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Threat to Democracy – Really?


Leading Democrats are becoming cartoon characters, repeating absurd anti-Republican rhetoric, as if nonsense makes sense. Calling Republicans “enemies of the state,” a “threat to democracy,” “extremist,” pushing the trope that “democracy is at stake” is not just shrill or desperate. Parties that intentionally delegitimize free speech, seeking to silence their critics, are the real threat to democracy.

Unpacking reality, free speech cannot be suppressed in representative democracy that expects to survive. It is the corrective mechanism – constitutionally baked into our republic – that allows truth to emerge from the competition of ideas and assures fear does not replace open offensive discussion.

When free speech, including non-violent protest, social media, media, basic school board and town meeting, and neighborhood talk, is chilled or clipped by physical, educational, employment, or practical fear, the corrective mechanism required to keep us one, is dulled, chilled, eventually nullified, silenced, unable to work.

When a party aiming to grow and consolidate federal power eventually gains the upper hand, control of the executive and legislative, then observably refuses to enforce laws against its own, while misusing, overusing, and abusing federal power against the opposing party, flashing lights should come on.

When is “democracy at risk?’ Not when critics – those out of power and concerned about individual and states’ rights – speak up, finally get noticed, offend the powerful, or rile the public, but when those in power and determined to expand power through use of money, media, mandates, dictates, executive action, and rule-changing on the fly … begin to silence those critics.

To be crystal clear, when top Democrats – including Biden – tell the country Republicans are the threat, that “democracy is at stake,” presumably because their narrative is Trump and 74 million who voted for him want to centralize power, or Republicans favor political violence, this turns the world on its head.  

Think hard: Who is in power? Who jammed Americans with four trillion in overspending, higher gas prices by shutting down much of the energy sector, created inflation that will not quit – even with double the interest rates?

Gas was $1.98 on January 21, 2021. It averaged $3.75 last month. Is that lower than $5.00 in June? Yes, because Biden tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a supply reserve set aside for national security not pre-election political games. Today, it is still 88 percent higher than 21 months ago. No lie.

Who refused to decry political violence across 200 cities, then methodically disparaged, defunded, demoralized, halved the recruiting for, and elevated shootings, ambushes, and suicides of America’s police? Who did that? Google the numbers, it is shocking, an undeclared national emergency.

Who mandated all the gains of Title IV for girls be dropped in favor of literally 72 genders, bizarre new sex ed and hormone therapies for small children, and placing transgenderism above equalizing male-female access to sports, while creating an invasion of female privacy, security, and safety for girls?

Who unilaterally changed federal laws protecting the border, city streets, even Supreme Court Justices?  Who has tried to take away the rights of average citizens to own, carry, and use a gun for self-protection – including record background checks for law-abiding minority and female citizens?

Who has made a religion of secular political issues, pushing atheism and discriminating against religious schools, medical facilities, and non-profits? Who has tried to discourage those of faith from living it, showing it, and abiding it in schools and places of employment? 

Who created fear around changes in weather or climate, vilifying any public discussion of data, even seeking to criminalize it, shutting down full discussion by trained scientists of how solar cycles, ice ages, the balance of carbon production and absorption, sequestration and trends occur? 

Who used the federal government, specifically the FBI, to investigate and chill discussion of parental rights at the local level, in school systems, even trying to criminalize speech by parents seeking to protect their children against federal and union gender and sex reeducation, ideas like causing little children to question their gender, or stopping the intrusion of anti-American, pro- Marxist, and CRT lessons?

If you stop and think about it, which party is about punishing critics, raising taxes, spending more and more of money people cannot afford to just hand over to the government, as if no consequences? Which party has pushed these power-grabbing changes in authority, spending, and culture? Is there any question? Do you see any change in sight? Does calling the other side “extremist” convince you?

By contrast, which party is – and has always been – chiefly about reducing federal power, reigning in massive overreach, decentralizing authority, limiting government, reducing regulation, taxes, mandates, dictates, giveaways, handouts, bureaucracy, and government growth? Which party has historically championed rights of the individual and states, versus every greater federal growth?

Through the lens of history – and global governments – anyone can see clearly that those who seek to expand their power – are cut from one cloth. Those who seek to keep government more limited, respect the Constitution’s text, rule of law and citizenship, who honor separation of powers, and protect citizen rights – are cut from another.

The first can get downright oppressive, the second tends to stay focused on keeping government in check, overreach down – not People. I leave it to you – in this uneasy day, filled with wild rhetoric, midterms weeks away – to assess which more threatens your “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

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3 months ago

When the opposition has nothing worthy of comment it will dig up your third grade volleyball scores to prove a racist point of view then announce this is an attack against the president,congress and the American people that they averted. Sadly, upto 93.7 % of democrats will believe it.-How many million of the existing democrats will vote republican to improve their way of life. I bet it is surprising ..IMO

4 months ago

it’s a republic.

Robin W Boyd
4 months ago

The Constitution established a Federal democratic republic. It is the system of the Federal Government; it is democratic because the people govern themselves; and it is a republic because the Government’s power is derived from its people. Progressives want to change our Republic to democratic Socialist, which is nothing more or less than Socialism, one step away from Communism.

Jean Rudy
4 months ago

Strange when I went to post this on Facebook , I waited forever , didn’t post it! Think they are censoring us!

Jean Rudy
4 months ago
Reply to  Jean Rudy

Since I complained, i was able to post!

John Wesley
4 months ago

Oh, if only this article could be shared so that everyone would have to read it.

4 months ago

The roll of cloth from which totalitarianism arises is ever renewing. The other is small, limited and precious. In fact, given human nature as well as the seizure of media, academia and government by the left, its downright miraculous that conservatives havent been squashed into oblivion by now. Most of us on this site have lived most of our lives by now. Let us stay active and as optimistic as circumstances will allow so we leave succeeding generations something other than the jackboot of tyranny as a birthright. Let us imitate churchill, who, when all seemed lost, persevered against what looked to be certain defeat.

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago

Starting with Woodrow Wilson, the DIMMs have been for communism (Marxism, socialism). Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the US military, FDR interned the Nisei, and DIMMs in general supported KKK, Jim Crow, and keeping blacks in slums!

anna hubert
4 months ago

If only every voter could see it

4 months ago

Excellent summary of the Democrap party! Good job at analysis. We must also never forget the party who wanted slavery, wanted segregation and now today the VP says some are like tacos and our Speaker of the House says some are only good for picking crops…this party is the true racist party…DEMOCRAPS…

Paul DAscenz
4 months ago

The Radical Democrats are a Threat to Democracy!
They’ve proven this from the 2020 rigged Election.

4 months ago
Reply to  Paul DAscenz

They’ve proven this since the Civil War. Nothings changed except the way they self righteously proclaim their devotion to the people while plotting against them. Jan 6th is still proving that daily.

4 months ago

“RBC, again thanks for a great article which is all true. Recent developments/situations in Europe, that is, the recent “break” in the Baltic gas pipeline that is now leading to a “Bigger” confrontation between the USA and Russia (amazing about the few “Gas” deals in place before the “break.” Now, Russia has deployed a submarine that has a nuclear torpedo known has “Tsumami” and what could possibly happen to the country since the Russians highly believe that the Biden administration is totally behind the recent gas break in the Baltic. Escalation is now taking place that will soon get out of hand. God is very good in using man’s stupidity as punishment.

4 months ago
Reply to  Max

Max, thank you – am tracking all this in real time with open sources we have, grateful. Appreciate all, best, RBC

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Dems= Threat to Democracy day 1 since WW1 era

4 months ago

The thing that the ruling hierarchy politburo of the DemocRat Party didn’t understand is that a lot of their rhetoric worked well when they were feeding baloney to the Media (the liberal segment eating it up like it was sugar) but now the general citizenry is catching on to the disastrous economic tsunami the Biden DemocRats has brought down on this Nation. Even some of the Media is starting to slowly twist away from their often-political promotion of a lot of DemocRat nonsense.

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