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Trump Wins Border Wall Victory at Supreme Court – Narrowly

borderIn a long battle to restore integrity to America’s southern border, victories are hard-won, sometimes followed by reversals, and demonstrate the need for continued, unyielding and principled leadership.  Last week, the Supreme Court gave a victory to President Trump.  Americans are safer as a result.

In recent years, the onslaught of Central American gangs like MS-13, violent Mexican drug cartels like CJNG, and an upsurge in cocaine, heroin, and synthetic drug production, have made closing the border more important than ever.

Illegal immigration was another threat confronted head-on by President Trump.  In May 2019, an eon ago now, caravans of illegals crashed our borders – seeking illegal entry.  A total of 145,000 pushed for illegal entry that month, encouraged by Democrat-led “sanctuary cities.”

President Trump said, “no entry,” and continued to reprogram funds, fortify deficient parts of the wall, and build out new wall.   In late 2018 and early 2019, he had to shut down the government to affirm this was more than a campaign promise; it was national policy, and it affected Homeland security.  By May 2020, border apprehensions had fallen to 23,000, and even in January 2020 stood at 36,000.

Working together, parts of the Justice, Homeland, Defense and State Departments have worked to restore border sanctity and internal security.  On the drug issue, Defense, State, and DEA have worked with allied source and transit countries, while others tackled violent cross-border gangs.

Beyond better intelligence and interdiction, the Trump Administration has not shied from arrests, prosecutions, and deportations of cross-border criminal groups.  In the last three years, much-maligned ICE has deported over 16,000 gang members and arrested 2,000 members of MS-13.

But the rubber meets the road at the border.  That is why President Trump focused attention in 2016 – and has since – on securing the southwest border.  And that is why his vindication, in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, matters so much.

In a seminal action, the Supreme Court refused to declare President Trump’s reprogramming of federal defense dollars for wall construction a violation of law, for having been done without congressional authorization.  Instead, they declared work can continue.

For reference, liberal lower courts had opined that President Trump exceeded his constitutional powers by declaring a national emergency, permitting him to reprogram $2.5 billion appropriated for other purposes to the wall.  A 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court refused the lower courts’ reasoning, and – as they did in July 2019 – allowed the wall’s construction to continue.

Three takeaways come from this gratifying – and entirely logical – outcome.

First, President Trump was right to identify border transgressions – including Obama-era increases in drug crime and illegal human traffic – as a national security threat, declare an emergency, and realign federal resources to address the security issue.

He was right in 2016, right later to reprogram for the wall, and is right today.  Americans are safer for that insight, resolve, and stick-to-it-ness.  Fewer kids will die from drug overdoses on foreign-source drugs, or gang violence perpetuated by those deported, blocked or apprehended.  Fewer illegal aliens will burden taxpayers, especially as we dig out from COVID-19 and social unrest.

Second, the President was right to battle for executive prerogatives in the federal courts, prevailing – on this issue repeatedly – at the Supreme Court.  Any future Democrat challenges – and House Democrats were behind this one – will be mute by the time they again reach the high court, as that portion of the wall dependent on reprogrammed money is almost complete.  The 200th mile was finished in June.

Third, the message behind the message:  President Trump remains fully committed to protecting America’s national security – on multiple fronts.  These include his border wall, forcefully confronting regional drug traffickers, cross-border Mexican cartels, and Central American gangs, and putting 200 law and order judges – and two Supreme Court justices – on the federal bench.

Looking forward, Americans who appreciate border security, law and order, deterrence of drug trafficking and gang violence in America’s cities, suburbs, and Heartland – should remember that these outcomes are not an accident.  These issues are front-and-center in 2020.  Progress can be reversed – or reinforced.

Supreme Court decisions as narrow as 5-4 are always at risk.  Democrats are hardly retreating from anti-Trump challenges, open borders, sanctuary cities, and defending illegal immigration. The only sure way to preserve progress – is to assure the White House, Senate and House do not reverse the law.  Like so many equities, this one too will be resolved in November.  Let us not forget.

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2 years ago

While they’re building the walls… I wonder if anyone has considered installing seismic devices to detect tunneling? More than a few have been successfully using tunnels to cross our borders illegally for God knows what purposes… drugs, weapons, slavery

Linda Johnson
2 years ago

I am VERY glad this was passed. US Citizens work very hard for what we have and it is ILLEGAL for people to pass thru the border without the correct paperwork and then get the benefits for free that US Citizens have paid for. Also, we need to keep out criminals trying to sneak in or bring drugs in to the USA……

Jim Stumpf
2 years ago

Whoppee. I did not spend a year in combat to come back and see my country overrun by Democrat welcomed Illegals.

2 years ago

Very interesting and excellent information on what the real situation is, not
the dribble from the arrogant news people, who obviously hate our beloved
and fully capable President: Donald Trump

2 years ago

Do not agree with this, Trump has said the military was down & out of ammunition & he has got a lot of dollars to make them strong again. Now , in this case he is robbing defense funds to work on his wall. He needs to get funding through Senate/House & not an end run like this. I have not forgotten that he walked out of meeting with Pelosi/Shumer at WH & then shut down nation putting thousands of people out of work.

2 years ago

Running as the law and order candidate the president has no opponent. He is the only one. Thank goodness there is one!

2 years ago

While Chinese citizens protest the government to have more freedom from government rule, US citizens & local politicians (like in Seattle) riot to eliminate protection of private property by the government. Difference is in US rioters destroy private property and maim and kill law enforcement. In China rioters end up on government re-education farms. US mayors & governors are destroying freedom our ancestors fought for and cherished. Totalitarian US mayors & govenors are destroying freedoms we have taken for granted and are eliminating right to worship freely, freedom to be safeguarded from tyranny by law breakers, brainwashing young through schools. Don’t let US become China.

Joanna Johnson-Smith
2 years ago

Thank YOU, ICE! Now we need to round up those who have come illegally and deport THEM as well!

Sharon Harrigan
2 years ago

Score one more for President Trump !!!!

2 years ago

What does “seminal action” by the supreme court mean? It’s in the above article.

Bill Brown
2 years ago

The Democrat Party is the Communist Party!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

The NBA, MLB, and the NFL have all joined with the Marxist/Communist forces destroying OUR REPUBLIC!!  Which is more important, watching rich Crybabies or Standing-Up for America?!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

By the Marx/Engels Playbook, the United States is in the middle of a Communist Revolution lead by the Democrats!!  WAKE-UP!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Become a Counter-Revolutionary!  Demand Authority ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

2 years ago

We have to reelect President Trump. But, we have to also elect congress people who will support him.

Betty Pilcher
2 years ago

I am so happy about this. He has had so much opposition during this pres. term. I don’t remember how long it has been since I have seen him with a genuine smile. I am grateful for this president. I pray he wins the election in Nov.

2 years ago

Let us just hope that all of the celebrities(?) who threaten to leave the country if Trump is elected actually do. It will be a win win for the USA. Let them go to China and try their BS over there and see where they land. Perhaps the could be persuaded to take the politically leftist elites with them, I mean they love China and hate us, so why not. Maybe China would blow their planes and yachts up before they could land and further pollute their nation. The CCP are not stupid after all.

Lee McQuillen
2 years ago

They threatened to leave last election yet are still here. You can’t believe anything they say obviously!

2 years ago

I think 30 million is too low an estimate. It seems that as citizens, we are now a minority in this country.

2 years ago

I’m wondering if the well organized anarchist groups supported by the Democrat Sociopaths isn’t actually their response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Trump admin’s favor over the border issue lawsuit? They’re insane enough to do it, and what better way for them to voice their TDS and sick hatred of the President. Time to put the hammer down and stop this madness. Time to change some laws aimed at government officials who obstruct justice and interfere in Police business. If our government won’t do it then Americans need to stand up and be counted. I’ve seen and had enough of this insanity!!

2 years ago

I’m glad to hear the president won a victory on the wall. Everything he was elected to do, has required a hard fight. The democrat communists in congress as well as those in the media have been nothing but mean spirited jerks to this president. To make matters worse, he has had to drag the republican party with him with him all the way. Our country is worth the fight! We not only need to re- elect President Trump, we need to elect a conservative congress who’ll work with him….that’s right, vote out all democrat communists (redundant)! Pay no attention to the fake news media!

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