The Obamacare Insurance Company Would Not Let Us Cancel!

From – AMAC Member Michelle D

I reluctantly attempted to secure a policy for my husband and myself during the first round of sign ups. This policy was possibly for one month only and I told them that right off the bat. It was necessary because of the fine imposed when you have no coverage for 90 days and the requirement to sign up at a certain time.
The customer service person told me it was fine and assured me I could cancel because my husband was in the process of getting a job with benefits.
This turned into the biggest nightmare I have ever encountered.

I do have a job. I was unable to do my job because I spent 56 hours on the phone over a weeks period and talked to a different agent and/or supervisor each and every time. I do not remember how many ‘escalations’ were done and frankly no one on that end knew what they were doing. Everyone would tell me ‘so and so was not supposed to do that’ or how someone was not supposed to do ‘that’.
The sign-up became so messed up I did not know what was going to happen.

Finally! – I got coverage for both of us effective in April.
However, I needed it in March and they knew I needed it in March.
In April we were covered by my Husband’s work, which made the additional coverage illegal.
So here I sat with two policies and we had no coverage for the period we did need it .
To make matters worse, the Obamacare insurance company would not let us cancel!
I got billed for months until the bill was 14000.00 or more.
All the while I was contacting the people spending more hours on the phone! had given me a confirmation # when it was canceled and they kept telling me it WAS canceled. They then did another escalation to try and make sure it was canceled.

Their insurance company would not let me off the hook and kept telling me I had to go back to the people and get a confirmation no. even though I had already given it to them.
I told them in writing they better refund all the money they took from the government (the US taxpayers) on my behalf!
BTW, that was when the website was not working and you had to call. I believe nothing has changed either because I am now doing the same thing just for myself since my husband now is on Medicare. I have had no insurance coverage the majority of the year due to the fact my husband’s work changed once and then he went on Medicare. I am self employed.

I have found it is cheaper to buy my prescriptions outright by shopping around than carry insurance. I know I am playing Russian roulette with my health because I am 62 and in a very physical field of work. We never, ever were without health insurance for 23 years prior to Obamacare and were very happy with the insurance we had.
Now we can not afford to pay for coverage for myself and pay my husband’s Medicare. It is not just because the ACA plans start at 750. for me and his cheapest coverage is 280. – but the deductibles and other costs, have also skyrocketed.
The ACA plans I looked at, do not pay for anything (including doctor visits) until at least the lowest deductible of $6000. is met. After it is met, prescriptions are 40/100/150 and the Dr is 20% (whatever that means).

The $750 for my plan is after we get help…from all the other hard working American taxpayers! It is based on both of our incomes even though he is getting insurance elsewhere.
My husband will still have some deductibles and prescription costs as well. Dental and glasses are not included but are a very necessary part of healthcare.
Saving anything from a paycheck is now impossible. And as you can see both of us are still working – just like we have all our lives.

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