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Stop the Doublespeak on S.1

doublespeakThe longer one lives, the truer George Orwell gets.  In his 1949 classic, 1984, he envisions a powerful government redefining words, forcing people to accept untruth as truth.  He calls it “Doublethink,” spoken is “Doublespeak.”

In this way, Big Government controlled people, punishing those refusing to accept untruth was the truth.  Well, here we are.  Democrats push “election reform” via S. 1, a bill that invites fraud, regularizes electoral manipulation and institutionalizes one-party rule – as viable reform.

Worse, they push the bill with grossly false narratives, saying it will end “vote suppression” and “get big money out of politics.” What is the adage?  If you want to fool all, go big?  They do.

Unpacking the bill, you can see how Orwell’s dystopian world materializing. People are herded like cattle by increasing central control.  People are being cowed, forced to accept government redefinitions, systematic deception, electoral accountability being trivialized.

Biden nixes “illegal alien,” Pelosi rewrites House rules to end genders, blocking the use of “father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, etc.” for “gender-neutral” alternatives.  We are shamed into forgetting history, biology, morality, individuality, in favor of cancelation, new history, for dozen genders, amorality, immorality, and group identity.  We are invited into the Borg.

In Orwell’s world, “war is peace,” “slavery is freedom,” and “ignorance is strength.” Diversity is appearance, education indoctrination, speech free when approved, inequality resolved by mass leveling, surveillance ubiquitous.  Modern examples of Doublespeak are comically common.

President Biden describes China’s human genocide – penning people, then terrifying, sterilizing, abusing, reprogramming, and killing the Uighurs – a “cultural norm.”  Since when?  To be explicit, in 1946, Orwell warned dystopia is a disease – that spreads. “Political language” will become “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable… to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  So … today, killing a live baby at birth is just a “late term abortion,” killing minorities is a “social norm” or “ethnic cleansing,” ripping the Bill of Rights is “progressive,” ripping the State of the Union a point of pride.  Really?

Now, we come to H.R. 1 or S.1, the unconstitutional federalization of American elections, locking in “cheats” to solidify one-party control of institutions, Democrat dominance of the FEC, forcing two new Democrat Senators (DC Statehood), facilitating fraud with an automatic illegal immigrant, underage, and felon registration, mandating no identity checks, pushing mail-ins, ballot harvesting, out-of-precinct, online, and same-day voting, federal control of state redistricting.

This bold electoral abomination is being pushed to end “vote suppression.” If you oppose, you are a racist.  The problem is the Act does not ensure voter integrity it undermines it.  It suppresses legal votes in favor of illegal votes.  Is that credible reform?  Of course not.

The bill goes long, suppressing political speech, laying a foundation for mass intimidation, personal doxing, harassment, job loss, cancellation.  How?  Requiring your name and address if you support a conservative political group.  In an age of violent activism, think that chills?

Then political campaigns are funded with your tax dollars – a six-to-one match. You will watch campaign commercials by leftist candidates paid for by you.  Sound fun?  Sound like America?

The “S.1 fixes vote suppression” baloney is stumbling, so Democrats just shifted.  Now, S.1 will get “big money” out of politics.  Funny idea, since most “dark money” flowed – during the last cycle – into Democrat groups.  This is not conjecture. But like confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, the result will be criminals keep doing what they do.  So will Democrats.

The latest irony is rich. CNN admits: “More than $320 million of so-called “dark money” helped boost Democrats, more than double anonymous dollars to Republicans…” Top beneficiary?  Hapless Joe, with $132 million anonymous.  See, www.cnn.com/2020/11/27/politics/dark-money-democrats-joe-biden/index.html; www.huffpost.com/entry/dark-money-for-the-people-act_n_6054ea75c5b66a80f4e77179; https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2021/03/one-billion-dark-money-2020-electioncycle/.

Bottom line:  Latest narrative – end big money – is bunk.  Cheaters will cheat, anonymous money finds the sea, and Democrats are masters in that world.  So, the end-vote suppression and big money? No, that is fake. What is left?

A bigger push to sell the S.1 lie – on any ground – through powerful media.  To that end, social media platforms ban election talk. Big media – like The New Yorker –push “gotta do it” stories.

The latest popping in The New Yorker is laughable, except that some take it seriously.  They parrot Democrat talkers, saying S.1 “aims to expand voting rights and curb the influence of money,” which is like saying pray for a flood to water your crops.  Good luck.

They dismiss Republican claims that S.1 is a “brazen and shameless power grab,” although smart analysts at the ACLU and Wall Street Journal agree with Republicans.  Media claim some Republicans like the bill. What Senators? None. This gilding the lily: “Jump first because others will.”  Only there are no others.

They say the “public” wants “big money out of politics,” which means S. 1.  That is like saying the public wants the local bridge fixed, so they support massive taxes and spending on a $2.3 trillion on an infrastructure bill that is on-fifth bridges, four-fifths bloat. No, they do not.

They imply Republican use of the filibuster to stop S.1 bill – requiring 60 votes – is irregular, and S.1 should get pushed through, that dusty, century-old filibuster be damned!  That is like saying the eye-popping “infrastructure bill” should be jammed using “reconciliation” – slapping big tax hikes into it, to a Senate parliamentarian is pressured to rule 51 votes does it.  Crazy, only they are also trying that!

What else? Media outlets hide behind each other, The New Yorker claiming The New York Times, unapologetic activists, favor S.1.  From where most sit, that would be a strike, not hit.

For a cherry on top, left-leaning media note Biden supports S.1, as he does killing the filibuster – which he supported his entire Senate career, helping Democrats staunch 51-vote victories by Republicans.  Suddenly, ends justify means?  Find that guy a chair.

The barbershop mirror of endless, empty arguments for S. 1 by Democrats and media – all eager for one-party rule – should leave Americans in shock.  When desperate, go long.  Well, they are – and let us hope the pass is dropped.  S. 1 must be stopped.  Democrat narratives are “Doublespeak.”

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Frank Cowles
1 year ago

I have come to the conclusion the Fedral gouvernment does not work for the American people . They are rapping the system and driving it into debt that can never be paid back. After Biden was exposed in Ukraine getting kickback on loans to that country , I see all polititions sponcering bills to send aid to other country’s get kickbacks on the back end probably before the ink is dry. These senators and congressman are destroying America as fast as they can steal .

Pam Furrie
1 year ago

So all the people who voted for Joe Biden and thought they were getting a moderate who declared himself a Uniter, I wonder how they all feel now knowing that what they got is a power grabber whose policies are hurting America and it’s people? Voter ID only secures your vote and Biden calls it’s racist! He Stopped border policies that secure safety. So drug cartels control the border now! He wants an Infrastructure bill that will raise taxes and do little for America’s infrastructure and insists on more pro-union laws! Orwell was a genius, so let’s pay attention to what Biden is really doing to this country and I assure you, it is not “Build Back Better”! Excellent article. Thank you,

Nina Rae
1 year ago

I read Orwell’s book when I was in the 8th grade. I have Never forgotten it. It is horrifying to recognize that sequence of events appear in our own Government. I’m praying that those who have the power to withstand & overcome this threat to America also have the Courage & Intestinal Fortitude to do so! May God have mercy on America if they allow this to happen here.

Carol Jean
1 year ago
Reply to  Nina Rae

Perhaps this current administration uses “1984” as their Bible. They surely don’t read the Holy Bible New Testament.

Jeanne O
1 year ago

Aside from our representative in the house who is doing a fine job but sadly out numbered, the “representatives” in the Senate are one Democrat who claims he is prolife but never votes prolife and a RINO. When I have written, the canned letter I get back is lying, self- serving, arrogant swill. And they continue to vote against we the people.

And while we are on the subject of lying hypocrites has anyone else noticed the utter silence of CDC and Fauci on the subject of the ILLEGALS bringing COVID into the country?

1 year ago

If this bill passes we are all screwed, so everybody write their Senators an Congress people.

1 year ago

George Orwell was predicting this happening. It was not a fantasy. He had just experienced the workings of the new Democratic party under Roosevelt. He knew exactly what was coming. The Democratic party is no more and no less than the Communist party. For facts read “Freedom Betrayed” by President Herbert Hoover.

Daniel Kolls
1 year ago

This bill should be “flushed ASAP”.
The problem is that it’s TOO many pages.

Nina Rae
1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel Kolls

As the number of Pages increases so does the double-speak & BS. Democrats are very good at both, they’ve been deceiving American voters for decades! It’s truly shocking to see the Apathy to what they’re doing! THIS ISNT A parlor game folks, you’re watching American values & Principles as they’re FLUSHED down the toilet. This is Infuriating & Heartbreaking. Everyone knows what a farce this past election was yet we cannot even get a response from the Supreme Court, May God have Mercy on us.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

My rights are being infringed upon and it needs to stop now!! I don’t need or require a dictator to tell me how to do! Vote out those trying to take away my rights!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Brenda Blunt

Until these vote machines all over USA are destroyed, China will determine who’s in the White House and in all State Seats.

1 year ago

I think a civil war might be starting.

1 year ago

Scary if you let it. My prayer is: “Heal what needs to be healed, reveal what needs to be revealed.” I only scan headlines and trust my intuition on what to read. Do not read main stream media. I hear enough of their BS just trying to catch the weather. It’s always darkest before the dawn and I believe the US will be delivered from this evil.

Nina Rae
1 year ago
Reply to  Judy

I’m praying that you’re right!

1 year ago

I spent several hours yesterday evening watching video’s on Lindell TV .com site of proof positive, who, how, when and exactly how many votes were flipped and the person’s that did all of these, High percentage from China, & Iran. They have the IT printouts, Mike Lindell has paid for all of this research to be done, collected and compiled. He’s being threatened, harrassed, his plate forms removed, his accounts taken down. I also listen to America can we talk? Debbie Georgatos .org site she is really up to speed on who’s doing what. Dr. Steve Turley is also good to listen to. I go to the conservative tree house site for truthful news. So many MSM is not fit to watch, and I just don’t bother. Biden Did not win, he’s in that place by hook and crook, and many Republicans helped him get there. The very Few Republican’s that are standing against this are being threatened, harassed, and the power’s that be are trying to silence them, MSM is twisting their word’s to push lies, Propaganda, false narratives. There really are many people trying to fight against this, all the 80-81 million that voted for Trump need to join with them and stop this Evil, no one is coming to save us, we must join forces and stand against this, TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

N K Wood
1 year ago

Has anyone reading this heard of Josef Goebbels?
He said this: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
Is it probable that Joe Biden and his cronies adhere to Goebbels’ credo?

Nina Rae
1 year ago
Reply to  N K Wood

Without any doubt, That’s what they believe & are trying to force upon us!

1 year ago

Pelosi rewrite the rules for the house and you can’t use father mother, ect. But she still makes everyone call her MADAM SPEAKER, THE BIDEN REGIME STILL CALLS JILL THE FIRST LADY, IS EVERYONE ELSE SEEING THIS OR SHOULD I GO ON!

1 year ago
Reply to  Eva

Rules for Us, the under, Class and Not for the Elites

1 year ago


Just like in Orwell’s novel, the majority of the public just blindly accepted the lies and disinformation as truth and were compliant as sheep. The so-called hero of the novel was the rare exception, in that he understood the manipulation being done, understood what would be the eventual outcome and, to a degree, resisted as best he could. Well that pretty much seems to sum up the American public’s response to date to the obvious and open “transformation” of the United States by the Socialists who refer to themselves as Democrats. The vast majority of Americans are either willingly cheering on the socialist changes, out of ignorance or indoctrination, or sitting by silently hoping someone or something will magically save them from their own lack of personal resolve and inactions.

In order to defeat the Socialists pushing not only S1, but a slew of other “transformative” measures, the American people would have to be willing to stand up and actively defend their rights and freedoms from those seeking to strip them all away bit by bit. So far, what I see is the Democrats actually “doing”, while our side is, at best, “talking” about it, but doing nothing much of substance that will actively deter the left. Action versus inaction always results in change, whether it be good or bad. A nation’s citizens unwilling to defend their rights and freedoms inevitably loses both at some point. The only question is how fast and when. At this rate of change, as the Democrats come ever closer to achieving their goals, the timeline would be measured in either several months or perhapa as long as a few years before it becomes highly problematic to ever reverse course. History has shown this to be the case numerous times over the last 100 plus years where either socialism or communism has gained a strong and growing foothold in a country.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Dems OK S1 we lose control back to 1 party rule, planned, rigged day 1
Via Soros & allies too.
Unless overturn S1

1 year ago

the end times is growing closer, is China joe the false prophet?

Dan S
1 year ago

We must all fight back in many ‘small’ ways. If every individual would write and call their “representatives” once a week, stop wearing masks after being vacinated and always speak the truth in a respectful way, then the communists trying to ruin this country won’t have a chance of succeeding.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan S

It’s Not a Vaccine, the Jab offers Zero Immunity, it turns you into a lab rat for the Big Pharma. The Jab also allows Big IT to trace you. There are many Treatments for Covid, the Flu, Allergies, Pneumonia etc. HCQ& Zinc, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Must start first five days of very first symptoms. Also lots of immune supplements you should consider, Vit D3, Vit C 3k daily, Zinc 50mg daily, quercetine 500mg daily I heard this from Doctors, urging people to eat beater, exercise and improve their health. It’s your arm & body if you want to be a guinea pig, not for me.

Nina Rae
1 year ago
Reply to  herblady

I just read an article stating Britain’s immunity rate is at 50.6, and that includes natural immunity & those who had the shots. It said that European countries in general have reached this point and there’s no need for all of the restrictions any more. I know that this flu started much earlier here than they claim because my friend’s extended family went thru all of this starting last October! One family after another, exact symptoms, and while it was miserable illness no one died…not even the elderly. Dr. Called it ‘The Flu’…generically, not by a name! This was a ‘Trial Run’ to see how much Control could be successfully exerted on the American public, plain & simple. Plus it added to the mass confusion created by riots in Cities, and kept everyone’s mind off of the coming Election. That’s how they managed to ‘fix’ the computers. It is so Obvious it’s sickening.

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