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JedediahVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News –

There are a couple of recent polls worth mentioning.

A recent Gallup poll indicates that “Americans express an increasingly strong preference for their political leaders in Washington to compromise, rather than stick to their principles at the cost of getting nothing done.” Fifty-three percent of national adults believe it’s more important to compromise than stick to beliefs (25% believe it’s more important to stick to beliefs). Thirty-eight percent of Republicans and 61% of Democrats believe it’s more important to compromise (compared with 36% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats who believe it’s more important to stick to beliefs). Gallup notes: “Notably, Americans who identify as Tea Party supporters are about as likely to favor compromise as sticking to core beliefs.” (39% believe it’s more important to compromise; 40% believe it’s more important to stick to beliefs).

On the issue of defunding ObamaCare, a CNBC All-America Economic Survey reveals that “Opposition to defunding increases sharply when the issue of shutting down the government and defaulting is included. In that case, Americans oppose defunding 59 percent to 19 percent, with 18 percent of respondents unsure.”

The National Journal reveals that “According to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, a solid majority of Americans said Congress should consider legislation that might delay or defund the program known as ObamaCare separate from any government funding or debt-limit measure.”

None of these results surprise me.

First, let’s talk compromise. The honest truth is that Americans generally can’t stand politicians. What do they hate even more? Politicians arguing back and forth while Americans struggle to put food on the table and work two part-time jobs. The stuff that makes for good, heated TV segments among politicians often makes regular Americans at home roll their eyes and say, “Can’t you guys just shut up and figure this out?”

When it comes to a potential government shutdown, you have to win the public opinion battle first. Well, you don’t have to. But you should if you want to win upcoming elections. In the case of ObamaCare, it wasn’t hard to win that battle–but you have to start early. This law has been around for how long now? Why, with just a few weeks before this potential shutdown, were we finally seeing solid and consistent televised cases being made by conservatives from the House and Senate? Why so last-minute?

It’s absurd.

Yes, the argument is legitimate that a shutdown should rest on Harry Reid’s shoulders if he wants to fight at all costs to uphold a law that the American people don’t want. But what should happen isn’t what always does. Barack Obama should’ve lost in 2012 given the economic conditions that surrounded his failed policies and the debt he ballooned. But he didn’t. And one of the main reasons why had nothing to do with policy.

Messaging. Messaging. Messaging. Messaging.

I can’t repeat it enough. If you wait until the last minute to articulate something well, it may be too late to sell your case. You have also given your opponent an exceptional amount of time to discredit you before you’ve even opened your mouth.

If you’re going to fight hard, do it early.

Once again–Offense, not defense, my friends.

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Bill E
9 years ago

The reason 61% of Dems favor compromise is that for every compromise it brings us closer to socialism. Compromise is always to the left! They are good at using the atheist Hegel’s dialectic of thesis-anti this-synthesis.

9 years ago

Jedediah makes some excellent points. Unfortunately, many in the GOP can’t reach a consensus on how to attack Obamacare.

Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell has an excellent article on the attempt to defund Obamacare in today’s newspapers. You can also read it at townhall.com. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Try to defund Obamacare. Fight for it and win the PR battle. Harry Reid will prevent it from passing and even if it would pass in the Senate Obama will veto it. At this point the GOP should move to step two.

2. Try to delay Obamacare for one year. Fight for it and win the PR battle. This has a better chance of passing but Reid and Obama will probably succeed in preventing it from happening. Move to step three.

3. As Obamacare unfolds and more problems become apparent continue to denounce the legislation. Make it a major issue and win the PR battle. In the 2014 election continue to hammer home the message that you did everything you could to defund and delay Obamacare.

4. If the GOP gains control of the senate and maintains control of the house they will be able to defund Obamacare and if they win control of the White House in 2016 they will be able to repeal and replace Obamacare with a much better program.

Royal DeAsis
9 years ago

Well stated — it’s absurd!
If facts mattered to those that would utter “don’t confuse me with facts, my minds made up!” . . . . we would not have the very poor example of an American President & 1st Lady living in the White House at our expense.

Does the notion of a person “selling their soul to the devil” to get what they want, trigger other individual thoughts as to WHY we are in this situation?

The slippery slope is almost vertical, and the “smoke that some us smelled & saw and warned others about after the 2008 election (fraud?) is flaming pretty hot now!

Just to be fair …. and more clear – the only reason I voted for J McCain was Sarah.

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