Trump and America win: A letter to America

trump-pencefrom – NetRightDaily.com – by Rick Manning

Dear America:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You just saved the nation.

All of those unconstitutional pen and phone executive orders to do what Congress rejected — ripped up.

The regulations that are intended to destroy the coal industry and drive up the cost of manufacturing forcing jobs overseas — rescinded.

All the bad, bad trade deals that put the wants of big donor multi-national corporations ahead of the needs of American workers — torn up.

The job killing highest corporate tax rate in the world that has stifled economic growth — lowered.

And the near permanent takeover of the Supreme Court by those who don’t believe that the Constitution should be their guide, but instead hate the idea of individual liberties that come from God Almighty himself — prevented.

America, Nov. 8, 2016 will go down in the history books as the day that the people stood up and remembered that their country is one of laws and not men and women, rejecting the easy temptation of continuing a slide into the recesses of history, instead choosing the more difficult, noble path of freedom.

Your choosing in favor of our common national bond over those who would hyphenate each of us, separated by our race, religion and even sexual preference stops the slide into the abyss of mean-spirited fights that deprive us of our individual and national character.

The very transformation that you rejected is one designed to conform our nation to the world, rather than playing the role that God created for America to be a shining beacon of freedom for all in the world to see and be inspired by.

Donald Trump is just one man. He is flawed like all of us. He will need to be kept in check, just as the Framers intended for all presidents. And he may falter and fail, but the vote of 2016 signals that America is not dead, but instead is a concept that its people still cherish and are willing to fight for.

Hope for the future can now replace the despair of acceptance of a new normal where every day each of us were just a little less free, with a little less opportunity to make our own way without Uncle Sam’s forceful guiding hand.

In the end, that is what America is about, a land of individual opportunities to try, sometimes fail, get up and try again with an eye to becoming the best that each of us can be with the collective result being a strong, vibrant people and nation.

America is about an abiding faith that our freedom comes from God Himself, and cannot be taken away by men. A freedom worth fighting for not only here, but abroad as we help others overcome oppressors to join us in the light.

We were losing that confidence and sense of purpose and vision for ourselves. On Nov. 8, a glimmer has been restored in the lamp of freedom.

Thank you, America, for taking a chance on yourself again. Now, let’s get to work with the hard task of restoring our nation.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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6 years ago

I just don’t know what to think I had Mark Liven on the radio in the truck and he said he had herd that Chris crispy cream was in charge of setting up the Presidents staff (what the)? now get this this part crispy cream is recruiting all of Bush’s and Mitt Romney people if this is true then I think we are still on the wrong path.

6 years ago
Reply to  justed

Just an FYI.

Chris Christy is NOT in charge of the Trump transition team anymore. He was replaced by Pence, primarily because of the taint associated by two of Christy’s senior aids being convicted in the Bridgegate mess. So Trump must have figured he didn’t need the distraction of the media harping on the unimportant Bridgegate instead of on Trump’s effort to fix the nation.

As for the rest of your comment involving the recruitment of former Bush and Romney people, that is flat out incorrect. One: Trump doesn’t want the usual Washington establishment types for his cabinet. He correctly views them as part of the problem. Two: Most Bush and Romney people want nothing to do with Trump as he defeated Jeb and accomplished what Mitt couldn’t. Trump actually won.

Michael Johnson
6 years ago

I am so looking for a strong legislative program as has been outlined. Hopefully it will happen.

6 years ago

Thank you, Rick Manning, for a column that’s loaded with welcomed insights, common sense and a restatement that limited government, individual freedom, free market economies and traditional values are the hallmark of Americanism. We are still the beacon that lights the world.

Frank cicero
6 years ago


David Campbell
6 years ago

Don’t get ahead of yourselves, the Republic has not been saved yet, merely given a stay of execution. There is still a great deal that needs to be done to turn the country away from the destructive ideas of the “progressive” movement. They will not go away. They are relentless and they have indoctrinated your children into believing thier nonsense. Unless it is well understood, the ideas of personal responsibility, hard work, and earning your way are a hard sell against tax the rich and it will be given to you. Now is not the time to celebrate but to get to work.

6 years ago
Reply to  David Campbell

Very well said. This is merely the start of a very long, hard fight to cleanse the country of the Progressive / Socialist poison that has been pumped into our country for the last 100 years. While it is fine to celebrate today, make no mistake that the Socialists are already out there today trying to instill fear into the public regarding the Trump victory. Just listen to any of the mainstream news networks. They are all filled with a continuous series “guests” who are warning about how much the people of this country have to fear about a “dangerous, out-of-control, unqualified Trump”. This is the start of what will be an ongoing PR effort by the Socialists to undermine Trump before he even takes the oath of office.

Progressives / Socialists won’t go quietly away. Those throngs of Bernie / Hillary supporters are not going to magically morph into well educated, hard working, responsible individuals who appreciate the opportunities and responsibilities this country affords them by themselves. They will fight any changes proposed to the Progressive / Socialist agenda they have been brainwashed to worship. So don’t think the fight is over.

They are already planning how to undermine Trump at every turn in both Congress and via a series of planned legal suits to try and tie up any proposed changes in the federal courts for years. So gear up people. Time to get off your couches and easy chairs and realize that this is simply Day One of getting this country back on track. This is our last opportunity to repair this nation. So we cannot become complacent yet again after casting our votes. This is going to be a long, hard war to re-take this nation and undo the Progressive / Socialist policies that have become embedded in our country at every level. We’ve merely one the first decisive battle of that war.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

You are correct, Paul, that the real war has only just begun. What you and the others have failed to mention is that Mr. Trump will also face resistance from the Republicans in Congress who never accepted his candidacy from the beginning. They are de-facto members of the Progressive/Socialist you have mentioned and their existence is as threatened by Mr. Trump’s policies as are the Democraps.

6 years ago
Reply to  DanT

Hi DanT,

My reference to Congress was meant to include not only the Democrat Progressives (Socialists), but also the Republican Progressives as well whose interests and ultimate agenda are completely aligned with those of the Democrat Progressives. However thank you for clarifying that point for other readers.

The Republican Party has a number of Progressive subversives at all levels and they will clearly fight back against any Trump initiative to clean the system out. I’ve named a number of these so-called Republicans in Congress in the past, as their record of embracing a number of Democrat initiated legislative bills or policy positions has identified where they really stand. They clearly need to be removed via future primaries by the voters in their states. I find it hard to believe that voters in those states can’t find a suitable conservative candidate to put up against these long-term Progressive Republicans. Again, it’s a matter of getting the public motivated and engaged to take a more active interest in the entire political process if we are to be successful in restoring this nation to some semblance of what it should be.

Jim Ruether
6 years ago
Reply to  David Campbell

I hope you don’t mind David but I used part of your response on my FB page. I was so impressed with your response. I did give you credit for it too.

6 years ago

As Michelle Obama once said, “My faith in America is now restored!” … Not the exact words but you all get the meaning. Now let’s hope Trump undoes most of the mess Obama has made of our country!!!!

Hen3ry H
6 years ago

? How long will it be before the Dems revert to their usual form and start undermining Trump ?
like they did to Bush.

6 years ago

What we witnessed was the Constitution working and prevailing as the founding fathers intended for it to, besides the attempts of Obama and the Democrats to subvert it to their design and do as they damned well wanted to and Billy be damned to the rest of us. I hope that this will wake up this nation that with out vigilance and participation of the citizens we can and probably will lose this democracy and our freedoms. As I believe it was Churchill, and I’m probably wrong about the who, who stated the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. Stay awake people and do not falter in your vigilance.

6 years ago

Praise and Glory and Honor to our LORD Jesus Christ for restoring the path of righteousness for this great country and the beacon of light which will shine again for the world to see. The darkness of Hilary Clinton and her husband the pervert, the door has closed…forever. May justice once and for all be served and put the whole Clinton machine out of business and behind prison walls, period! In Jesus name…

6 years ago
Reply to  Robert


Tom Wilde
6 years ago

Whoa! Don’t get ahead of yourselves. The Liberal/Communist/Muslims still have 2 months to wreak havoc on America and nothing in their way except the likes of the Girly-man Old Pussies Party led by RINO Ryan and Mitch the Switch McConnell. They’ve done nothing for the past 8 years but lie down and MEOW when the promised to stand up and ROAR!

After that it will be Donald Trump -vs- The Establishment Republican/Globalist/NeverTrump/We Wont Vote For Trump Republicans. Keep in mind that it was reported that the Bush family DID NOT VOTE AT ALL. Does that sound like they’re on “our” side?

Trump will have to contend with a GOP that is more Democrat than Republican and hates him to boot.

Remember too that Barack the Muslim Obama has promised that he will NOT accept Trump’s election. Trump better go to the White House next Thursday surrounded by a combat division of our best armor!

It ain’t over yet!

Randy Fox
6 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

You are quite correct. Caution needs to be maintained here. The bushes, as well as many party “elites” didn’t vote for Trump(or not at all) because he represents a full on threat to their power monopoly, never mind the Constitution never intended for their to be a power monopoly, and they won’t give up their power that easily. It will take several elections to clear these rats out and we will have to keep a close eye on those in congress.

Dawana Faye Daniel
6 years ago

From the very begining of President Elect Donald Trump campaign, I felt that God had His Almighty hand on him. We were warned of an anti Christ. A very dear friend told me while reading her Bible she prayed to God to save our Nation. She said He answered her that He had chosen Donald Trump. This friend is a true Child of God and one that I admire and love. She and I stood by our conviction. I was ridiculed, laughed at until he defeated all the other Republican candidates. Some friends still would not listen to what I thought were his attributes. A few sent rude ugly remarks.
As the campaign progressed and I became involved in my community. Once he won the nomination our local GOP stepped up to support the entire Republican team. I am proud to say we reelected Rand Paul as our Senator and Andy Barr as our Representative. We already have a wonderful Republican Governor Matt Bevin. Last night my friend and I spent the night praying and then by 3AM praising and thanking our Father in Heaven. Now we can move forward as a Nation Under God with one Flag and Constitution with Religious Freedom. We are a Christian Nation .
May God continue to Bless Donald Trump.

Glenn Lego
6 years ago

Not so fast! Obama still has two more months in which he can inflict damage. I’m still praying for the Government and Obama that he won’t hurt us anymore than he has already.

Pete Lussier
6 years ago

I prayed to GOD that with His help we would win this election and we did. Now let’s keep it up so the evil surrounding us will not keep us from reaching our goals…

Beverly J Young
6 years ago

I am stunned! Donald Trump’s victory gives me renewed hope in the American way of life for all people and not just for the “special elite”. This proves to me just how very fed up the majority of the people are with the way government has been run for the few and most definitely not for the people. Donald Trump WILL NOT be another “puppet” president. Hurray for Donald!!!!!

Ivan Berry
6 years ago

Now, aren’t you glad that Soros didn’t get rid of our Electorial College?

Dave K
6 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Without the electoral college, this entire nation would be governed by the west coast, the northeastern states, and the media. That’s what is meant by “no representation” as none of the rest of the nation would have any. The founding fathers were far more intelligent and Guided than many believe. Long live the Constitution of the United Sates of America!

Howard Last
6 years ago

A place to start is getting rid of McConnell, Ryan, Rove, the Bushes and replacing them with actual Conservatives. The first agency that has to go is the ATF, followed by the IRS and the EPA and HUD.

David Williams
6 years ago
Reply to  Howard Last

Add the Dept. of Education to the list of ‘lets get rid of this.’

6 years ago
Reply to  David Williams

Add the VA to the list of massively corrupt FED/GOV Agencies…….and DEFUND IMMEDIATELY.
Our Wounded Warriors deserve better that the current corrupt VA…..

Rich Olmsted
6 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead

Agree, eliminate these useless agencies – those currently employed there by us, the taxpayers, can go to work in the REAL economy that will be allowed to grow now under the Trump administration.

6 years ago
Reply to  Howard Last

The most critical thing to get rid of is the Dept of Education. It’s nothing but a cabinet-level labor union full of liberals and socialists! They’re poisoning the minds of children! When Carter created it, I thought it would take at least a few generations for them to start turning out little brainwashed soldiers for their cause. I was wrong, it happened way quicker than I thought!

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