-think their position. And calling the pandemic the Chinese Virus is not racist, it is the truth.

2 years ago

I am so glad Trump is in the Oval Office…He is doing an outstanding job, in spite of his offenders in gov.t. I pray his health holds up, he is a mighty strong man in spite of those who hate him…he has so much to contend with..thank God for a man of his strength, mentally and physically. No one else could do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must pray for this man!

2 years ago

My understanding is that the demoncrats were going all in with us on this pandemic to help the American people but it seems pelosi and her minions are lying to us every day. this is not a good time to be messing around with people who are desperately trying to survive. desperate people do desperate things .I’m optimistic that there may be intelligent life in Washington. aside from The President and his administration. President Trump, We are praying for your wellbeing and continue doing what you do.

Keith Amber
2 years ago

100% PRESIDENT TRUMP is the right man in this hour of great crises….And we are so BLESSED! Thank you!

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