Terrell: A New World Order

Soros George media attack new world orderGet ready for a fight!

I’m not talking about firearms, Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, left, right or anything else currently on the American agenda.

There is a world out there that is against us, against America. It’s been there a long time but it is now picking up steam.

In the early days we had a fight for freedom, for a new country. Since then, we have been fighting tyranny in world…

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4 years ago

Are we suppose to buy into all this AMAC nonsense? Socialism/communism, global bs, all gaining strength? Listen it’s only in the minds of the weirdos and idiots. Exactly who is pushing these agendas, where are the armies gathering? Use to be you could pinpoint the countries. Fear mongering, did i get it?

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

Nope, Sarge, you didn’t get it. But if we live long enough, we may all get it–in the end.

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