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Southern Border “Scam” – President Trump has it Right


What’s new on the US border?  The President, that’s what.  Last Friday, President Trump took his fight to front, arguing asylum seekers are now making up stories to enter America.  As the Wall Street Journal reported, the President laid out an impassioned case that the US immigration process is “overwhelmed,” by loads of Central Americans on a made-up beeline for asylum.  Frustrated, he said, “It’s a scam.”  Is it a scam?  Yes and no.

Yes, asylum seekers are being transported by air-conditioned busses north from Central American countries, getting through Mexico in record or near-record numbers, often not being intercepted or turned back in Mexico. 

Yes, those numbers are staggering, getting worse.  March 2019 saw an estimated 100,000 illegals seeking entry, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.  Without a wall or cooperation, apprehensions spiked between December 2018 and February 2019.  At the same time, Mexico’s deportation of Central Americans – especially Guatemalans, El Salvadorans and Hondurans – fell. 

Specifically, Southwest border apprehensions jumped from below 50,000 to almost 70,000 between January and February 2019, then flew past 100,000 in March.  At the same time Mexican deportations back to Guatemala, for example, fell from nearly 3,000 to 2,500, continuing downward.  No wonder the president is frustrated – with Congress, Democrat crisis-deniers, Mexico and false asylum claims.

These numbers represent a stark contrast to just one year earlier, when US apprehensions were falling, Mexican deportations were rising.  Thus, US apprehensions from December 2017 to February 2018 fell from a lower 30,000 to roughly 28,000, while Mexican deportations ran from higher 3,000 to more than 4,500 per month.  So yes, numbers are up, cooperation down – both markedly.   

This is surely why President Trump has become more vocal, demanding action from Mexico, threatening to close the border, mitigating his threat and putting a one-year timeline against it.  He is sending clear signals:  Help us now or pay later.  If Mexico does not assist, auto tariffs will probably kick in, then rolling border closures.  He is giving Mexico time to fix the problem.  But does anyone doubt President Trump will act?  If so, they shouldn’t.

Yes, there is more to the scam.  Many entrants are coached, told to state that they have a credible claim for asylum, since that gets them into the US, where they can live and await adjudication.  Once here, asylum seekers get a multi-year wait, assuming they return to court at all, which many do not.  While here, after a six-month wait, they can work.  Is this a scam?  In many cases, yes.  Most asylum claims – upwards of 80 percent – are denied on the merits.   Many seekers never show up for the hearing.

What is a credible asylum claim?  For starters, specific to the person, and has nothing to do with whether the country the asylum seeker comes from is poor, unhealthy, has too few jobs, is managed badly, corrupt, unsafe or unstable.  None of those reasons give an individual a right to asylum.  If they did, we would be awash in – the world.  

Asylum is premised on a specific, credible, provable claim that returning to country of origin will produce persecution – more, the person has already suffered persecution and has a legitimate, objective fear of a recurrence on return, based on race, nationality, religion, political opinion or membership in a group. 

Notably, coming from a bad place and wanting a better life – does not validate an asylum claim, or produce asylum.  So, when people who have only that basis apply for asylum, liberally sprinkling their stories with enough to imply individual jeopardy, is that a scam?  Yes, it is.  It is a lie to win entry, suddenly opening economic opportunities from jobs to entitlements, all paid for by US citizens.

So, what part of all this is NOT a scam?  The basic context.  From the Venezuelan socialist meltdown to current high levels of public corruption, drug trafficking, gang warfare and economic demise in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, plus drugs, gangs, crime and economic challenges in Mexico – much of the Western hemisphere is troubled.   That is not a scam – that is fact.

On one hand, none of this is America’s responsibility.  We have pumped billions of dollars into many of these countries in a combination of foreign aid, investment, multilateral packages, from loans to education, human rights to anti-drug programs.  And many of those programs have helped, on the commercial and government sides.  But we have tried to stabilize, energize, educate and elevate. 

On the other hand, endemic public poverty and government corruption, lack of stable political, economic and social institutions, enduring internal divisions and deprivations do call out for help from those of good conscience. 

The goal now should be to set expectations, create conditions, encourage infrastructure, return to rule of law, public integrity and economic self-sufficiency in such a way and on a timeline that allows for long term self-sufficiency, and encourages these nomadic busses, caravans, and ill-informed wishful thinkers – desperate for more opportunity – to find the hope they are seeking in their own country. 

To do all that will take time, mutual commitment, US and multilateral help, and in the end, that is the hope we should all share – that all may prosper as Americans do, after the hard work and centuries of commitment we have all made to this great nation.  In the meantime, President Trump is right – the trip north is often a heartless “scam.”

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Betty J Long
3 years ago

Well we all have followed and witnessed her strong pushing of the caravan conspiracy. All to undermine, us all, and President Trump getting America back, on track and stronger. Pelosi, Schumer, and other so-called Democrats against MAGA a stronger America. Most all the illegal immigrants would probably not have participated if they knew Pelosi, Schumer, and other key so-called Democrats, are only all about getting their votes. Pelosi, Schumer, and other so-called Democrats were not at the border for these illegal immigrants. Some were sick and deaths. And they were against planting the illegal immigrants into their areas. America is not a socialist country. MAGA works. We are all blessed with the right man for President. God bless President Trump. MAGA and KAG

Robert &doris Clark
3 years ago

Thankyou President for doing a great job thankyou for trying to keep our country safe God Bless we stand with you all the way!

3 years ago

The Left wants Illegals here for votes. But why on earth would they vote for the Socialist Party when they are trying to turn this country into the country they just left, are they that stupid? If they vote for Repubs then the Left will want the border wall built.

el Dorko
3 years ago

Trump has had it right on immigration and national security since Day One.

3 years ago

The Democrat-Socialists are determined to continue their social welfare give-away programs that I call “The Welfare Empire”. So, how do they do that? They bring in millions of illegal aliens, and oppose any measures to stop this flood of illegals into America. They then argue for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, which will include some means of granting citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens whom they have imported into America. Then they change the electoral landscape with the votes of these welfare parasites, most of whom they think will vote Democrat-Socialist. Ultimately they want to move entirely from the Electoral College to a popular vote, which is nothing but mob rule dressed up in a coat and tie. If that happens, then California, New York, Illinois and the big parasitic coastal cities on both coasts will pick the President. That will leave the rest of us in “flyover country” stuck paying our hard-earned money in taxes to fund “The Welfare Empire” forever. Just look at Venezuela to see what will happen after that.

3 years ago

If what Glen Beck is saying about a Methodist church in Chicago being funded by the likes of Soros et al to promote illegal entry into the US, we should be screaming about how our elected officials may work in taking this type of billionaire influence out of our system.

3 years ago

Democrats (and their misguided followers) are so obsessed with hate for Trump that they don’t care what they are doing to the country. Shouldn’t what the Dems are doing to the president and the country be considered “….treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors????” The hate, anger and words of the left, the media and liberals are doing more damage to our country than any weapon of mass destruction!!

Not only should Americans be very concerned about who and what is coming across our borders….but they should also be as concerned about the millions of legal green card carriers in the U.S. (men, women and children) who are living and receiving the same privileges and benefits as American citizens…jobs, free food, welfare, housing, education, medical, etc. (except they can’t vote and many do not learn or speak English)….while demanding, complaining and protesting their rights. And they have no intentions of ever becoming U.S. citizens. They live and work for years in the U.S. and have hundreds of thousands of “anchor” babies (with citizenship privileges), they send large sums of money back to their home countries, freely travel back and forth to their countries, and eventually return/retire to their home countries. They apparently have more allegiance to their home countries than they do the U.S. and they are only using the U.S. for what they can get out of it (the same as illegal foreigners?)… why are legal residents allowed to renew their green cards every ten years and live in the U.S. indefinitely when they have no plans of citizenship and allegiance????? If they have not applied for citizenship within the first 10 years….their green cards should expire and they should return to their home countries…or be deported. If the Dems want voters (as everyone says)….they should be more concerned with green card holders than those illegal aliens crossing our borders and overstaying visas and who will never be able to vote (unless they vote illegally). Are not the green cards a scam….along with fake ID to access benefits for illegal foreigners, automatic citizenship to illegal babies and the Central American fraudulent asylum claims???

Have Americans (and our government officials) become so gullible and apathetic that they can’t see the scam invasion of legal and illegal foreigners gaming and taking advantage of the most generous and giving country in the world??? Many Americans don’t feel the freedom of speech anymore because of the demands, complaints and protests of non-citizen foreigners in the county who believe their words and rights are more important than the rights of American citizens….and our government is allowing them to get away with it by catering and pandering to them…..while penalizing American citizens for their objections!! The U.S. may be a melting pot of immigrants….but that melting pot is boiling over and our government needs to turn off the flame and put a lid on it before creating a bigger mess….if that’s possible!!!!

Definition of scam:
<a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation
<deceive, defraud
<to obtain (something, such as money) by a scam

3 years ago

You have to watch Glen Becks video on this invasion. It is all being set up out of a church in Chicago. Some of the $ backing is from George Soros. Even the U. N. is involved.Glen did some major investigating on this. We have to fight back some how ???

3 years ago
Reply to  larry

Glen Beck was also correct when he predicted how the Muslims would build a caliphate by inhabiting every country and slowly taking over. They may say the oath of allegiance to the U.S., but the are allowed to lie to the ones they call unbelievers if it furthers their cause. I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi, but she is trying to herd a parole of cats.

3 years ago

The corrupt Democrats are merely using the illegals to vote in our elections to stay in POWER. They promise sanctuary cities, welfare and SSS benefits to illegals for loyalty of a VOTE. There are Democrat boiler rooms discovered that take deceased Americans information to create FAKE ID”S to vote. After 2.5 yrs of listening to them bashing our sitting President Trump regarding Russia meddling in our elections, while they over load our country with illegals to vote. The Democrats are UNHINGED we need term limits to end all the corruption of pay to play pay offs by other countries and lobbyists. Now they are encouraging Foreigners to sit in our Senate and Congress that want to change our constitution. Per the recorders there are thousands of foreigners working for the Democrats, there must be a law passed ONLY American born from American parents that value our laws. It was Obama in the “Iran Nuclear Deal” that agreed to allow over 40,000 Iranians hand picked unvetted and sealed applications to enter our country, where did they go? Spending taxpayers money Billions on building Mosques all around the world, not one Christian church! It was Obama and Hillray that SOLD our Uranium to RUSSIA they were the ones colluding with Putin! Now the Democrats DON”T want the Americans to know the truth so the liberal News Channels continue Bashing our President Trump to cover their corruption. Let Bill Barr do his JOB, everyone must know the truth and prosecute even Obama! Democrats have forced every taxpayer to be ‘FINANCIAL SLAVE” to fund welfare and SSS for their beloved illegals and NOTHING for our Veterans, Seniors or orphans. Join the “WALKAWAY” movement like over 600,000 Democrats have to end the Socialism, Democrat gun grab and endorse President Trump who fights everyday to give America back to “We the People”.

3 years ago

They are not democrats anymore. They are socialists who have been slowly taking over the USA since the 60’s.

3 years ago

Stop all immigration immediately! We are over burdened in the U.S. we need to STOP all welfare, EBT, WIC freebies’ that have gone on for decades. Welfare is not a job. Most of those working don’t make as much as welfare gives undocumented immigrants per month (for life…depending how many babies they can produce). As born and bred American citizens, WE pay our bills (housing, health and dental insurance, doctor and dentist co-pays, we pay for having and raising children (no freebies for us, WE WORK and pay for everything. WE have a good work ethic!!! we pay electric bills for heat and air-conditioning, phone bill, internet, car food, paper goods, car payment, gas for the car, car insurance, taxes and have very little left! No one pays our bills but us!!! We’re wasting time! Stop these invasions NOW!!! These immigrants are only being allowed in our country as free votes for the socialist/communistic agenda that is being shoved down our throats daily, among other nonsensical bills and laws that are being passed while we ‘sleep’! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! We Really don’t need anymore financial stress in this country. Nor do we need the new (and some older resurfacing) diseases that are coming in the the U.S. causing problems for our children and ourselves. This is a CRISIS!!! HANDLE IT NOW!!! Not in a year or two NOW!!!

Lawrence Greenberg
3 years ago

The Communists – er, I mean the Democrats – have been engaging in voter registration and election fraud since the 1850’s – yes, you read that right (it is in the history books). They have developed it into a science, and there is no doubt that every national-level election now includes a minimum of several million illegitimate votes. The Dems have to do this because they know they cannot win an election based on the issues as their ideology and agenda are reprehensible and repulsive to most people with a functioning brain. So their only option at this point is to flood this nation with the refuse of The Third World and ensure, by promising them all sorts of freebies and giveaways, that the illegals vote for them. That is what this is all about.

3 years ago

We have heard from so many people that Costa Rica is the “Garden of Eden” & such a perfect place to live . . .why aren’t these “refugees” going there ? After it’s much closer for them!

Lawrence Greenberg
3 years ago
Reply to  Deb

Not enough freebies and giveaways – Costa Rica doesn’t have our Democrats.

3 years ago

We have a President who is a problem solver not a problem creator addressing the root cause of our problems that have been created over the past 8+ years. Indeed a futurist for America, not one going through the motions of a 4 year term. One who is making the tough decisions in securing Americas future for our children and grandchildren. The problem with the far left is they are mad as hell because this President derailed the transformation of America. Hilly was to drive the final nail in Americas transformation. They have such hate and contempt for our President, but in reality, hate and contempt for the 62 + million that voted for “POSITIVE”: change for America, not a snake oil salesman behind a teleprompter. God Bless “our” President. Democrat/Socialists represent everything that is opposite of what is right and just for America and its people. Power and greed the two driving forces.

Ollie Octopus
3 years ago

I don’t understand why the US doesn’t turn fire hoses on them when they refuse to leave.

Dr. Covert
3 years ago

I am behind President Trump. Stand strong, President Trump.

3 years ago

Do we not have the right to allow who we want in this country? Since when does the DNC’ommunist Party even have a say. If you come to the border looking for a hand out or a free ride go back home and fight for your own country. America is the destination of half the planet because we are some of the few who are willing to fight for their own country. How many have we lost fighting for yours? It just may be time to do it here again soon and when that time should come WE will do it and not depend on someone else! It ain’t gonna be pretty!

3 years ago

The reason the Democrats want the Illegal alien immigrants is to build their voting base, since they don’t have to wait for them to grow up. Because they’ve aborted their future voting base.

Proud American
3 years ago

Congress has been derelict in handling immigration as specified in Article I.8.4
Instead, millions of illegal immigrants have been given unwarranted privileges, rights and benefits, some of which exceed the privileges given to legal citizens.
We need to get back to honoring the Constitution of the United States and it’s words as our glorious standard for “We the People “
It was founded in the wisdom of God.
It is a heavenly banner for the whole world to see!
We are seeing the corrupt politicians trying to dismantle this important document that has guided our country for over 200 years and it is time to stand as one people to honor it ,our founding fathers and our great nation!

3 years ago

Mexico isn”t going to hepl the USA, millions of their citizens live and work here , work without a bank account and sent money to there family , while we subsidized there rent , give them food stamps , cells phone , free legal assistance and the list goes on.

Mark Grzesiek
3 years ago
Reply to  Tillie

That’s why Kobach proposed a tax on all remittances to South/Central American countries…. This will slow the flow of dollars south, however on the down side it will open up a stream of “mules” carrying cash back to Mexico and all points south. These folks will be “protected” by the drug cartels which will make them stronger…. vicious cycle. There will be several other cottage industries springing up to assist the “asylum seeker/migrants” to send their money “home”…. Regardless, anything we do to stop the remittances will help squeeze those countries into cooperating with us.

3 years ago
Reply to  Tillie

I don’t remember who said or when, but I do remember an important Mexican general saying they would take back American land just by sheer population numbers.

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