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RYAN: “Kill and Confront” MAGA Movement

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U.S Democratic Representative Tim Ryan from Ohio believes that Americans need to “Kill and Confront” the MAGA movement. Join Ben Ferguson for the final segment of the AMAC Weekly News!

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2 months ago

We need to kill the swamp not the MAGA movement. Get rid of all the RINOs whose wishy washy leadership is handing the Statist our rights on a silver platter. If you’re not for us you’re against us. Ryan needs to go and take the other RINOs with him.

Pat R
3 months ago

Ryan was saying “Kill the movement”, not kill the individual. I am surprised AMAC spokes persons would literally “do” what the Dems usually do.

Patrick Wood
3 months ago

I am sure this is not a call for actual murder. But it is subject to be interpreted that way. Either way is a totally irresponsible utterance.

Letts Brandon
4 months ago

I bet Timmy is afraid of guns that might sneak out and shoot him.

Craig Driver
4 months ago

It is the false patriot Democrats who need to be confronted. They must be defeated this November. They lie when they speak of saving democracy, saving the Republic. Leftists in Europe are the same as Democrats here in America. They are in bed with corporations out to destroy Christianity, family, love of country, individualism. They call these fascism. They are far from being American Patriots.

4 months ago

He should be imprisoned, hate crimes, inciting violence, and likely very worried that we will prevail.

4 months ago

Tim Ryan has made this comment in view of the fact that he is a former military person who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. His motives are highly questionable for him representing the people of the United States. 

4 months ago

The dems are trying to incite violence so that Biden can declare martial law, and eliminate elections, etc etc etc. Stay calm until after the midterms.

29 days ago
Reply to  Dave

He can “declare” anything he wants. Now try to enforce it.

David Millikan
4 months ago

Tim Ryan is INCITING VIOLENCE just like Maxine Waters, Communist harris, SWAMP QUEEN pelosi including DICTATOR Beijing biden’s ‘HATE AMERICA’ speech to ATTACK AMERICANS.
They spread ‘HATE SPEECH’ and BULLY AMERICANS with help from FAKE News.
They are doing exactly what they accused PRESIDENT TRUMP of when he never did such a thing.

4 months ago

Tim Ryan is bad for Ohio and bad for America.
J.D. Vance causes me considerable pause as well.

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