Tell Me Your Pre-Debate Thoughts

debateoutside of the top 10, instead of reserving the stage for only those polling at least 1 percent nationally.

Michael Clemente, Fox News’s executive vice president, first told Politico in a statement that the network made the decision based on “overwhelming interest” and will include any candidate “consistently being offered to respondents in major national polls, as recognized by Fox News.”

I think that’s a good thing. The more candidates we get to hear from in a debate format, the better.

My questions are for you, because I’m interested in how you’re viewing the current cast of candidates in light of the upcoming debate. So, talk to me.

Whose debate performance are you most interested in seeing?

Are you looking for a contrast between any particular candidates?

Who do you expect to perform well and why?

What issues are you hoping the moderators emphasize?

Is there a particular issue/opinion you’d like clarified by a particular candidate?

What are you hoping doesn’t happen on the debate stage?

What characteristics do you think define a good vs. bad debate performance?

Do you think a debate performance has the capacity to change your mind completely on a cadidate?

How important are the debate performances to you?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Charles L.
7 years ago

Regarding the debates: I think the GOP debates have been effective and good for strengthening the Republican races. Even if some of the moderators have been a joke, it is still an opportunity to get the candidates out there and hash everything out. The Democratic debates when, they have actually had any, are a joke. Is it not a joke that the DNC has refused any offers from Fox News? Is it not a joke that there has been so few, with this latest one scheduled on Saturday night during college football season? Is it not a joke that the DNC debates are just a event to “prop” up Hillary’s candidacy?
Does anybody really believe that Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are really running for President? Or, are they just adding legitimacy to the HRC campaign, making it appear like the Democratic voters actually have a choice? They will hang around for a while, making it look like the “ruse” is an election instead of a selection, a nomination instead of a coronation. DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has given the Democratic candidates their marching orders: Webb and Chafee to get out of the race, Biden and Warren to stay out of the race, Sanders and O’Malley to protect HRC in the “debate, wink, wink.”
Hillary has been running for President since 1992, when she thought of herself as a co-president, planning policy, instead of a mere First Lady, planning parties. The Senate candidate with roots in Illinois and Arkansas chose to move to New York because of its high profile and influence as a better state from which to be called Senator. She was the anointed one in 2008. But unfortunately, the Democratic Party, which is 100% about identity politics and phony milestone selections, decided to go to the dance with a new and more attractive “date”, and now after being “stood-up” with the winning date’s mission finished, Hillary and her supporters feel like they are owed.

So, if Hillary doesn’t go to jail, she will go to the convention as the nominee. But knowing this looney crowd, they won’t care if she gets both.

Chris Hamre
7 years ago

Another thought, since I just found out about this. What do they think about Lt. Cdr White (the Navy officer who shot the terrorist in Chattanooga) being charged with discharging a firearm on government property? Should our military be allowed to carry firearms at recruitment centers?

Of courser, I think so, they ARE in the military after all.

7 years ago

The only question I have is, How will you stop the flow of money to ISIS, they sell oil, and other goods, they get it from somewhere, so how will you stop it

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

I am most interested in hearing from Paul, Jindal, Perry, Fiorina, Cruz and Walker and to see
the contrast between Trump and Bush, hoping their true colors will be revealed.
Paul, Jindal and Fiorina should do well because they are most likely to use beliefs and candor and not waffle. Cruz should do well because of debating skills and ability to denigrate the establishment. He can use Trump as a foil should Trump go out of control, especially in opposing Bush in any bombast.
If the moderators were open and not prescripted by Murdock’s menions, I would like them to address UN membership, Policing the world, the Police State, spreading Democracy, Declaration of War issues, as well as border security, including refugees entry vs home grown terrorists, tax policies, and especially soft law and the Administrative Depts., and spending accounting–open and transparent.
Jeb Bush should state his position on his brother’s Patriot Act and all that comprises while giving any reason to assume he will not build on the Government School positions of his brother and as to why Comon Core woulld not be on his agenda. Also, why should we trust another Bush? No Child Left Behind (they fall further behind every time a new federal program enters the frey) and “Read my lips. No new taxes.” A Bush, I don’t think so.
I would hope that no candidate has a “brain freeze” while the mike is open.
A good vs a bad performance will be likely judged on whether the candidate is clear and candid, speaking from the heart and the brain. Knowledge and trust being the most important at this time and under the prevailing circumstances.
My opinion concerning any candidate is unlikely to be altered unless a position previously hidden or ignored should come out that alters the degree of honor or truth of any given contestant.
Debates are important in that any departure from “script” can show in a more honest light where a candidate may in fact stand.

7 years ago

First of all I think there is an immediate need for a convention of states. Second of all we need to agree on exactly how to keep the executive branch judicial branch and legislative branches from acting InIIndependent of each other. These three branches of government are supposed to work for the people not for themselves and that’s what’s been going on for the last 10 years. Both parties are guilty. This happened once before in the first half of the 1800s. third it is time to enact the Fair Tax it is time to stop punishing Americans for being successful. for the first time in our history will be able to collect taxes from People who are here illegally.Forth I want an employees Bill of Rights. too often hardworking employees are abused and exploited in return for too little pay. we need to amend the Constitution to create consistency in the way employees are treated in the workplace in all states.

Chris Hamre
7 years ago

Looking forward to the debates and can’t wait until January of 2017 when the right person for this country will be in the White House (and that won’t be Clinton, Sanders or any Democrat)

1. I am most interested in Scott Walker’s positions. I like what he did in Wisconsin, standing up for his principles in spite of facing a recall and intimidation

2. Looking forward to seeing the difference in styles between the outspoken Donald Trump and soft-spoken Ben Carson.

3. I am sure Donald Trump will perform well, since he likes the national stage anyway.

4. Illegal immigration will no doubt be a hot topic, as well as Planned Parenthood. I know the candidates want to repeal Obamacare, so how are they going to address health care? How about their position on minimum wage increasing?

5. I’d like to know more about Governor Walker’s stand on foreign policy (Russia, Iran, how to handle ISIS) and where he stands on Keystone Pipeline.

6. I do hope everyone gets equal time in to state their positions…don’t want Donald to dominate the debate.

7. A good debate is one where the candidate gets to share their ideas and how they intend on changing policies.

8. Debates are important but there are many other factors that can affect a voter’s decision. However, if a candidate habitually screws up during the debates, that can sink them.

Also, even though Donald Trump has been successful in business, how will he do having to work with a legislature if he is elected? Will he be impatient and issue many executive orders or will he be willing to compromise?

Sherry Yarger
7 years ago

I’m most interested in Walker, Cruz, Carson, Jindahl, and Huckabee and I’ve not heard anything from Bush, Clinton or the other Democrats.

What are you going to do about illegal immigration, now and going forward?

How are going to protect us from terrorism? Would you send troops to stop ISIS from continuing with genocide?

Are you going to stop the traitorous deal with Iran?

I understand that the Pacific Trade Pact, and the other pact recently signed take away our sovereignity, and the Congress voted to fast track those deals. Knowing how devious and motivated Obama is to completely do away with America and force us into the New World Order, why would you give hin free reign to sign anything?

Why hasn’t the Congress impeached Obama or tried him for treason?

Will you stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, and abortions in general, as well as funding of sex change operations? I don’t think it’s right that those who have a moral objection to those procedures to pay for them.
Would you press to have Roe v. Wade overturned? What is your stance on abortion?

Will you end the discrimination against Christians and once again allow the free exercise of religion as the Constitution states, rather than freedom from religion?

There is a constitutional remedy to fire activist SCOTUS and Federal justices. Would you explain how that works and would you consider doing so? Would you ever allow Sharia law to be used in the US?

Are you in favor of the United states being a part of the New World Order? Would you push to end our involvement with the United Nations?

Will you remove the communist propaganda called “Common Core” from our schools, dismantle the far left teachers’ union and return the control of our schools to the states, also allowing the amount of funding a school would receive per child to be used for any private school and for home schooling supplies (i.e. teachers and child’s books and materials)?

How do you plan to drastically reduce the deficit without messing with the social security checks I and other seniors receive?

7 years ago

1. Whose debate performance are you most interested in seeing?
The Donald

2. Are you looking for a contrast between any particular candidates?
Contrast in The Donald’s opinions from camera A versus camera B.

3. Who do you expect to perform well and why?
The Donald.
Why? Opulence he has it!

4. What issues are you hoping the moderators emphasize?
Make it open mike night and let The Donald decide.

5. Is there a particular issue/opinion you’d like clarified by a particular candidate?
Since The Donald has never asked for forgiveness from God, has God ever asked The Donald for forgiveness?

6. What are you hoping doesn’t happen on the debate stage?
The Donald landing a one-two knockout punch to the others in the first few minutes.
It’ll be good entertainment, hope it last 2 hours.

7. What characteristics do you think define a good vs. bad debate performance?
Do a lot of winking and throw the weight of your shoulder and upper body behind every punch, conservatives lap this stuff up.

8. Do you think a debate performance has the capacity to change your mind completely on a candidate?
No, nothing can change my opinion about The Donald.

9. How important are the debate performances to you?
Can’t wait, I have popcorn.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Hey BuckO, I know you flaming Liberals are so excited about the debate. … Me too, I can’t wait to eliminate any candidate that “waffles” on any question like when your Queen Hillary does, in fact, what EVERY lying Socialist/Marxist/Communist Democrat has adopted as second nature. I know you hate “the Donald” … You’re afraid he might reveal that ALL of today’s Democratic Party leadership are Communists! … I hope he brings out a copy of Lenin’s Decalogue, you know, his “Manual on How to Seize Control of a Society” and tells the viewing audience how you Communists have been achieving this plan first with FDR and then with LBJ, Clinton and ESPECIALLY NOW with Obama and how Hillary will cap it off if she’s elected. I’ve got news for you BuckO, you’ll never achieve getting the guns from American Patriots without a lot of YOUR blood being shed. We won’t go down without a fight and when it comes to that, you Commies will lose!

7 years ago

Will you secure the Southern border completely?
Will you cancel every executive order signed by BHO?
Will you cancel the disastrous deal with Iran?
Will you end the department’s of education, energy and transportation?

Dale A. Wellman
7 years ago

Which federal agency will you close first?
Term limits for congress?
Why does Iran need ICBMs?

The moderators must be better prepared then the debaters.
Make the candidates defend their flip flopping on various issues.
Debates usually favor the better prepared and more eloquent person, I do not give them much weight in my decisions

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