Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Tour”

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Tour” is well under way. Stops have included Independence Hall, Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, Fort McHenry, The National Archives, Ellis Island, and other locations.

Many in the media have been in a tizzy because the details of Palin’s stops are known only to the Palin team, and she didn’t invite the media along for the ride. Some have chosen to follow the bus in order to snatch a few minutes of Q & A with Palin at each stop. Greta Van Susteren landed an interview on May 31, but she, too, acknowledged that she had no idea where the tour was headed next.

Some have taken issue with the fact that Palin hasn’t provided mainstream media outlets with a schedule in advance and/or invited them to hop on the bus. I can’t help but wonder why anyone in the media would feel entitled to that invite. Sarah Palin is a smart lady, and she likely knew darn well that many in the media would be lacing up their running shoes and sprinting to keep up with her bus. But in the spirit of all things Palin, that didn’t change her desire to proceed with her original plan—to highlight historic American sites in an unfiltered fashion that wouldn’t bow to media whims or entertain anything staged or artificial. She chose to bring those sites—including photos and personal reflections—straight to the people via a blog-style approach on her website.

To be frank, I don’t really care about the media’s role in all this. What I care about is that Palin has taken the time to reawaken an interest in our founding documents, in the strength, vision, and commitment of our founders, and in sites that carry such immense significance in our country’s history.

In one of her first postings with respect to the tour, Palin wrote, “Our nation is at a critical turning point. As we look to the future, we are propelled by America’s past. It’s imperative that we connect with our founders, our patriots, our challenges and victories to clearly see our way forward.” I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you to Sarah Palin for highlighting what makes America exceptional. And for continuing to bring her message of a “Fundamental Restoration of America” straight to the people—unfiltered—just the way so many of us like it.


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10 years ago

Michael Thank you for speaking very snreciely for our Future President Mrs. Sarah Palin. There in her lies Truth and Integrity and a fervent desire to send a message to the people of the United States, there is a better way to run the Business of Government for the people not for the politicians who have taken this Great Country for a Financial Roller Coaster ride which will take generations to repair. Mrs Palin’s straight forward approach is feathered with a very smart down to earth stand it will gain public approval once they wake to her real talent , she is FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My hope she will gain momentum as she speaks and begins to present a foundation of issues in need of correction in the USA and will give this Country back to its citizens. We do not need any flip flops in the coming election just a firm platform. I just hope she gains strength in public approval and does run for President.I would like nothing more than to campaign for President Elect Mrs. Sarah Palin.

10 years ago

Clearly the fact that Fox news has reported this story eefutrs the fact that CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR and almost all of the major print media are biased left of center.If Fox was indicative of the “media” in general, why would liberals continuously complain about its right of center bias?Since Fox is not indicative of the “media”, there is no irony except for those who do not understand the concept.

11 years ago

I totally agree with Donnie. People can’t yet that the EVIL one is alive and send our president cloths in sheep clothing as it says in the Bible. Stating he was a “christian” to be elected then goes and bow down at muslim center in their prayer day. A true christian will NEVER bow down to other gods, he even removed his shoes as they do. Because he IS one of them. The muslim don’t have to do anything to bring us down we have a president who is doing it for them. From where do you he is getting all the money to get elected and now re-elected? We are talking of qualifications to be a president. . .my daughter has more qualifications she run a McDonald . He has never done not even that. . . talking about qualifications? ? ?
We the people have jumped into some one who promised changed when he didn’t said what kind of changed. . .How can we vote for PRESIDENT some one who doesn’t have NO experience but raise money, be volunteered never plan anything except run our country down in debts and down so we can be at the mercy of anyone. He brakes the bank bring us to a total debts and bring muslims to guard our borders. . .to protect us from muslim Alqueida . . .that would be to laugh it wouldn’t be so sad that we did it to ourselves. Good vs evil. . .and we are so worried about money and inconsequencials that we don’t see any farther that our nose. . .believing all what is told to us without the source of the information. . . we have turn ourselves in a very pityfull country no wonder God is turning His on us as He did Israel for his idolatry and desobidience. WAKE UP AMERICA! ! !
and turn back not to our Constitution but back to God and repent is the only thing that can save us in His mercy and love. From where our constitution comes from ? from God’s word our forefathers got them from, let us turn back to His word. Matthew 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. That is a promise from whom He keeps His promises. He have proof of that. . .look for the past 200+ years.

11 years ago

It has been an interesting journey reading the comments above.Now if I may, I would like to express my slant on the problems in America.The question is, why can’t Sarah Palin be elected? She serves the wrong power! In our country, yes and all of world today and since the beginning of the creation of man, there have been two(2) powers vying for the souls of man. There is God and satan.There is Light, and there is the absence of Light, There is Truth and there is the absence of Truth. There is righteousness and there is evil. and the list goes on and on.The bottom line is this, each of us serves either the living God, the Creator, or we serve satan the destroyer. That being said, I would ask every reader, whom do you serve? I would suggest that our problem is not Washington, but it is the church. With a building on too many street corners with different names, all claiming to be THE CHURCH, but most if not all teaching different interpretations of the Truth.Yes I believe the Bible is the book of Truth.The Bible is THE TRUTH. God cannot lie, He is Truth.Our is country doomed if the so-called church continues to fail to accept the whole Truth and teach the whole aTruth. Why, may I ask,Do we continue to seve the evil one and deny the Truth?When the Church of God, or better said GOD’S CHURCH. built on Jesus Christ as the cornerstone confesses the sin of non-belief and repents God will return and take up the battle for us as He did time after time for His chosen people. All He asks of us is to put Him first. We seem to have a problem with that. We as a people will never return to the nation our founders, with God’s help,created some 200+years ago. It can only happen with God’s help this time around. Wake up church. become The Church once again. with God’s guidance and help we can be, once again,the Church, the nation that God intends for us to be!!!Join me and pray for a revival in The Church. God Bless The United States of America.

11 years ago

I hope Sarah doesn’t run, our bureaucratic system of meat eaters will eat her alive. Fresh innocents has no chance in this society but if she can accomplish the redeeming of the American heritage, then she has accomplished a feat that has been woefully neglected for a long time. Get um Sarah.

11 years ago

If Sara runs, I think I would vote for her. I love her style and determination. The problem is that people have been brainwashed about Sara, and I don’t think she could win this election. She is doing a wonderful job in presenting this nation on TV, First from Alaska and then around the country. My hope is that she will stay in the thoughts of the nation and be a tremendous ambassador for our country.

Charlie Kelly
11 years ago

Quite obviously, even though I am fond of Sarah Palin and agree with her politically, and I detest the unfair treatment that she has received by those in the mainstream Media, I am missing something!

We who are Conservatives are quite rightfully quick to condemn the irresponsible single mothers who are dependent on government for assistance. —- But, in the case involving Bristol Palin, we have fawned over her and made her a Media darling. —– As such, this young woman, who, incidentally, I wish only the best, is becoming very wealthy, in her own right, for doing absolutely nothing but mothering a child without the benefit of marriage, and, being the daughter of Sarah Palin.

For their now accumulating monetary fortune and their developing fame, the Palin clan owes John McCain an enormous debt of gratitude.

But, from our experience with the Palin’s, is it not proper to question the gullibility of we, the American voters.

11 years ago


11 years ago

There is really no need to respond to some of these bloggers who don’t have a clue what is really going on in this Country. But I had to respond to Herby, who must be an idiot or he has never raised children to make such a stupid statement about Sarah Palin being a terrible mom because she LET her daughter have a baby before marriage. I don’t condone that but get your head out of you know where Herby and check out the marriageless children born everyday and your saying that everyone of these girls had bad Moms. GET REAL! What about the fathers? See you had no comment about them, guess their lousy dads LET them pass the sperm. But then again, if you can’t think of anything intellegent to say, just say whatever pops into your head. Stupid!

11 years ago


Monty L. Ticson
11 years ago

Sarah Palin, though conservative, is not “Presidential.” Comparing her lipstick to a bulldog who doesn’t wear any is immature and innocuous. It would be great if she were more like the “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher. If she did make it to the presidency she wouldn’t be able to “splint” together the fractured elements of the Republican party which is now devided between the “blue bloods,” the real conservatives and the “tea party,” which is not a party due to no leadership, national organization, etc. One thing about the Democrats, they are a well-oiled machine that move as one with the major media behind them. The historic black president will be re-elected because the American people are ignorant sheep and they know the voice of their shepherd, Obama. And don’t forget everything wrong in America is Bush’s fault!

11 years ago

I’m an Alaskan and I’m torn. I know we have to get rid of Obummer but I don’t think Sarah has the pull to do it yet. I’d rather see her run against our Rep. Don Young is an idiot who should have been replaced years ago. Sarah is doing a great job right now bringing the country’s attention to the lack of knowledge most in DC have regarding the Constitution. She’s a catalyst and we need that badly at this time. If she does run I’ll definitely vote for her. My slogan right now is “anyone but Obama”.

11 years ago

Sarah is a very dynamic voice for America. She has lived a full, and, at times, robust outdoors life in America’s last frontier. She is able to share the positive aspects of the American spirit. As to history and some of the more subtle aspects of answering questions as a politicians, she lack a certain level of maturity. This is not said as a put-down to Sarah. On the contrary, all of us have our shortcomings, and do not have the right to judge others, until we have “walked a mile in their moccassins.” I certainly would not belittle her because of a few guffaws. I also disagree with those who say we are not ready for a woman President. What I do miss in Presidential candidates is their lack of true military experience. Unless you have served, you will think this nonsensical. If you have served, you know the discipline and structure serve as a strong foundation for a life well lived.

11 years ago

I notice a lot of men are for Palin, that shows there are not so many scardy cats out there as some machos think,

Allan Cunningham
11 years ago

Personally I hope a women is elected to office. How could it be any worse than where the good old boys have gotten us today? When we’re all standing in the soup lines maybe burning all the Hope and Change signs will help us keep warm

11 years ago

I don’t think Palin quit as govenor, she was trying to stop the money her state was paying for her defense, she went on her own, she always did the right thing for Alaska and they should be thankful not hateful to her.

11 years ago

So B.Green, did you think America was ready for a black man to be president? bet you voted for him,
A woman can and will someday be the president! I think it is this time, I love Palin but don’t think she is going to run, she said, she would if none of the others proved to be a good selections and get the job don, I think she knows M,B. is a given.

11 years ago

I am glad I joined AMAC!
Thanks for the info and discussion on Gov. Palin. WE NEEDED THAT!
Keep it going, and it WILL help Uncle Sam survive.

James Llano
11 years ago

Sarah Palin is much more effective at what she is currently doing than she would be as President, because as President she would be swimming upstream 24/7, what with the liberals in both houses. She is smart enough to know that, and why, why, why would we want her to start drinking the coolaid of Washington as a Senator?

nanci richards
11 years ago

I think Sarah is a breath of fresh air and I would love to see her take Senator Kyle’s seat here in Arizona. Maybe that is why Sarah has moved here to Arizona. Good idea!!!!

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