Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Stumbles When Asked Common-Sense Questions

socialist questions common senseWhen Margaret Hoover asked socialist rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions during her Firing Line interview on Friday, the candidate who obliterated 10-term Democrat Joe Crowley in the primaries in June stumbled, dithered, and then admitted she really didn’t know what she was talking about. She characterized the generations-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an “occupation” of Palestine by Israel:

“I think that what people are starting to see — at least in the occupation of Palestine — is an increasing crisis of humanitarian condition[s], and that to me is just where I tend to come from on this issue.”

To her credit Hoover pressed the young socialist to explain exactly what she meant. Said Ocasio-Cortez, after a long pause:

“Oh, I think — what I meant is that the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes.”

Recognizing the incoherency of Cortez’s response, Hoover pushed further, asking her to explain exactly what she meant. Ocasio-Cortez admitted: “I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue,” but forged ahead into unknown territory anyway:

“I am a firm believer in finding a two-state solution on this issue, and I’m happy to sit down with leaders on both of these….

For me, I just look at things through a human-rights lens, and I may not use the rights words [but] I know this is a very intense issue.”

Hoover then changed the subject, to capitalism, asking the young socialist, “Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans?” Hoover then cited the booming economy and record low unemployment. Said Ocasio-Cortez: “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.” Hoover asked if she thought capitalism would survive, and the candidate for the House of Representatives from the 14th Congressional District of New York just shrugged, admitted that it was a good question, and said the system will “evolve.”

When she was running for office, challenging Joe Crowley, who was the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House and slated to take over from Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house if Democrats regained control in November, she had pat answers to the world’s problems: Medicare for everyone, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition-free public college education, abolition of ICE, more gun controls, and ending the privatization of prisons.

When seeking support Ocasio-Cortez would look to her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for it. The group that propelled her to victory in the primary (with the help of Black Lives Matter, the Brand New Congress, and the Justice Democrats, among others) has a clear path to socializing the United States and turning it into a European-style socialist nirvana. The mission is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, Democratic Socialist, Eco-Socialist, Multi-tendency, and Socialist feminization. The DSA supports the restructuring of America’s gender and cultural relationships in order to make them more “equitable.” This is the same group that has in the past supported Walter Mondale, Jesse Jackson, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders.

But get her out from under those handy slogans, and the bright shining star of the new Democrats dims considerably. As The New American reported, following the shooting in the offices of the Capital Gazette on June 28, she tweeted: “Horrifying. This is our nation’s 195th mass shooting this year.”

The number — 195 — was apparently pulled out of the air, but it sufficed for her purposes. As The New American noted, following a failed effort to find the source for that number, “She was counting on that number — unsourced but likely accepted by her adoring fans — to confirm her position that guns are responsible for such shootings, while leaving the blame on the shooter entirely out of the conversation.”

One of her adoring fans is the 20-year editor of the slick uber-sophisticated New Yorker magazine, David Remnick. In his 19-page paean of praise for the rising star in the Democrat universe, Remnick wrote that Ocasio-Cortez “has natural presence. She is also well mannered, disciplined, shrewd, and self-possessed.” He wrote that when she entered “a pizza parlor in Grand Central, her waiter nearly swooned.”

The highlight of the article was when Remnick asked the budding newcomer to Democrat politics where she planned to live in Washington once she won the election in November, Ocasio-Cortez was once again caught off-guard, admitting that she had “not a clue.”

After spending hours with Ocasio-Cortez, Remnick was forced to admit: “It remains unclear whether her story will be the start of a trend in the midterms and beyond … [but] what is certain is the Ocasio-Cortez has energized Democratic Party politics in New York and, to an extent, the country.”

Based on early public interviews, what is clear is that the bright shining Democrat light from the Bronx is a long way from being ready for prime time.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Bob Adelmann

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4 years ago

Good for Margaret Hoover. It’s incredible how far the Democrat party has “de-evolved”. I am SO looking forward to seeing Ocasio-Cortez in a debate—ANY debate! I hope she gets a few of those questions that test her knowledge of the names of presidents from remote corners of the world. Or even the name of the president who preceded Obama. You can put all the rational, Constitution-upholding, America-loving conservatives on one side…and all the rest on the other side. The fight will be so unfair, because we’ll be up against a cartoon CARICATURE. She’ll melt into her seat as fast as a snowflake melts on a Florida sidewalk.
“I’m happy to sit down with leaders”….indeed!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Hi Kim,

In any debate, the NYC media will feed Ocasio-Cortez the questions ahead of time, as well as the answers. So don’t think it is going to a level playing field, where the Republican challenger is going to have an honest shot at showcasing what a total incompetent fraud she is. The press also always gives the Democrat candidate for any office nothing but softball questions. Hardball questions, of the sort you are referring to, are strictly reserved for the Republican candidate. The more they can get the Republican bogged down in the weeds of having to explain a complex answer to a question, the more the NYC audience will tune the Republican candidate out. The NYC press has used this tactic for years. The debates are always chaired by only members of the liberal media. I haven’t seen a true conservative journalist offered an opportunity to be part of the questioning panel of any NYC debate since the Giuliani days.

You can also bet that Ocasio-Cortez won’t be agreeing to sit down for another interview with any conservative leaning organization or reporter ever again. I seriously doubt that either Ocasio-Cortez or her campaign manager truly understood who Margaret Hoover was. They are likely both that clueless. Since winning the Democrat primary, Ocasio-Cortez has to have done several dozen interviews with the NY and national press corps. All basically nothing more than glorified puff pieces designed to play up her age, lack of political experience and ethnicity ahead of the November elections. The same treatment afforded Comrade Mayor de Blasio. Back when he first ran for Mayor, he admitted he was a proud Marxist and a big supporter of socialism. A number of the NYC newspapers ran front page stories about it. Yet he won easily and has since been re-elected. That is NYC. Just like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and every other large Democrat controlled and populated city in the United States.

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hi PaulE
Quick note before Mother’s dinner…
Have you heard that the city council of Charlotte recently put to a vote WHETHER OR NOT they should host the RNC in 2020? Incredible! I don’t think there was the same response when the DNC was here several years ago. When everyone’s screaming for commerce, what a gold mine was laid at their feet. I think the vote was 6 yes, 5 no. And, by the way, the federal government is going to kick in for security, etc. They must think conservatism is some kind of communicable disease!
Republican candidates have to be more discriminating about venues and panels…I think they did better at this in 2016 than they did before.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kim

HI Kim,

Yes, I knew about Charlotte and the hysteria the Democrats on the city council were trying to gin up. The Democrat Party has thrown any remaining semblance of rational decision making and minimal concern for their voters out the window. It is now purely 24×7 “resist Trump” and “adopt socialism or bust”, whether the people want that or not. What I find so amazing is how easily Democrat voters seem willing to just accept this course of action from every elected Democrat at apparently every level of government. If so-called mainstream Democrat voters have shifted so far left that this type if action by their elected representatives is totally acceptable, then the country has deteriorated to a truly dangerous level. It means we’re one election away from things most people can’t cope with. As for Charlotte, the RNC convention is worth several million to the city and the Democrats on the city council couldn’t care less. It is all just “resist”.

Yes, Republican candidates and the RNC have to be a lot more discriminating about everything going forward. Play smart, as opposed to trying to perpetuate the goid old boy”s club of burying their heads in the sand and hoping whatever problem pops up just magically go away. They have to recognize they can no longer be oblivious to the growing challenges that were bound to happen as a result of allowing Progressives unfettered control of several key federal agencies for decades.

John Dawson
4 years ago

This is an epic example of the treasonous liberal left wing of the Democratic Party.
A popular novice propped up by the mainstream media to propagate the leftist anti American political rhetoric and agenda.
Our enemies are watching gleefully because they know that they can’t defeat the U.S.A. militarily but can defeat the U.S. if this country continues to allow extremists leftist groups and individuals to go unchallenged and unabated.
Those who forsake the law [of God and man] praise the wicked, but those who keep the law [of God and man] contend with them.
Proverbs 28:4

4 years ago

It is not uncommon when conversing with a typical young socialist / “progressive”, that their lack of knowledge of actual specifics, meaning real verifiable facts and hard data as opposed to simply repeating the “talking points” they have been indoctrinated to parrot back, is truly appalling. They speak in vague generalities and extremely broad terms on almost any subject you try to discuss with them. That is because they neither truly understand the subjects they are pontificating on nor do they think actual real facts and hard data matter in the long run. They are about trashing the existing structure of society (read the objectives of the DSA touched on in the article to get an overview if you don’t already know) and re-creating society in their vision of a socialist Utopia. So most young socialists are focused on the end goal, which is the destruction of existing society and the emergence of a socialist Utopia in its place. They are NOT focused on actually being able to understand existing issues. The solution to almost everything, in their minds, is in a socialist society where they think none of those issues will exist anymore.

The experience that Margaret Hoover had with the latest “rising star” of the Uber left should not surprise anyone. It is typical of what you will encounter should you actually try to have a meaningful discussion with most socialist / “progressives” of her generation. Also the response by the New Yorker magazine reporter is typical and very telling. His views are that she “has natural presence. She is also well mannered, disciplined, shrewd, and self-possessed.” He wrote that when she entered “a pizza parlor in Grand Central, her waiter nearly swooned.” Note the lack of concern for whether she would be knowledgeable about important issues or would represent the people of her NYC district best. Instead, like most progressive journalists, the focus was on her being photogenic and being the right age demographic for the Party to win votes in NYC. In the old days, that used to called choosing style over substance. What the equivalent PC term for that today is anyone’s guess. None the less, it is indicative of the priorities of the Democrat Party and the MSM.

Have a nice day and don’t forget to vote this November people. We have to retain control of Congress, if President Trump is going to be able to get any more legislation passed or Judges appointed to either the federal bench or the Supreme Court.

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

If more reporters would ask her question like Margaret Hoover did she would be exposed as the inexperienced candidate that she is. I won’t hold my breath though. There are not many like Ms Hoover especially in NY.

4 years ago
Reply to  HAP

Don’t worry Hap. She won’t be agreeing to sit down to be interviewed by anyone who hasn’t been vetted as a card carrying progressive journalist again. She has done so many puff piece interviews with the liberal NYC media since winning the primary, that it is likely neither she nor her campaign manager realized who Margaret Hoover was and to not put Ocasio-Cortez in the same room with any journalist who was NOT a card carrying Progressive. Let alone submit to an actual interview. Have no fear though. The NYC press is already sweeping any evidence that this interview occurred under the rug. It’s already back to business as usual promoting Ocasio-Cortez as the new rising star of the Democrat Party.

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